Bonus Author’s Corner: Christmas In Florida by, Author Wanda Luthman

Patty Campbell challenged me to write a winter post about how I celebrate the holiday season in Florida. I’d like to share it here on my blog as well. She gave me permission.

Campbells World

Christmas In Florida
Author Wanda Luthman

Good Saturday morning campbellsworld visitors, and readers everywhere.

Since, Mother Nature has decided to grace many those of us who do not, have the good fortune to live in Florida with her presence in the form of snow, I thought I’d share this wondrously warm post, from Author Wanda Luthman.

I hope you will check it out, and if you would please, give it a share.

Make sure to stick around all the way to the end to see what other awesome things Wanda writes.

And now, Wanda…

You know when it comes to the holidays in Florida, some people don’t like that it isn’t cold, and it isn’t snowing and all but me, well, I love it! I grew up in freezing St. Louis, MO. I mean I would absolutely freeze at the bus stop waiting for my school bus. I would…

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Paisley the Goat, a children’s picture book

Rocio Monroy, children's author of Paisley the Goat

Hi, everyone!

I recently found this cute book online and reached out to the author to ask her to share a little about herself and her book. Please welcome Rocio Monroy!
Rocio Monroy was born and raised in Mexico, where she graduated as an Industrial Engineer in 2009. She came to the U.S with an Au Pair program and got to travel around the country. After she met her husband, she finally settled in St. Peters, Missouri. Ever since she has been studying English as a second language and creative writing. In 2016, Rocio won a scholarship to study at the Children’s Book Academy.

As an Author, she writes stories for tiny readers with big hearts. Her big inspiration is her three children who teach every day how to follow her dreams. She enjoys every moment of her life and likes to write about it. Her favorite thing to write about is bilingual characters that have the ability to make kids laugh. She strongly believes that books have the power of changing the world. This is the reason she spends a lot of time reading, visiting libraries, and writing stories to help make this world a better place.

Paisley the Goat, a children's picture book, written by Rocio Monroy and illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Paisley the Goat, by Rocio Monroy makes a great bedtime story. It is a sweet picture book about a goat having trouble falling asleep. Paisley the goat puts on her sleep mask and attempts to count sheep, but she can’t find a spot for herself and takes a walk on the beach.During her walk, she finds multiple items that she can count to help her calm down for a nights rest. By the time she reaches ten, she is relaxed enough to fall asleep. Charming and calming, Paisley the Goat is a fun counting book that will engage young readers. This book helps to settle down the wildest of critters. You can probably relate if you have kids and the little ones won’t lie down or unwind. Paisley the Goat will be perfect as a wind-down time read, that reinforces numbers one to ten.The little ones will love this vibrantly illustrated story and will love the opportunities the book provides to teach counting skills. Counting from one to ten is not easy for children, although Paisley the goat will make things easier for them.

Eugene Ruble’s illustrations are full of personality. The artwork matches up well with the author’s eccentric and humorous story. Having a paisley colored goat adds a wonderful dimension to Ruble’s already energetic drawings. Children will be drawn into the artwork and enamored by all the creatures they find. Besides children learning to count to ten – using ordinary outdoor objects – the story includes gentle ways in which a person can find the rest he or she needs, adding ideas to a child’s mind as to how to sleep when they don’t feel tired. And this without Mom or Dad telling them to go to bed. The bird adds to the charming humor when sleeping right beside the goat, acting as a close friend would. Paisley the Goat was recently published on August 2017 by Guardian Angel Publishing and it is available at numerous online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and

Below are the links where you can purchase this awesome book!!

And please, if you purchase the book, consider leaving a review. Reviews truly help books be seen by other who might also enjoy it and they are very much appreciated by the author.

amazon link:


And here is how you can connect with Rocio…


Thank you, Rocio, for sharing about yourself and your book with us today! Happy Holidays!

Thoughtful Gift-Giving

Craft items (paper, scissors, ruler) people's hands cutting and creating


Thoughtful Thursday

For today’s post, I want to discuss thoughtful gift-giving.

There is so much pressure to purchase gifts for others that they want and will enjoy. Sometimes trying to figure this out can cause undue stress and actually take the fun out of the holidays.



My husband comes from a large family. When they were younger and no one had much money, they would hand-make ornaments for each other. We have beautiful ornaments made from yarn knitted into angels, wood painted as toy soldiers, and pictures of family members glued to plastic frames. I wasn’t a part of the family when this tradition was occurring, but I love getting out the ornaments each year and thinking about the person who made them. Thinking about how much fun it must have been sitting around with the kids and cutting and gluing the ornaments together. The conversations they must have had about who they were making that ornament for and the laughter that surely ensued.

wooden star and wooden tree ornaments on a blue background


I continued the tradition when my daughter was young by making ornaments too. We loved going to the store and picking out the type we wanted to do from the craft aisle. We bonded over making them as we created something with our own hands to give. We thought about each family member. We would attach these to the presents we were mailing as a sort of additional decoration to the present. It was fun and it was a “thoughtful” gift.

