Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts on Fun Fact Friday

Franky's Fun Flamingo Facts with Franky the flamingo pictured on a purple background
“Flamingos are a type of wading bird that live in areas of large shallow lakes, lagoons, mangrove swamps, tidal flats, and sandy islands.”

Hello, everyone!

I thought I’d try something new on my blog on Fridays.

I’m calling it Fun Fact Friday!

I have some fun facts about flamingos that Franky from Franky the Finicky Flamingo will be sharing every Friday.

I hope to get some of my other characters such as Little Birdie from Little Birdie Grows Up to share some fun bird bits and Tad from A Turtle’s Magical Adventure to share some fun turtle tidbits too!

Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts on Fun Fact Friday

    1. Awesome! I’ll check it out. We have something in our area called getting flocked. It’s used as a fundraiser. You pay to have someone’s yard decorated with plastic flamingos! Not endangered here. LOL


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