Startling Early Literacy Statistics

Startling Literacy Statistics
Come read with me!


I was reading a blog by Edmentum ( a blog about Educational Issues) called ‘By the Numbers; Why Early Literacy Matters’ and it gave some startling statistics such as the following:

“1 in 6 children who are not reading proficiently in 3rd grade do not graduate from high school on time –4 times greater than the rate for proficient readers1″

However, if you do this, you can make a major difference

“Children who are read to at least 3 times a week by a family member are twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading as compared to children who are read to less frequently1″

Reading is necessary in our world. Reading and writing is a large part of how we communicate, especially in our digital age. If you can’t read and write an email, read Google searches and put together a PowerPoint, you are at a serious disadvantage.

Don’t let your child be that 1 in 6 that isn’t reading proficiently by 3rd grade and then not graduate from High School on time. I’m a High School Guidance Counselor and I can tell you firsthand how disheartening it is to have to tell a parent or god-forbid a grandparent that has traveled from afar for graduation that their child isn’t graduating. I have sat across from these family members and the tears have flowed down their faces.

You can make a difference and the answer is simple–read with your child. Start early and make it a special time. Pick a comfortable place (a lot of people choose the child’s bedroom, but it could be a comfortable chair or anywhere); have a small library of books (or go to the public library and have your child pick out several for the week) that the child can choose which one they want read to them; and read aloud. Change your voice for the different characters; have your child follow along with their finger pointing to the words and even sounding them out with you; and ask questions about the story to allow the child to think about and process the story.

This is a fun time, a special time that will build your child’s reading skills and vocabulary and will provide you and your child with wonderful memories.

Why not start today?

Read the full article here, edmentum

And to help you with a selection of books for your child, I have several written for different ages that have positive messages.

The Lilac Princess unravels forgiveness. A chapter book for ages 8-10.

A Turtle’s Magical Adventure embraces self-acceptance. A chapter book for ages 6-8.

Little Birdie Grows Up encourages perseverance. A picture book for ages 0-5.

Gloria and the Unicorn addresses self-worth. A chapter book for ages 8-10 (currently available for pre-order).

Startling Early Literacy Statistics


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