That to me is what the holidays are about–spending time with your children, thinking about those you love and sending them good wishes, and making wonderful memories together. I just don’t think you can find that in the store. When you rush around buying stuff are you really thinking about the person you are buying the present for? Are you hassled by the crowds and how much money you are spending? I know I am.

Sugar cookies cut into stars on cutting board with a cookie tin nearby that says, "Cookies & Sweets for you"

My daughter is grown now and we don’t make ornaments together anymore, but one tradition we have continued is baking cookies. We bake several varieties and we put them in tins and give them to our neighbors and various others. We laugh, we make a mess, and we think about others.

This season I want to encourage you to create something to give to someone else and not just purchase an item. I would like to invite you to come back and post how doing this made you feel. If you already have a tradition like this, please share it with me here.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here’s to thoughtful gift-giving this year!

YA Books–Fantasy & Contemporary

All books available on Amazon or at Champagne Books

Today, I am introducing a YA author named Jenna Greene. She has written two fantasy books in a series with a third one to be released next year and one contemporary YA.

Please welcome Jenna Greene….

I write YA and have a YA fantasy series. The first book is titled IMAGINE. The sequel is called REALITY. The third book in the series, HERITAGE, is tentatively set for release next spring/summer. My protagonists are both females: 15 year old Kat Bowers and 10 year old Becky Thatcher. They are stolen from Earth by Enalie, a fading magical presence, and summoned to Oren, where they are told they have a part to play in the new magic that is developing in the realm, which is needed to defeat a powerful and destructive lord. The series is published with Champagne Books.

I also have a YA contemporary (titled HEROINE) which I have self-published. It is about a 16 year old girl, Morgaine, who is having trouble with the lines between fantasy and reality – perhaps for a reason. As the book proceeds, secrets are revealed about her home life that aren’t exactly picture-perfect.

Jenna Greene, YA Author Picture


About me! I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and I teach at a middle school in Taber, Alberta. I teach grade 6 Language Arts. I live with my husband, Scott, daughter, Olivia, and dog, Thor: Dog of Thunder. (Who, ironically, is afraid of thunder). I am a dragon boat paddler and coach, beginning steel drum student, and semi-professional napper!

My twitter is @jgreenewrites

My Facebook page is

My Instagram is Jenna Greene

My books can be found at or on Amazon

 Thank you for being with us today, Jenna.

Thoughtful Thursday–Meditation and Mindfulness

Gray mountains with green trees in front reflected in still waters


Meditation and Mindfulness


I’ve decided to expand my blog from one post/week which focuses on things for children (it could be books, authors, tidbits of advice from a School Psychologist, or my own thoughts on Character Ed) to two posts/week. The second post is going to be focused on positive things to improve our lives. I’m going to call it Thoughtful Thursday.

Since children don’t read my blog, adults do, I thought I’d add a little something just for you, my adult friends (not adult content, mind you. LOL)!

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (although I haven’t practiced in over 20 years–well, maybe a little part time here and there, but basically not in a long time). Anyhoo, I went into that field to help people. I love Psychology and Theories and so I will be drawing from that knowledge plus my ow personal experiences for these posts to help people feel more positive about life, themselves, everything.

To kick off this new post, I want to talk a little bit about Meditation and Mindfulness.

Meditation entered my life probably about 6 years ago. I read my Pastor’s book called Knowing as We Are Known and it changed my life. It is a 29 day Contemplative Meditation book. Each day he shares thoughts and bible verses and then poses questions for the reader to meditate upon.

While I have been a Christian since I was 3 years old (yes I prayed the prayer at 3), I never really felt like I had met God until I did this 29 day meditation. For the first time in my life during prayer, I kept silent. Amazing things happen when you sit quietly for 20-30 minutes. God shows up!

I have been practicing meditation most days since then. Research has shown that sitting quietly for 20-30 minutes/day reduces your blood pressure! That’s pretty cool! Plus, we are so plugged in these days. It feels really good to unplug and relax.

As part of keeping my license, I have to earn 60 CEU’s every 2 years (continuing education units) and so I signed up for a Mindfulness Seminar to learn how to use it in a therapeutic way. It was taught by a man who used to be a Buddhist Monk. I have never come away from a seminar feeling more relaxed and content and happy as I did from this seminar! That’s because he actually had us doing the exercises!

