Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a purple background
“While resting, flamingos face the wind. This stops the wind from penetrating their feathers.”

Welcome to Day 17 of Fun Fact Friday.

Franky sponsors Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts. Franky is a beautifully colored flamingo who appears to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him. His book is called Franky, the Finicky Flamingo and it’s available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Have you ever been outside when it was really windy? It’s hard to stand up sometimes. Those of us that live in Florida know hurricane force winds. Those can be really hard to stand up in. Just notice the weatherman that is out in the winds trying to bring us the latest about the storm while we are all indoors some place far away and safe.

Next time there’s some wind outside (it doesn’t have to be a storm), try standing first facing the wind and then turn away. You might discover why flamingos like to face the wind! 🙂

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Franky Wins Again!

Hi everyone,

I told you I would let you know about the other award that Franky had been nominated for and drum roll, please….

Franky is a Finalist in the 2018 Top Shelf Indie Book Awards!!!!

Here’s the email I received…

Dear Wanda,

We had a staggering 1,023 entries in the 2018 TopShelf Indie Book Awards, and your book Franky the Finicky Flamingo has been selected as a Finalist in the category of Children’s Picture Book (0-5 years)!

Warm Regards,


Keith Katsikas

CEO & Publisher

TopShelf Magazine

I’m so excited!!!!!

When I started this journey 4 years ago, I never would have imagined I would be a multi-award winning author. 🏆

I’m humbled and pleased beyond words and for a writer well, that says a lot. LOL

I would not be here except for the people who came along side me and taught me the ropes, encouraged me when I felt like giving up, and those who read my work and gave me feedback, edited, proofread, illustrated, and formatted my books. I love you all! ❤️

And to my fans–thank you so much for reading and reviewing my books and for sharing my books with your friends. And to the teachers and librarians who invited me to speak–thank you so much! 👏

Writing is my passion! Encouraging kids to be the best little humans they can be is my love!

Keep on reading! 📚

Just so you know a little about the judging, here’s what the website says…

“The books are read by a panel of expert judges. Our judges include New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, book and magazine editors, book publishers, Book Designers, and other industry professionals.”

Hugs all!

And Franky the Finicky Flamingo is available on Amazon

And the sequel, Franky the Thirsty Flamingo, is coming out soon!!

Stay tuned for pre-order information.

Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky, a flamingo, pictured on a purple background
                                         “Like other birds, flamingos breathe air with lungs.                                               They hold their breath while feeding under water.”


Welcome to Day 16 of Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts!

Flamingos are a lot like us using lungs to breathe air. We have to hold our breaths when we go under water too. Can you imagine eating under water while you’re holding your breath?

Thank goodness, we don’t have to do that!

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Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a purple background for Franky's Fun Flamingo Facts
“Because flamingos have long legs, they can wade into much deeper water than most other birds. Webbed feet help support them on soft mud.”

Day 15 on Fun Fact Friday.

Guess what? I was having so much fun with these fun facts about flamingos that I decided to do an encore. I have a few more fun facts to share with you about flamingos before we switch it up to some other animals that I know you’ll enjoy just as much.

When you go swimming, have you seen the numbers on the sides of the pool? These numbers show how deep the water is in that area.

While flamingos can wade into deep water, you need to stay safe and only swim where an adult tells you that you are allowed. And never, ever, ever swim without an adult there to watch you at all times.

To see what it’s like to have webbed feet, you can put flippers on your feet and walk around the backyard with them on. You might find you have to lift your feet higher than normal to be able to walk.

Franky is the beloved character in the award-winning children’s picture book called Franky the Finicky Flamingo available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Franky Wins in 2018 Reader’s Favorite Competition

Franky the Flamingo book cover surrounded by two pink neon flamingos on a background of fireworks
Available on Amazon

Hi everyone,

I told you I would be back after September 1st to let you know how Franky the Finicky Flamingo does in the 2018 Reader’s Favorite International Book Competition.

