Bravery in our Children

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The Fourth of July is a time of celebration to be sure but also of contemplation. We celebrate our country’s freedom. The men who fought to free us were incredibly brave. What would have happened had they not been brave? One can only guess.

In light of their bravery, I wondered how we teach our children to be brave. I think bravery is best role-modeled for, not only children, but adults as well. As in this news article about a boy and his friend who were enjoying their day at a theme park on a roller coaster when it malfunctioned and sent them crashing to the ground. People rushed to help them and remarked about the one boy, Liam, who showed such bravery.

He was calm and even joked. He was especially worried about his friend even when his own injuries were severe. I’m impressed by this little boy. I pray he recovers fully from his injuries and the theme park fixes the roller coaster so this never happens again.

But, here’s to Liam, for showing bravery in light of a very scary situation. May we all learn a little something from you and how you have role-modeled bravery for us today.

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