Now, mindfulness is different from meditation. Mindfulness means being aware of the present moment. You might be aware of an activity you’re doing such as walking or driving or you might be aware that you are with people you love (or not) but whatever, you are living in the moment, fully aware.

These two practices have changed my life. I’m much happier, more relaxed, and much more content with my life.

If you haven’t tried either, I would highly encourage you to. Take just a few minutes (you don’t have to start with 20 minutes, it can be just 5 or even 2) and take 3 deep breaths focusing on the feeling of that air coming into your body. Where do you feel it most? In your chest, your throat, or your nose? Try to calm your mind and not think about anything at all. Close your eyes. This helps with distractions.

Now, don’t you feel better? I hope so! If you keep up this practice, you will reap benefits even more than I can describe or know.

Please leave any comments or reactions to this post below. I’d love to hear from you.


–Award-wining children’s author, Wanda Luthman, writes books that weave positive social/emotional messages in magical adventure stories. Find them on Amazon and share them with your child today!

Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

This is an incredibly choked full article of useful tools to help parents as they struggle with the decision whether to get their child a smartphone or not and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s timely too!

Free Spirit Publishing Blog

By Eric Braun, coauthor ofThe Survival Guide for Money Smarts: Earn, Save, Spend, Give

Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?Probably the one thing I wanted more than anything else as a kid was the Millennium Falcon. That toy, a Star Wars spaceship the size of my torso, was the coolest thing I could imagine. To this day, I can’t think of anything I’ve ever coveted as badly as I did Han Solo’s “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.”

Today, of course, our kids want smartphones—more than toys, more than bikes, more than anything. And while I’m sure my parents had some consternation over whether to buy me the toy I wanted, I’m also sure that the decision whether—and when—to get my kids their first smartphones was way harder. The Falcon was expensive, sure, and like the ever-present screens of today, it did threaten to keep me indoors instead of playing outside. But…

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Penelope the Lost Pelican, A children’s book

Penelope the Lost Pelican by Penny Beevor book cover
Available on Amazon


Today, I would like to share a children’s author with you named Penny Beevor. She’s written a cute children’s books that teaches valuable lessons.

Here’s the description…

Join Penelope and Dolly in their adventure to find Penelope’s parents before they migrate. Together, they search for clues across the Florida coast and meet some other fun animals along the way. Penelope the Lost Pelican is a tale of friendship, cooperation, and family enjoyed by parents and children across the world.

Penny Beevor, author, holding her white dog in front of a beautiful cascading stream


My name is Penny Beevor. I live in Hamilton, Ontario.

I was born in Canada and I have lived here all of my life.

I am a preschool teacher.

I write books that interest young children.

I love creating my own fun characters.



Available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Amazon

Cyber-Monday .99 SALE!!!!

A Turtle's Magical Adventure children's book on .99 sale for Cyber Monday 2017 Only on Amazon at

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know about an awesome Cyber Monday SALE on A Turtle’s Magical Adventure. For today ONLY, it’s available for .99 on Amazon. Click on the word Amazon or type into your browser (for a link that will open in the correct country for you).

A Turtle’s Magical Adventure has received 5-star reviews on Amazon and on Readers’ Favorite.

A Turtle’s Magical Adventure is about a sweet, lovable turtle named Tad who doesn’t like his shell because it makes him too slow. He is given some misguided advice to go see the Wizard to have his shell removed so he can be as fast as a slithering snake. He embarks on this journey not knowing the hazards that await him. However, he meets wonderful characters along the way (some real and some mythical) who help him see himself in a different light. Will the Wizard actually help little Tad get his wish or will he turn him into turtle soup? Come along on Tad’s journey to discover self-acceptance.

Wanda Luthman is an award-winning children’s author who infuses her magical adventure stories with the most important life lessons that children need to become the best they can be!

Purchase on Cyber Monday for only .99 (normally $2.99) on Amazon!

The Magic Within, Book 2, FREE TODAY ONLY!

The Magic Within Triple Quest Book 2 by Lee Marsh



Hey guys–if you picked up the first book in this trilogy yesterday for FREE, you are in luck because for TODAY ONLY Book 2 is FREE on Amazon. The links are below.

Here’s a little about what the book is about….

The 2nd book in The Magic Within trilogy Triple Quest is going free for today only ton 26th November. The Magic Within-Triple Quest is family friendly.
Follow Grandma Megan, Rosie & Wolfric, the wood elf on their adventures in the Sussex countryside.

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children's author, Lee Marsh with her horse
The author Lee Marsh with her beautiful horse!