And he won Honorable Mention in the Animals Category!! You can see above that he is celebrating!! Doing the happy flamingo dance!

Thank you for all of your support!!!!!

I’m super excited about this win as there were hundreds of other worthy books that Franky was judged against!!!!

Here’s a wonderful write up by the incredibly talented illustrator of Franky the Finicky Flamingo, Mara Reitsma.

And you know there’s always a team in creating a book, there’s the behind-the-scenes magical guru, Claire Plaisted  of Plaisted Publishing House, who helped me every step of the way with decisions that had to be made and all the formatting stuff that I could never dream of understanding.

A great big hug and thank you and happy dances to my team members, Mara and Claire! I couldn’t do what I do without you!!

And there were other winners in the Reader’s Favorite Competition that I have either featured on my blog or have read and written a review…

There’s Alma Hammond with Super Rooster and Cat winning Silver in the Animals Category. Here’s my review re-posted from Amazon

“I love this sweet story about an unusual friendship between a cat and a rooster. They enjoy the beach together and meet sea creatures. The author does a great job explaining what may seem scary about these creatures is something that has a purpose. She explains in a fun way what each creature does that makes them special. Great messages for everyone and told in a fun way! Beautiful illustrations! 5 stars”

And there’s Diane Mae Robinson with the Sir Princess Petra series that I featured on my blog here and also reviewed on Amazon. 

Here’s the review re-posted from Amazon

“Such a fun story! I actually read book three first but that took nothing away from enjoying this first book in the series. Sir Princess Petra is a kind-hearted soul who has big dreams for herself to be a royal knight against her parents wishes. She goes on her quest and makes friend of everyone she meets. Such a great story with a good lesson and plenty of humor thrown in!”

Her The Dragon Grammar Book won GOLD in Children-Educational!! Oh yea!!

I also have read and reviewed it on Amazon, here’s the re-post

“I picked up this book thinking I would know most of it, although why I thought that I have no idea. It’s true I’m an author but there is much to know about grammar. And well, I wasn’t the best student of grammar. Don’t get me wrong, I was a great student, but grammar alluded me. Still does, apparently. And I have most probably used every comma wrong in my above sentences. LOL I think this is a great book for children and adults. I think it is best as a reference rather than a read-through because it is a lot of information to take in. I compliment the author for taking on such a difficult task and for making grammar more pleasant by using dragons and princesses as examples.”

Cindy Shirley who I met last year at the Reader’s Favorite Awards Ceremony in Miami had TWO books win–The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick won an Honorable Mention in Children’s Concept and Doodle and the Magic Christmas Float won a Bronze in Children Grade K-3rd.

And Lieve Snellings who writes children’s non-fiction books about groundhogs (aka woodchucks) won a Bronze in Groundhog Secrets

And let me tell you a secret, she takes her own photos of groundhogs and they are amazing!!

She recently featured me on her blog. Check it out here!

She has promised that I can feature her on my blog in October, so stay tuned!

I hope to connect with some of the other winners so I can bring them to you on this blog.

And we still have the Top Shelf Indie Book Awards to hear on, so stay posted. I’ll let you know when I know.

Thank you everyone out there in Blog Land for supporting me, leaving comments on my posts, sharing via Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+. You guys make blogging fun!

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation!




Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a bright purple background
“The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.”

Day 14 and the Final Franky’s Fun Flamingo Fact post (at least for a little while)…

Franky is the pink flamingo in the children’s picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. He seems to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

There will be more Fun Fact Friday Facts coming from Little Birdie and Tad….so don’t despair!

This is a great Fun Fact to end on. I love the Bahamas and I’m so glad one of my favorite birds is their National Bird!!

Share this Fun Fact with your children and provide paper and crayons or markers or even  paints (if you dare!) for them (and you too!) to paint a National Flag of a mythical country using a flamingo as the main picture. Using you creativity, name your mythical country.

