Jory the Terror, a Children’s Book about adjusting to new settings

Melia Neal, children's author


Hi, everyone! Today, I’m bringing you a new author who has a background near and dear to my heart, plus she lives in Missouri (the state I grew up in)! So, we already know she’s awesome.

Melia, tell us about yourself and your book, Jory the Terror…

My name is Melia Neal, I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Seven years ago, I relocated to Cape Girardeau, Missouri with my family. I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children, two boys ages 15 and 12 and one 10-year-old girl. I have a degree in Early Childhood Development and a degree in Psychology. My current position is a Children’s Service Worker for the state of Missouri.

Besides writing I enjoy working with children and families and being involved in the community. One community group that I am a part of is a nonprofit organization called Authentic Voices. Authentic Voices is a group of individuals playing an active role in the community to empower individuals to create solutions.

I started writing poems and short stories in high school as a hobby. I have written plays and movie scripts in the past. This past year I decided to take my writing to the next level by releasing my first children’s picture book called Jory The Terror on November 5,2017.


Jory the Terror by Melia Neal
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Jory The Terror is a children’s story that emphasizes the importance of being oneself and adjusting to new settings. Jory the Terror is an alter ego that a young boy adopts to help adjust to having to leave home for school. Jory The Terror is dedicated to my little nephew who is the sweetest kid in the world but is often perceived in the wrong way because of his adverse approach.



After working as a director for an early childhood program I noticed that children may struggle to make friends because they do not understand how to communicate with others effectively. In the story, Jory is new to the school and is looking to gain new friendships with his classmates.

This book is the start of a series of children picture books that I will be releasing over the next few years.

I am planning to release my second children’s book this year called Aaliyah and Her Sidekick King. This book is a fiction picture book dedicated to my daughter Aaliyah. This book is to bring enlightenment on girls having the same physical capabilities as boys when it comes to playing sports. I am hoping that this book will empower not only my daughter but other little girls.

Through my children books, I am hoping to inspire the readers and the listeners through various issues that children face daily.

Learn more about Melia’s books at the links below

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Thank you, Melia, for joining us today!

I look forward to your future books!



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