Doctor Mom, A Gregory Green Adventure Blog Hop

Book cover of Doctor Mom with a brown bear wearing a gree t-shirt and a tear in his leg on a blue background

Hello, everyone,

Thank you for popping in today for the Blog Hop that I’m a part of. I read this wonderful children’s book that I’m sharing with you and I just love it! The pictures are adorable and the story has a great message. Please take a moment and read more about the book and the author.

Title: Doctor Mom

Author: Elaine Kaye

Genre: Picture Story Book

Ages: 5-8 years



BLURB: It’s Saturday, and Gregory Green can’t wait to have fun with his dad on the riding lawnmower, but something is wrong. Sammy, his teddy bear and best friend, won’t get out of bed. Gregory is worried when he sees Sammy’s left leg is torn. This is a case for Doctor Mom! Can they fix Sammy? And just how did Sammy get hurt in the first place?





“Doctor Mom is an adorable story that shows how Moms can fix anything—even a torn limb on a beloved teddy bear! Children will enjoy the lovable little bear who needs a stitch or two and his boy who plays dress-up as a doctor.” – Wanda Luthman, award-winning author of Little Birdie Grows Up


“A sweet and heartfelt tale kids can easily identify with, and all of that with a wonderful touch of magic.” – Tonja Drecker, reviewer at Bookworm for Kids






Picture of author of children's book, Doctor Mom (Elaine Kaye) holding a white rose





Elaine Kaye first created Gregory Green after her son, who loved her homemade pea soup, thus inspiring the story Pea Soup Disaster. Doctor Mom is the second book in A Gregory Green Adventure series and highlights something all moms and children can relate to; a beloved stuffed animal in need of a repair.


Kaye has worked as a library assistant and teacher’s assistant in elementary schools in the Sunshine State. She currently lives in Florida, but she has called Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Okinawa, Japan home.


She is a grandmother of three boys.


Website / Etsy Shop / Goodreads / Amazon / Instagram / Facebook

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FREE Children’s Ebook to Gain Self-Acceptance

Book cover of A Turtle's Magical Adventure set against a green forest background with sunshining through the trees. FREE Book giveaway offer written at bottom.
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Do you have something you don’t like about yourself? Do your kids? Or your grandkids?

I bet we all do. I know I do. I have never really liked my thighs. They are rather large even back when I was an active competitive swimmer in high school.

In fact, other kids used to refer to me as ‘Wanda legs’ said in a deep tone like an elephant walking through the forest. Funny thing though, I didn’t realize they were making fun of my big legs. I thought they were paying me a compliment. I love denial. It’s my favorite coping mechanism. But, I know others aren’t that lucky. Words can really hurt us and stay with us forever.

Just like Tad in A Turtle’s Magical Adventure, he doesn’t like his shell because he blames it for making him too slow. He is also picked on at school for being so slow and coming to school late. He wants to be fast like Steve the snake who, unfortunately, gives him some bad advice to go see the wizard to have it removed.

If you or someone you know and love is struggling with something they don’t like about themselves, please share this book with them. It will entertain and encourage them to love everything about themselves.

Prelude to Summer Book Event

Blue background Wanda Luthman on left and invitation to a prelude to summer book event for Friday, May 11th from 6-10PM at The Shoppes on Strawbridge in Melbourne, FL

Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up some fabulous books for your children to read this summer by local authors!!

If you haven’t discovered this gem of a shop called The Shoppes on Strawbridge, you are missing an awesome place to purchase unique handmade quality gifts.

Come to the Open House this Friday, May 11th from 6-10 PM and check it out!

Located at 815 E. Strawbridge Avenue in Downtown Melbourne.

You’ll find delightful food items, cold beverages, an asundry of handmade products from beautiful jewelry and delightfully scented bath products to pictures, plants, and even wooden furniture!

On hand this Friday, will be local authors (including me) who will read their books to the children present and happily personalize purchased copies!

What a great way to introduce a child to the love of reading by having them meet a real live author!