If you have cloth for the children to use to paint on, consider attaching the flag to a stick (once it’s dry, of course).

Then, for additional fun, make up a National Anthem about your new mythical country and march around your house singing the National Anthem while waving the new National flags! Maybe even put the flags in the ground outside your house (if your HOA allows).

If you enjoyed this Fun Fact, please share everywhere on the world wide web so others can have fun making their own Fun Flamingo Country Flag!!


P.S.–next week, we’ll be starting with a new character on Fun Fact Friday. Stay tuned to see who it will be. Will it be Little Birdie or Tad the Turtle? Who do you want it to be? Post your response in the comments.

Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the Flamingo pictures on a bright purple background
“Flamingo colonies split into breeding groups of up to 50 birds, who then perform a synchronized ritual ‘dance’ whereby they stand together stretching their necks upwards, uttering calls while waving their heads and then flapping their wings.”

Day 13 of Fun Fact Friday with Franky the Flamingo!! Only one more post after this one with Franky. 😦

Franky is a boy flamingo that wears a black bowtie! He’s kind of snazzy like that! He’s the main character in the children’s picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. He appears to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

Today’s Fun Fact is about a flamingos dance.

Share this Fun Fact with your children and then dance with them like the flamingo. Make your dance really over-the-top with loud calls and head movement and arms flapping.

Then, make up other ways to dance and move around.

You might want to turn on some upbeat music. Turn up the volume and let your spirit soar with no inhibition.

Maybe there’s foot-stomping, or elaborate arm movements, or head bobbing, or hip swaying…whatever your body “feels” the music calling it to do, allow yourself and your children the freedom to move!!

Videotapes are always good on this kind of fun family entertainment.

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Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictures on a bright purple background
“Flamingos are social birds, they live in colonies of sometimes thousands, this helps in avoiding predators, maximizing food intake, and is better for nesting.”

Happy Day 12 of Fun Fact Friday with Franky the Flamingo!

Franky is the lovable character in Franky the Finicky Flamingo, a children’s picture book about a flamingo who appears to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

We’re almost done with all of our fun facts about flamingos. 😦

I know, I’m sad too, but I’ll look for some more. Or if you know of a resource, please share with me so I can put those together for you and others.

In the meantime, I’ve been developing some more Fun Facts for Fun Fact Friday related to characters from my other books such as Little Birdie’s Birdy Bits by Little Birdie from Little Birdie Grows Up and Tad’s Turtle Tidbits by Tad from A Turtle’s Magical Adventure!

Today’s Fun Fact talks about being a social animal. Humans are social animals too!

Share this Fun Fact with your children and talk about how humans are social, such as the facts that we live in families, we spend holidays with extended family, we go to school in age groups, we play sports in age groups, we do a lot of social activities.

Have your children list more things that are social and then discuss the benefits of these activities and how it would be different if we did them alone.

Please share your results in the comments. I’d love to hear all about them!

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Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a bright purple background
“The pink to reddish color of a flamingo’s feathers comes from carotenoids (the pigment that also makes carrots orange) in their diet of plankton, brine shrimp and blue-green algae.”

Day 11 of Fun Fact Friday with Franky the Flamingo!!

Franky is a bright pink flamingo in the children’s picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. He appears to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

Did you know the fun fact above about flamingos and how their food is connected to their beautiful pink color?

Franky didn’t know that either!!

When you look at plankton, brine shrimp, or blue-green algae none of these things appear to be pink or orange or red, do they?


But, when you cook shrimp, the pink/orange/red color appears. Isn’t that cool? The color was there all along, it just needed a little heat for it to appear.

Try this experiment with your child and take some uncooked shrimp, and draw your child’s attention to its color and then either boil the shrimp or cook it in a pan with some butter and watch the color change. Then, enjoy the delicious treat you just made with your child(ren)!!

Cooking with kids couldn’t be better!

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