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In addition to writing children’s books, I’ve also discovered the joy of freelance writing. I write non-fiction in a variety of genres.

Merritt Island Now is a print publication and is delivered to approximately 50,000 residents. I’ve been writing for them since August 2015.

FloriaNowNews is an online business magazine. I wrote my first article for them December 2016.

Here’s my first article for Florida Now News

I had the joy of meeting some wonderful women by “accident” (and I don’t believe in accidents) at the Space Coast Book Lovers 2018 Event in June and they asked me to write for their magazine called bUneke (said Be Unique) which has the mission to seek out ordinary people doing amazing things for their community.

August issue

Symphony standing on risers wearing black and all leaning towards the right
August Issue

My second article is about Wear Gloves, an organization in the heart of Florida helping people, click here You can find the story on page 22.

July issue

watercolor/pencil drawing of fox with white building in background
July Issue

My first article is on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren found on page 26, click here


My latest opportunity (January 2017) is Swell Life, an online and print magazine that focuses on Beach Life.

A big thank you to Carolyn Howard-Johnson who connected me with Karen Cioffi-Ventrice to be a regular blogger for Writers on the Move (WOTM) starting March 2017.

Here’s my first blog post on WOTM about how to get your creative juices flowing again!


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