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Wanda Luthman, Speaker

Wanda Luthman has over 30 years experience in the Counseling field. She works at a school and loves to encourage, uplift, and motivate students and adults to be the best they can be.

Wanda Luthman is a multi-award winning christian author of children’s books as well as christian fiction with lovable, memorable characters and infused with positive social/emotional/spiritual messages.

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Spessard Holland Elementary School Literacy Night thank you

school visits

Wanda Luthman is a dynamic and interactive speaker who shares her story of how she became a published author.

Topics include:

Encouraging a love of writing as well as the editing process (teacher corrections) perfect for Literacy Week; Read-A-Thons; etc.

Social/Emotional messages such as forgiveness; persistence; anti-bullying; using your strength for good; love overcoming fear; stewardship of the earth’s resources (Earth Day); friendship; and more…

To Schedule a School Visit, contact Wanda Luthman here

book event

Wanda Luthman provides personalized, signed copies of her books for purchase to fans current and new.

This service can be an add-on to School Visits or standalone. Pre-orders forms available upon request.

To Schedule a Book Event, contact Wanda Luthman here

Challenger & Elementary School 3rd Grade Classroom visit about Writing Terms thank you

book reading

Wanda Luthman will read one or more of her award-winning children’s books to small or large groups. She infuses a love of reading in students by reading her book(s) and sharing the lovable main character (stuffed animal).

This service can be an add-on to School Visits or standalone.

To Schedule a Book Reading, contact Wanda Luthman here

Forgiveness Talk on Zeta Global Conscious Radio with Lainie Sevante Wulkan as the host and three guests--Wanda Luthman, Jenny Li Ciccone, and Tara Antler

motivational speaking

Wanda Luthman is a Christian and will share her personal story of triumph over tragedy with an emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This service can be an add-on to Christian school visits or a standalone non-school adult event such as churches; retreats; women’s luncheons.

To schedule a Motivational Speaking Event, contact Wanda Luthman here

“If you are looking for a guest virtual author for Literacy Week or any other reading needs…I suggest you contact Wanda Luthman. It was super easy to connect her to our kiddos…I just gave her the Teams link that we use for GLM’s and she was able to jump on and present. She is a local author and also a BPS employee! have her back again next year.”

Mrs. Elizabeth Hill-Brodigan, Assistant Principal of

Ocean Breeze Elementary in Brevard County, FL

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