Writing as a Way of Helping People

Wanda Luthman, childrens author, with Mary Brotherton, the Editor in Chief of bUneke Magazine, sporting blue hair, and Roxanne Bellamy, an Ambassador for the Magazine
Wanda Luthman (that’s me!) pictured in the front, then Mary Brotherton, the Editor in Chief of bUneke Magazine, and Roxanne Bellmany, an Ambassador for bUneke

Ever heard of a magazine called bUneke?

No? Well, that’s because it’s brand new and with a wonderful vision and mission to celebrate all that is good in the world.

bUneke is said ‘Be Unique’. Don’t you just love it?

When I met these women at a recent book event, Space Coast Book Lovers Event 2018 (#SCBL2018), it was a serendipitous moment.

I was actually looking for someone else. I had intended to put one of my children’s books in a giveaway but apparently missed the deadline. Anyway, these ladies were packing up their table when I asked them about the giveaway table. Since my opportunity to give my book away had vanished, they explained who they were and what they did.

They have a magazine called #bUneke. They explained how they wanted to share positive stories with the world. They were going to offer their magazine for FREE to anyone who wanted it. Can you believe it?

Then, they said they were collecting books to read and write a review so I gave them the book I was going to use for the giveaway. So, my book found a good home after all.

Later, at the SCBL2018 Book Event, we talked again and they asked if I would want to write for them. Would I? Yes, yes, of course I would! I would love to be part of such a positive, world-changing organization.

But, that’s not even the best part. They wanted me to write about non-profit organizations doing great things. I explained how there were two I knew right off the bat and how I would love to help those organization financially but I’m not able to right now.

She told me, ‘maybe not, but you can help them with your pen. You can write their story and bring it to light for others to know about them.’ I about fell off my chair, only I was standing at the time. LOL

I never thought about using my writing as a way of helping people┬áin this way. Sure, I know my children’s books help children learn to be better people, but I never thought about my journalism in that manner. She helped me see myself in a new light and I was excited to get started!

I reached out to the two organizations right away. I’m working on their stories right now, but another organization just fell into my lap (in what has become a serendipitous life I live being an author). It’s the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren organization (GRG). I know about them because of my work as a High School Guidance Counselor. We have many grandparents in this situation.

I reached out to GRG to donate some books, thinking maybe these grandparents could use a book to read to their grandchildren at night, and I met a lovely woman named Lil. As she was talking about their need for more funds, it hit me, I can help her and her organization by writing about it.

I reached out to bUneke and they actually knew the organization and were totally onboard.

So, here’s the link to my story on GRG in the bUneke Magazine (their 2nd issue).

bUneke Magazine July 2018

My article begins on page 26 but I encourage you to read the other articles as well. There’s some awesome people doing some awesome things in our world.

Let’s work together to share these stories with the world. Will you help?

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Thank you!