You will not leave disappointed!

And you may not know that this building was actually the home of the Grimaldi Candy Factory and now the daughter of Mr. Grimaldi owns this building. She is Caroline Grimaldi and you could not meet a nicer person. She’ll be there too!

Come enjoy a taste of Melbourne Florida history in this unique store and introduce your child to an author and discover the next best place to shop!

The Multi-Award Winning Pen Pieyu Adventure Series

Diane Mae Robinson, children's author, with a green tree-like background and a picture of a purple dragon on the bottom right


Recently, I met a multi-award winning children’s author, Diane M. Robinson (pictured above), and read all 3 of her books in The Pen Pieyu Adventures series! I loved each one. I invite you to read about them along with my reviews and if you want to purchase them, I’ve made it easy and linked the buy page straight to Amazon where it says “Amazon” underneath each book! Enjoy!

Book 1

Sir Princess Petra book cover with sword-weilding princess and dragon by Diane Mae Robinson
Available on Amazon


Book #1 in the Ten-Time International Multi-Award Winning Series

“I have thought hard and for many passing moons. Jewels, frocks of lace, and princess games are boring. The thing I want the most . . . “Petra hesitated and bit on her lip. “I want to be a royal knight.”

Princess Petra’s unusual birthday request sends the court into a frenzy, but when she agrees to undertake a knight’s quest they can’t stop her. Armed with a cake knife and outfitted in the best royal pots and pans, Petra sets off to face a dragon and win her real armour before encountering a bog witch, and an army of the kingdom’s worst enemies. Will Petra’s kindness and acceptance prove more valuable than weapons and armour?

Join Sir Princess Petra and her dragon steed, Snarls, in their zany adventures in this humorous fantasy and exciting fairy tales for kids series. These multi-award winning dragon fantasy books for kids 7 – 11 years are sure to entertain.

My Review (5 stars)

Such a fun story! I actually read book three first but that took nothing away from enjoying this first book in the series. Sir Princess Petra is a kind-hearted soul who has big dreams for herself to be a royal knight against her parents wishes. She goes on her quest and makes friend of everyone she meets. Such a great story with a good lesson and plenty of humor thrown in!

Book 2

Sir Princess Petra's Talent (Book 2) with dragon, Princess, and knight surrounded by forest
Available on Amazon

Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a Multi-Award Winning Book
2014 – Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards
2015 -Children’s Literary Classics “Seal of Approval”
2015 – Purple Dragonfly Book Award
2015 Los Angeles Book Festival Book Award
2015 – Children’s Literary Classics Book Award
Sir Princess Petra has already proven she is a kind and noble knight. This, however, does not please the king and queen—they want her to behave like a princess and forget this silly knight nonsense of hers!
But when the king writes a new rule in the royal rule book that requires her to attend Talent School and acquire a princess talent certificate or suffer the spell of the royal magician, Petra, reluctantly, agrees to go. But who could have guessed what Sir Princess Petra’s Talent would be?
Join Sir Princess Petra and her dragon steed, Snarls, in these zany adventures books for children, book series for girls age 9 – 12. These multi-award winning dragon books are sure to entertain. Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is book club recommended.

My Review (5 stars)

I very much enjoyed book two in this series. Sir Princess Petra doesn’t want to go to Princess School but she manages to find a work-around. She is strong and kind and a wonder role model for children. She keeps the King and Queen on their toes and she challenges their desire for her to be a proper Princess. The author knows how to entertain young readers with fun and interesting characters alongside a healthy dose of humor!

Book 3


Sir Princess Petra's Mission book cover (book 3) with Princess, dragon, and boy carrying sacks on his shoulders
Available on Amazon


Book #3 in the Ten-Time International Multi-Award Winning Series

“Ms. Robinson has created a heroine unlike any other in children’s literature.” J.E. Rogers, Award-winning middle-grade fantasy author.

