Wanda at First Book Signing, Ossorio's


Wanda Luthman has her Masters of Arts in both Mental Health Counseling and Guidance Counseling from Rollins College located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. She worked at a local Community Mental Health Center for 10 years before transferring to the Public School System as a Guidance Counselor. She’s worked at a High School for the past 18 years. She has also been an Adjunct Professor at the local Community College and worked with teens who had lost a loved one through Hospice. She has always loved reading and writing and wrote many books and poems as a child growing up in Missouri. She presently resides in Brevard County Florida with her husband of 21 years and 2 dogs.Her daughter is away at college.

This blog post is here to encourage good character in children. “Don’t be a Character, be of Good Character.” Parents and Teachers will find inspiring posts and resources to help them. Children will find fun activities to do.

Thank you for joining me in this effort! If I can be of assistance or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

To contact Wanda Luthman, please fill out the form below:

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  1. Hi Wanda, Thank you for discovering my blog a few weeks ago, and apologies it has taken me a while to visit yours. I would like to say that I totally admire what you do to put a smile on the faces of kids! I would love to be a kid again just so I can be immersed in that Wonderland of yours 😛
    I look forward to sharing the WP journey with you.

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