Hi, Parents!

Thanks for stopping by my website. This page is designed with you in mind. Your job is hard and trying to figure out what to do all the time is even harder. I’ve put together some resources for you to help. I don’t get paid for letting you know about these resources. I just tell you about things I like.

If you find something useful that I’ve posted, please comment below. If you have something useful to share, you can post that in the comments too! It takes a village to raise a child.

I just found a fantastic, unique online store that sells the coolest toys and items for kids such as plates that have faces on them so kids can use their food to make hair, mustaches, eyeballs, etc. on their plate; build your own robot; silly sloth bib; “worry-eating” plush toy; balloon dog nightlight; build your own 3D dinosaur and so so much more, it’s called Uncommon Goods.

I found this cute song that teaches kids how to tell time and the best part is it’s only $3!

A video and song to teach kids how to tell time
A cute video and song to teach how to tell time

You can purchase it here at Teachers Pay Teachers

For parents of a special needs child, here is an awesome tool that has many features. It is a GPS Tracker but is also allows you to track your child, even indoors; listen in on your child’s environment; there’s a runner mode that will update every 10 seconds and will alert authorities to start looking for your child; it is wearable and sensory friendly; and an alert to notify you if your child departs late. Here’s the website called AngelSense. I don’t know the price and I get no kickback from telling you about them. I just think it sounds like an awesome tool for those who need it.

I have posted several articles about the importance of keeping your children safe on the internet and how it is ultimately your responsibility to learn about the devices and apps MORE than your child knows so that you can intervene and be the parent you want to be in this area. However, I had not brought you a way to LEARN this information. Today, I found a great resource for you. Dr. Adam Pletter is a child psychologist and he has put together a Parenting Online Workshop that will train you all about the devices and their Parental Controls so you can take back control of parenting in this Technology Age. It does cost $125 (I get no kickback from this), but I think that’s a good price for you to become an empowered parent.

If you have anxious children or teens, I have found a great resource for you. Natasha Daniels, a Child Therapist, from has a newsletter, books, Podcasts, ebooks, a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Support Group that will give you the tools you need to be the parent you anxious child needs. Check out her website here!

Are you moving? Is your child changing schools? This can be a scary or an exciting time; maybe a little of both. I moved after my 9th grade year from the Midwest to Hawaii. I was more than angry. I had made the Cheerleading Squad for the second year and I had fallen in love for the first time. I didn’t want to move. My parents cajoled me and offered me the moon but I mainly felt like I had no control, no say over my own life. Here’s a video from Natasha Daniels, Child Therapist, from to help you and your child.

Our Sheriff, Wayne Ivey, here in Brevard County, FL is doing a great job! One thing he did was start a “It’s Time to be A Parent Again” initiative. He has made some videos to encourage parents to take back parenting. He empowers them to be great parents. Here’s the link to his videos. I know you’re going to enjoy them. While your on the website, you can also find blog posts, Resources, and FAQ’s. Here’s the link It’s Time to be A Parent Again.

This woman, Maren Schmidt, has a newsletter chocked full of information, Marion Schmidt Newsletters. Plus, you might want to check out her blog while you’re there. She has some great posts!

This website, has got a wealth of printables and other fun stuff to use to help you get the concepts of Good Character across to kids in Grades K-4.

This website, Parents Toolkit, is produced by NBC News and supported by Pearson. It takes you from Kindergarten through High School.

PBS is always awesome to help parents raise happy, healthy kids. This website gives ideas for birthday parties, child development information, education information, fun & games and more!

I found a really awesome website that supports early literacy called Growing Book by Book. I’m posting the link to the website owner, Jodie’s, list of the 17 best YouTube Channels for Literacy but once you get to her site, feel free to poke around. She has tons of resources!