Santiago de Compostela

view of Santiago de Compostela's Chapel from hotel window overlooking other buildings with red terra cotta roofs against a blue cloudless sky

Well, all good things must come to an end, as they say. Unfortunately for my husband and his sister, their walk came to an early end.

A few days ago, they overdid it and wound up getting sunburnt and dehydrated.

The town town they were in didn’t have Powerade or Gatorade so they just drank water.

I was kicking myself for not forcing him to buy the electrolyte tablets that you put in water. I had seen them while we were at REI and asked him if he wanted to take them and he said, “No, we’ll just buy Gatorade.”

Well, see, that wasn’t a good plan!

Because them my sister-in-law started vomiting. I got really concerned because I knew this good go downhill very fast. I texted her husband who called my husband and next thing I know, my husband has called a cab and is taking her to the university hospital.

Thank goodness she recovered with some IV fluids and rest. But, they decided to end their walk.

They took buses/trains to Santiago de Compostela and are just playing tourist for a few days.

They were due to come home on September 29th but yesterday my husband texted that they changed their plane tickets and will be home this Saturday.

While I’m sorry the trip didn’t finish as they had hoped, I’m glad everyone is well. It’s very difficult when someone you love isn’t well and they are so far away.

I have done my fair share of praying for them throughout this trip–mostly that they would have insight and healing, etc. but once I knew they had gotten dehydrated, my prayers changed to focus on them getting well.

I can’t wait to give them both a hug and hear all their stories!

I will share more next Wednesday.

Buen Camino!

Camino de Santiago, what is it?

a brick home with flowers blooming in a flower box out front on a green lawn and two covered siting areas and a blue sky with white clouds skittering across it


A couple of years ago, we watched that movie where an older man lived on the Appalachian Trail (AT) and he decided him and his childhood buddy would walk it. I can’t remember the name of it. I’m like that, I just don’t remember details.

Anyhoo, my husband decided he wanted to walk the AT and true to fashion, he read every book on it, watched every YouTube video, bought the backpack, the boots, the walking sticks, the sleeping bag, the poop shovel, etc.

But, then, he actually went on an overnight with some friends up in TN/NC to watch that total eclipse we had last August and well, let’s just say sleeping on a very thin mattress in a very small tent wasn’t his favorite thing.

It’s heck getting old. Maybe when he was younger, he wouldn’t have felt every rock underneath him.

He then heard about the Camino and it piqued his interest. Not only do you not have to carry your own tent and sleeping bag and mattress and poop shovel, you are walking where St. James walked. He was one of the original apostles with Jesus.

The Camino is a Pilgrimage trail and there are places to stay along the way called Alburgues (I may be spelling it wrong). Some are old monasteries. But, these places have beds, showers, a place to wash and hang your laundry, and usually a hearty meal is included in the small price.

The walk begins in several places but my husband and his sister decided to do the one that started in France and go over the Pyrenees mountains. They trained and did all they could in flat ol’ Florida to prepare, but they had no idea what it would actually be like.

They have finished Week 1 of their 250 mile walk. The entire Camino from France is 500 miles. They determined they weren’t going to do all of it, at least not on this trip. They are doing the first part (over the Pyrenees) and the last part (into Santiago).

We have only talked twice because Spain is 6 hours ahead of me and well, I still have to work. By the time I get home, they are fast asleep.

But, I receive many posts and pictures when I wake up in the morning. Something I enjoy waking up to besides my coffee.

I can confidently say that they are having the experience of a lifetime.

The countryside is absolutely beautiful! Untouched, it seems, for the past 1,000 years. They have passed farmers walking their cows or pigs or horses along this path. They have stopped to eat at beautiful places (like the one pictured above).

One place they stopped to eat lunch at actually had pear trees, peach trees, and grape vines and you could pick fresh whatever you wanted to eat. Imagine that! That is truly authentic eating!

Today, he said they overdid it. They walked further than they had been. They must have been feeling strong. But, the son was hot and they got a little burned and overheated.

They are fine. He said they may take tomorrow off. They had built in a couple of rest days.

I will continue to keep you posted on Wednesdays throughout the month of September while they are walking.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I may not know the answer but I can make something up (LOL) or actually ask my husband (who probably does know the answer with all his studying of the Camino and all).

Buen Camino!



A Camino de Santiago Blessing

a curved path with grass on either side and tall pine trees further off to either side and mountains in the distance

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share with you something going on in my life right now kind of a behind-the-scenes look into my personal life.

My husband decided to do a walk called the Camino de Santiago which goes from France to the coast of Spain. It’s 500 miles total but he’s doing half of that (the first part and the last part).

He’s been training for well over a year because he had also thought about walking the Appalachian Trail. However, when he was at an REI Seminar, he heard about the Camino and it peaked his interest.

Then, he got sick, like really sick. In the hospital, heart attack, stint, sick. It took him about 3-4 months to get his medication regulated before he felt like walking again. That was last August.

He shared his goal of walking the Camino with his sister and brother-in-law. It just so happened that their church was hosting a talk given by a Priest who had walked the Camino. So, they invited us to listen.

He was hilarious! Something about it inspired his sister to want to do the walk too. That’s a very fortunate thing because I did not feel the call to do the walk but I didn’t like the idea of him doing the walk alone. She had lived in Spain back when her husband was stationed there in the Air Force and they have traveled back there to visit friends, so she has kept her Spanish up.

She’s also a detailed planner, as is he. Together, they poured over websites and books and videos to figure out exactly what they wanted to do. They booked their plane tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, and a hotel. The first few days were done. After that, they will officially start there walk and yes, those days are planned too but of course, they vowed not to push themselves and to just take it as it comes. As it should be.

Anyway, they left on Sunday, September 2nd.

Of course, being a writer, I had a few words for them. This is a blessing that I wrote to send them on their way. I read it to them before they left.


May your backpacks be light and your sticks be sure.

May your legs be strong and your feet endure.


May you, each moment embrace

And with each step find more of God’s grace.


May you make friends of everyone you meet

And wake refreshed each day as the sun you do greet.


May your minds be filled with peace from above

And your hearts overflow with God’s great love.


May you walk and talk and find silence too

Until your blessings abound and your burdens are few.

Bien Camino!

Sometimes a walk does ya good!