Sir Princess Petra has already attained her knighthood in the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu and her non-princess-like talent certificate from Talent School, neither of which pleases her father and mother, the king and queen.The king writes up more silly rules in the royal rule book to deter Sir Princess Petra from her knightly ways and useless talent, and turn her into a real princess once and for all. Will the king finally succeed with this newly written, ridiculous mission for Petra?
Join Sir Princess Petra and her dragon steed, Snarls, in their zany adventures in this humorous fantasy and exciting fairy tales for kids series. These multi-award winning dragon fantasy books for kids 7 – 11 years are sure to entertain.
Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is an Award Winning Book in this humorous fantasy books for kids series.
2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award
2016 Book Excellence Award, 1st Place Chapter Books
2017 Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval
2017 Children’s Literary Classics, Gold Medal

My Review (5 Stars)

What a fun story! I enjoyed the fun names of the characters and places. I love the dragon, Snarls! The author does a great job of weaving adventure with fun and an important lesson of doing what is right even when it could really cost you. I highly recommend this book! 5 Stars

Follow/Contact Diane at any of her social media links below

Twitter page: Facebook: Pinterest: Google+:

Sugar Foote and the Magic Crown by Anitra Ferguson

Anitra Ferguson, children's author

Hello, everyone!

I would like to introduce you to Anitra Ferguson today. She writes amazing children’s books with wonderful messages for kids.

Please welcome, Anitra!

Hello, My name is Anitra Ferguson and I am a native Texan. I was born and raised in Paris,Texas. However I currently reside in Fort Worth , Texas. I have always had a fascination with words and a passion for writing.

I hope to inspire people to pursue their passions and dreams at any age. I write urban fiction and children’s literature. My first book was self published in 2016 through Xlibris. My current book Sugar Foote and the Magic Crown was published in 2017 geared toward promoting self esteem in young girls.

Sugar Foote and the Magic Crown by Anitra Ferguson; Illustrated by A.M.B. Branding Design

I believe that if we gain that self awareness and pride in self at a young age we will a better chance in navigating through life as we get older.

Purchase Sugar Foote and the Magic Crown on Amazon or CreateSpace

Connect with Anitra on Facebook 

Check out Anitra’s website here

Thank you, Anitra, for being with us today and sharing about your newest book, Sugar Foote and the Magic Crown!

And thank you, everyone, for stopping in and reading my blog post today! I appreciate each and every one of you!!

My Books are Going to a National Convention!!

Purple background with three separate pictures of several children's books displayed with a bear wearing an orange, white, and green hat and a red t-shirt that says Kids Who Read Succeed

I’m so excited!! Dr. Valerie Allen, whom you all know as our favorite school psychologist, (she has a regular post on this blog) was awarded a Tiny Grant by the Children’s Fund of School Psychology and she made these adorable red t-shirts that say, “Kids Who Read Succeed.”

The convention is the National Association of School Psychologist. The Children’s Fund of School Psychology is part of this larger organization. TheKids Who Read Succeed is my personal project which provides these Tee-shirts and books to the Florida Retired Teachers Association, Brevard Chapter. They distribute them to selected schools in Brevard County,” says Allen.

She is so generous and so kind that she featured not one but 4 of my books in this display that is going to a National Convention!!

Thank you, Dr. Allen, you rock!

And don’t we all agree that kids who read succeed? Let’s all read to one child today and make a difference in not only their life but make a better tomorrow for the world as well because when kids succeed so does everyone.

Pictures courtesy of Dr. Valerie Allen who was recently featured in Psychology Today and who has raised 6 children of her own and written several children’s books including Bad Hair, Good Hat and Summer School for Smarties.

Amanda in New Mexico–Ghosts in the Wind Children’s Book

Darlene Foster, a children's author, picture


Welcome everyone! Today, I’d like to introduce you to a world-traveling children’s author named Darlene Foster. You are going to love her and her books and I know your children will as well.

