#writephoto lavendar & rose garden

A lavender lined stone walk leads to a blooming rose bush
surrounded by a metal circular seat

I’m participating in a writing prompt today (a new blog I discovered through a suggestion of a friend)

You can join in the fun by going to the blog Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

The sun shone brightly on the gravel walkway as the lilting fragrance of lavender filled the air. The rose bush that had been meticulously trimmed and braided to stand tall above the other flowers cascaded delicate pink flowers down towards the metal circular seat that surrounded it. The garden exuded a sense of peace to all that came to visit.

In the distance, the carefully mowed grass created a playground for squirrels and other small critters. The tall stately evergreen trees lined the garden and provided nesting grounds for several species of birds that could be heard chirping and singing throughout the day and long into the evening.

This place was well loved. The gardeners took special care to keep everything just so for their beloved princess. She had loved this garden since she was a little girl. Often, she would be seen reading one of her favorite books under the rose bush. As she grew, she wrote love letters there as well. And in time, the right suitor had discovered her and woo’ed her until he finally proposed last year down on one knee underneath the blooming rose bush. She said yes, of course.

Now, the day had arrived. They were to be wed. Everything was set. The garden was ready. Two more days and she would become a wife, a queen, and woman. Everyone was excited and yet a bit of sadness too as they wondered would she come back to visit. Would she remember them? This garden?

The celebration was grand and everyone said farewell. But, alas their fears were put to rest when she returned a few seasons later to tell them how she would be spending summers there, with them, with her garden, and with her soon-to-be family. Yes, she was pregnant and her child would be raised spending summers in her favorite place and with the people that loved her.

“Never fear, my friends. All that is loved shall remain.”

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      1. You are very welcome. It was very nice. Glad to see you participating. That’s good. I enjoyed it much. I think of you often. Hope you are doing well.

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