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Today, I have a fun interview for you. One of my previous guests on this book blog, Darlene Foster, interviewed her main character, Amanda!

I think you’re going to love getting to know Amanda better.

NOTE: (DF stands for Darlene Foster, the author and AR stands for Amanda Ross, the main character)

Interview with Amanda Ross from the Amanda Travels Series by Darlene Foster

DF Hello Amanda. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as your readers are eager to learn more about you.

AR Thank you, Mrs. Foster. It is so awesome to be interviewed. I’ve never been interviewed before.

DF Can we start with you telling us a little about yourself?

AR Yes, thanks. I can do that. (Clears her throat) My name is Amanda Jane Ross and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am in grade six and attend Guy Weadick Elementary.  It’s named after a cowboy who started the Calgary Stampede, you know. I live with my mom and dad, Evelyn and Don Ross. They’re both accountants and work a lot. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I love to read and I do some writing. But what I really love the most is travelling to other countries.

DF Do you have any brothers and sisters?

AR No, sadly I don’t. But I have lots of cousins.

DF Who’s your best friend?

AR I have some good friends from school but my BFF is Leah Anderson who lives in London, England. I first met her when I was in the United Arab Emirates. We enjoy travelling together and sometimes get into a pickle, but we always have tons of fun.

DF Why do you like her so much?

AR Well, she is totally different than me. I mean, she is tall and thin and has gorgeous blond hair and doesn’t wear glasses. She is so pretty and has this cool British accent, like Hermione in Harry Potter. She has lived all over the world because of her dad’s job. So she knows a lot more about travelling than me and seems a bit older, although we are the same age. She is just super cool.

DF So what made you want to travel?

AR I read so many stories that take place in other countries and I just wanted so much to actually go to some of those places. My life was boring as nothing interesting ever happened to me. My parents are always too busy to go on holidays. So, when I turned twelve I made a wish for travel and adventure before blowing out the candles on my cake. The very next day, airplane tickets for the United Arab Emirates to visit my aunt and uncle came in the mail. I couldn’t believe it! The trip was awesome and I met Leah there. We had a super adventure together. I got to ride a camel and help out a princess and I even got stuck in a sand storm, can you believe it! So when Leah invited me to spend a week in Spain with her and her parents, I just had to go. Now I have the travel bug.

DF What do you like so much about travelling?

AR Lots of things. I love seeing the sights, the old buildings and stuff. It sometimes feels like I’m in a storybook when I visit another country. I like meeting interesting people and trying new food. I know it sounds strange, but I enjoy visiting graveyards and there are some awesome ones around.

DF You mentioned you sometimes get into a pickle? I haven´t heard that saying for a long time. What do you mean by that?

AR My great-aunt Mary says that all the time. I´m curious and like to help people and sometimes that gets me into trouble, which is what in a pickle means. In The UAE I helped a runaway princess and got chased by bounty hunters across the desert. In Spain, I tried to help a young girl get her pony back from horse thieves and kidnappers. In Germany, a young, homeless musician gave me a valuable violin to keep safe for him, which wasn´t easy. Sometimes Leah gets annoyed at me for sticking my nose in other people´s business, but that´s just how I am.

DF Where have you been so far?

AR Let’s see. Besides the UAE and Spain, I’ve also been to England, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Oh, and Leah came to Alberta to visit me too. I went on a class trip to New Mexico in the United States. That was interesting and a bit spooky, but also fun! I went to Holland to see the tulips with Leah which was awesome.

DF Tell me more about your trip to Holland.

AR We did so much. We travelled the canals in Amsterdam, visited the Anne Frank House, checked out windmills and even a wooden shoe factory. I especially loved the flowers of Keukenhof Gardens. I wanted to find out what happened to Aunt Mary’s brother, my great uncle, who never returned from WWII and was declared missing in action in Holland. We found the cutest abandoned puppy and met Jan, a nice Dutch boy who offered to help us find a home for the puppy.  A suspicious gardener went missing and a strange woman on a bicycle kept showing up. It was quite an adventure. I loved Holland.

DF Sounds like quite the trip. Do you know where you will go to next?

AR Leah is in Malta and I think she might be in trouble. So I want to go there and see if I can help her. There are so many other places I would like to visit.  I’m a lucky kid to get to travel to all these amazing places. Now I just need to stay out of trouble.

DF Anything you want to share with your readers?

AR If you aren´t able to travel, you can always come with me by reading my books. I guarantee you will have a fun time and maybe even learn something new.

Thanks for the interview!

And thank you, Amanda and Darlene, for this wonderful interview. I enjoyed getting to know you better and I bet my readers have to.

Please check out all of Darlene’s books on Amazon!

Thank you to my blog readers for stopping by today!

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  1. What a great idea to interview Amanda. Having read one of the books in Darlene’s series, this sounded just like the voice I remember. I also remembered her friend, Leah. I like how Darlene embedded so much history within a story about two middle school girls.

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