I’ll let Darlene tell you about her latest book, Amanda in New Mexico–Ghosts in The Wind, in her own words…

Amanda in New Mexico – Ghosts in the Wind by Darlene Foster

The questions most asked of authors is, where do you get your ideas. Well, I get most of mine from my travels. I visited Taos, New Mexico a few years ago and was so taken with the history and art found in this area. We visited the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, which is purported to be haunted. It felt pretty spooky to me! I kept saying to my travel companion, “This would be a great setting for an Amanda story.” The seeds were planted and a couple of years later I wrote Amanda in New Mexico – Ghosts in the Wind, the sixth book in the Amanda Travels series. Many of the sites we visited are mentioned in the book.

About the book

Amanda in New Mexico--Ghosts in the Wind by Darlene Foster Book Cover

Amanda Ross is on a school trip to Taos, New Mexico with several of her creative fellow students. She is sharing a room with Cleo, an anxious classmate who insists she keeps seeing ghosts. Amanda doesn’t believe in ghosts and is determined to prove there is no such thing. When weird, unexplainable things start to happen to Amanda, she questions her denial of the supernatural.

Join Amanda and her classmates as they visit a rugged and beautiful landscape, where a traditional hacienda, an ancient pueblo, and a haunted and spooky hotel hold secrets to a wild and violent past. Does Cleo really see ghosts? Can Amanda escape the eerie wind that follows her everywhere? Perhaps the Day of the Dead will reveal the mysteries of Taos in this latest adventure of Amanda’s Travels.

One reviewer has this to say –

“The most amazing aspect of this book is Ms. Foster’s description of the New Mexico geography, architecture, and artifacts. Ms. Foster brings New Mexico to life for readers as she details Amanda’s travels. A good story with a beautiful backdrop!”

Darlene Foster’s Biography

 Darlene Foster is the creator of the exciting Amanda Travels series featuring spunky Amanda Ross, a twelve-year-old Canadian girl who loves to travel. Readers of all ages enjoy following Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another in unique destinations. Brought up on a ranch in southern Alberta, Darlene dreamt of travelling the world, meeting interesting people and writing stories. Her short stories have since won a number of awards and many are included in anthologies. Her books include: Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask, Amanda in Spain – The Girl in The Painting, Amanda in England – The Missing Novel, Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone and Amanda on the Danube – The Sounds of Music. Darlene, an avid traveller herself, divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the Spanish Costa Blanca with her husband and entertaining dog, Dot. She believes it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

To Purchase Amanda in New Mexico, use these links below




On Kobo

Wal Mart


To connect with Darlene on Social Media

Website: Darlene Foster


Amazon author page

WordPress Blog 



Thank you, Wanda for featuring me and Amanda’s latest adventure.

Thank you, Darlene, for sharing this wonderful book with my audience. I know children will love the adventures and learn a little about different places in the world at the same time.

John Dony presents Emily and the Spider

Emily and the Spider by John Dony


Hello, everyone,

Please welcome John Dony from the UK today as he shares about his first book that addresses a topic near and dear to my hear, character development.

John was born in Bedford 1967 and studied English Literature in Dunstable where he grew up, he now lives in Devon with his wife Jill and 5 daughters.

His early writing career consisted mostly of short stories told to his children. His first children’s novel ‘Emily and the Spider’ has received praise from schools and Libraries across the world, where it has been used as a study aid for Primary school pupils in Story and Character development.

Here’s what it’s about…

Emily lives in a large white House on the edge of the Jungle with her parents and housekeeper.

Join Emily on her greatest adventure as she journeys through the Jungle to help her new best friend, Bes, find her father.

On the way she encounters new friends, dangerous rivers, Monkeys that can’t be trusted and Stripe the Tiger, the self proclaimed King of the Jungle, who’s only plan is to have Emily and her friends for Dinner!

Emily and the Spider is a must have for all young readers book collections.

John’s other titles include, Leah’s Lions. Victoria Swan. A boat, my brother and the end of the world. Henderson the Hedgehog. The lonely Christmas tree. The Witch Makers. 2 Tickets, Scarlett and the Fairy Death Squad and many more.

He has a Passion for telling stories that value family, love, friendship, heroes and villains with plenty of adventure thrown in!

