The Country Life

The Country Life
The Country Life with green pastures and sweet cows!


Hi Everyone,

I haven’t written from my heart in awhile, but I’d like to share an excerpt of my life with you today.

When I was little, we had a cow pasture behind our house. It didn’t belong to us, but the fence that separated the pasture from our land ran along the edge of our backyard. I loved seeing the cows grazing on the sweet grass while the sun dipped behind the hill they stood upon. Something about this picturesque scene gave me a sense of peace.

When I was going through my tumultuous teen years, there were nights I couldn’t sleep. I would get up and go to the kitchen window that looked out over the pasture and pull up a chair. The full moon would shine on the scene, now empty of the cows. We had a weeping willow just outside the window. I loved that weeping willow. It would sway in the gentle breeze while I sat staring out into the night.

This simple scene would calm my thoughts and lull me back to sleep. Because of this experience, I love the country life and country music. I know I’ll lose some readers here, but the peaceful, clean-living, hard-working country folk are the ones I want to emulate the most.

I grew up in St. Louis, MO. My life was anything but peaceful. We lived in a busy suburb. There was school, self-centered boys, catty girls, peer pressure, and trying to fit in raking through my life when I walked out the front door. But, when I walked out my back door, there was no one, just a beautiful scene and sweet cows to greet me.

I love the country life!

What about you? What brings you a sense of peace in this chaotic world?

I’d love to hear it!

Please share your thoughts in the Comments.

The Country Life
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