Can Children with Disabilities be Overcomers?

Gloria and the Unicorn children's book
Gloria and the Unicorn book cover

Do you have a child that struggles with a physical, mental or emotional challenge?

Do you wonder if your child will have difficulty learning?

Are you worried that other children will pick on them?

These are real concerns and maybe you’re wondering how you can empower them to overcome.

Well, these are the issues that Gloria in the delightful children’s chapter book, Gloria and the Unicorn, faces. Listen to her story and maybe you’ll decide she can help your child.

Gloria’s birth was difficult because her mother was dying and Gloria has to be pulled from the womb leaving Gloria with a droopy face on one side.

Her father is so mired in grief that he can’t take care of a newborn, so he gives her away to a children’s home.

The owner, Miss Libby, lovingly takes Gloria in but when it comes time to go to school, Miss Libby’s fear gets the best of her. Miss Libby chooses not to send Gloria to school. Gloria comes to believe she’s unlovable.

She longs to be like the other children in the home and learn to read.

Then, a kind unicorn named Sir Louie shows up to help.

Who would have thought that their friendship would threaten some evil wizards?

Come along on their journey as they fight evil and empower children everywhere that they, too, can overcome.

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