His books are available at in the US at

and in the UK at

and also at many good booksellers.

Connect with John Dony via the links below

Thank you, John, for sharing with us about your awesome first book! And thank you, everyone, for reading this post. Please leave a comment to open a dialogue with John today.

Award-Winning Author, Kandi Siegel

Kandi Siegel, children's author, picture
Today, I’d like to welcome a prolific author, Kandi M. Siegel.
I met her a couple of years ago at a local training seminar put on by Jaimie Engel.
Kandi also writes children’s books so it was a natural topic between us. She was easy to talk to and I felt like she was going place. Then, I had a table next to her at a recent Holiday Book Event called Authors in a Box held at the Melbourne Mall in early December.
I have to say that Kandi is a kind and warm person and incredibly engaging! I learned a lot from her that day about friendly sales.
Without further ado, here’s Kandi’s award-winning books….
B.R.A.G. Medallion multi-Award Winning Author, Kandi M. Siegel, currently has eight  published books. They include “My Summer Triumph” (B.R.A.G. winner), “A Dog for Leo” (B.R.A.G. winner), “Rainbow of Mine,” “Rainbow of Mine; the coloring book,” “Bubby the Baker,” “Sammy the Helper,” “Cooking with Kandi,” and “Looking Back No Regrets Memoirs from the Heart.”
She has been a member of the Space Coast Writer’s Club since 2012 and recently was honored by having one of her poems selected to appear in the guild’s book “Gratitude,” which is available for purchase through Amazon.
She also won Editor’s Choice for her poem “What Will I Do” which is in the National Library of Poetry 1997 edition.
Rainbow of Mine by Kandi M. Siegel
A poem formatted book that describes the meanings of the colors of the rainbow in a way that preschoolers – first graders can easily understand.
This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
Rainbow of Mine The Coloring Book by Kandi M. Siegel
A coloring and activity book based off the original book Rainbow of Mine for preschoolers – 1st graders teaching about the order of the colors of the rainbow
This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
Buddy the Baker by Kandi M. Siegel; Illustrated by Karen B. Monahan
Bubby the Baker loves to bake all kinds of goodies and she recently opened a bakery. As your child reads through this book, they will see all the different items Bubby has in her store. At the end of the book, there are a couple of recipes that you can make at home. This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
Sammy the Helper by Kandi M. Siegel
This book is about a young boy named Sammy who tries really hard to help out the members of his family but every time he does, something seems to go wrong. With some encouraging words from his grandfather, Sammy tries harder to accomplish what he sets out to do. This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
My Summer Triumph by Kandi M. Siegel
INDIE BRAG AWARD WINNING BOOK, “My Summer Triumph,” is about a young girl’s first experience at overnight camp proved to be more of a learning experience then anything else. Through the many challenges that she had faced during the three weeks at camp, Kaila learned a lot about herself and how to triumph over defeat.
This book is geared for 2nd – 6th graders
A Dog for Leo by Kandi M. Siegel
INDIE BRAG AWARD WINNING BOOK, “A Dog For Leo,” is about a young boy who wants a dog of his own, but his parents don’t feel he is responsible enough to take care of a pet. Leo will have to prove to his parents that he is responsible enough, but not without a few snags in the road first.
This book is geared for 2nd – 6th graders
Looking Back No Regrets Memoir by Kandi M. Siegel
“Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs from the Heart”, shares a woman’s relationship struggles from childhood through adulthood in 9 honest and touching short stories. Her unique experiences will make you laugh and cry as you walk with her through her different relationships from teenhood to adult.
For ages 18+
Cooking with Kandi by Kandi M. Siegel
“Cooking with Kandi” is a cookbook specifically designed for those people who love tasty foods, but don’t always have a lot of preparation time. From appetizers to desserts, this cookbook is filled with all kinds of yummy recipes.
You can check out all of her books on her website:
Connect with Kandi through the links below
Thank you so much for being with us today, Kandi, and for everyone who read this post!