Little Ewe, The Story of One Lost Sheep

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I apologize for taking an unplanned hiatus from my blog.

I got very busy doing my Live at 5pm talks on Facebook every Sunday from January 11th until Easter. It was a Countdown to Easter series as I celebrated publishing in a new genre, Christian Fiction, and my newest book in that genre called The Cloak. It’s about the soldier who won Jesus’ cloak at the foot of the cross. It’s not a children’s book specifically, although I believe older children would enjoy it too.

Anyway, I’m back with a very special children’s picture book called Little Ewe, The Story of One Lost Sheep.

I won the book in a contest and was sent the hardcover in the mail which I just received.

I was impressed with the quality of the book…beautiful colors and wonderful quality glossy pages.

But, what made me fall in love with this book is multi-faceted. It has the cutest little sheep on the cover who just wants to explore and have fun, but eventually that gets her lost.

The story is told in expertly rhyming prose and includes numbers so the children can enjoy counting the items on each page.

But, most importantly, it tells the beloved Bible story of how our Savior, Jesus, will leave the 99 and come to find us.

That is a wonderful lesson to teach our children!

It’s available on Amazon at

I highly recommend this book!

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Tails of Blueberry Street series (Return to Blueberry Street; Book 2 in the series)

Author, Debbie Burton

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Today, I have a returning featured author, Debbie Burton, here to share about the second book in her series, Tails of Blueberry Street.

Meet Debbie Burton, author of the Tails of Blueberry Streetbook series.

Thank you, Wanda, for the opportunity to once again connect with your audience. My second children’s book, Return to Blueberry Street was released by Elk Lake Publishing in August of 2020. The story follows Buddy the beagle as he leads his canine companions on a mission to track down the porch pirate who is stealing their treats. A mystery for children ages six to nine, Return to Blueberry Street teaches the values of teamwork, fairness, and the importance of protecting wild animals. Told from Buddy’s point of view, the action begins with a camping trip where he meets a wild monkey named Freddy on a hike through the woods.

I was inspired to write this book during a visit to Silver Springs State Park in Florida. At a trailhead I saw a sign about the presence of wild monkeys in the area. These animals descended from of a group of rhesus monkeys brought to Florida from Asia for the purpose of entertaining tourists. The owner of the property put them on an island in the middle of the Silver River for boaters to see. He didn’t know monkeys can swim. They swam off the island and have lived in the surrounding woods ever since.

Return to Blueberry Street is book two of the Tails of Blueberry Street series. The first book, Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street, introduces the character of Buddy and shareshis struggle to recover from a serious injury which paralyzed his hind legs. Both books feature Buddy’s rival, a Doberman named Blitz, who is twice Buddy’s size. Blitz bullies Buddy for his disability and makes Buddy doubt himself. Their relationship teaches children to empathize with people who are different.Both books are perfect for classroom read-a-louds and include questions for discussion.

I am a retired elementary teacher turned author. For the majority of my life I’ve worked with children, but never thought I would write for them. My husband encouraged to me to write a children’s book in 2015. Since I love writing poetry, we both envisioned a rhyming picture book. After meeting with editors and agents at conferences, I discovered publishers were more interested in early reader chapter books. At first, I thought writing a chapter book would be impossible. What could I write about? Then I thought about our pet beagle, Buddy, who really did experience most of the events I describe in the first book.

Three years later I met Deb Haggerty, Editor in Chief of Elk Lake, at a Florida Christian Writers Conference. She loved my idea and offered me a contract. I am represented by Michelle Lazurek of WordWise Media Services. I plan to continue the Tails of Blueberry Street series, and I am currently writing book three. As an author I want to develop relatable characters whoengage children and encourage empathy for others. Both of my books are available in paperback and eBook.


Amazon: Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street

​   Return to Blueberry Street 

Barnes and Noble: Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street

                             Return to Blueberry Street 





Elk Lake Publishing Inc.


Thank you, Debbie, for sharing another awesome book in your series! I love the positive messages! We look forward many more in this series!

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Lieve Snellings and Her Beautiful Nature Photography Inspired Picture Books

Lieve Snellings, children's author, wearing glasses and a white turtle neck and dark jacket

My name is Lieve Snellings. I live in Leuven, Belgium. But for the past 11 years, I live about 5 months out of the year in Québec. Once I arrived in Canada, I spent hours, days, weeks to observe and photograph the amazing American wildlife I discovered there.


Then, I searched for every bit of information I could find. Watching all these little (and a bit bigger) creatures that visit our backyard and in parks is so relaxing, food for imagination and fun.

Apparently, I have a lot of patience for this nature observation (in Belgium I was/am always busy). I am a professional photographer but did mostly documental journalistic work. In Quebec, a new passion, nature photography, was born.

Inspired by my wildlife images and my godchild’s two little daughters, I started dreaming of writing a picture book. And this is another special story. I think that most (if not almost all) writers start their books with ideas, fantasies which they turn into words and afterward look for illustrations. For me, it was the opposite.

I wanted to make a sort of picture book with Eufrazie, the little American Red Squirrel, and my godchild’s daughters as main characters. I had a vague storyline in mind and wanted to start with my pictures. So I opened my photo library and choose images I could use.

A collection of Lieve Snellings nature photography featuring a woodchuck, a squirrel, several birds and her two god-daughters along with her book cover, Margot Gets An Unexpected Visit

But at that moment snow was melting and Margot the groundhog woke up out of her hibernation. For me that is always an exciting happening, I try to observe her then as much as I can.



Suddenly she looked me in the eye and she told me ‘NO, your book will not be about Eufrazie. It is about me, Margot the groundhog, you have to tell my story.’

I don’t know how she did this, but the result was that I started to select my woodchuck photos.

And so my books were born, page by page, image by image, and with the photos came the story.

Margot is the main character in both of my books. Little Eufrazie, her cousins the black and grey squirrels Germaine and Philomene and Fiston the little chipmunk got a small supporting role.

I have two books, two stories that take the traditional picture book experience and transform it by replacing illustrations with my own nature photography. The books are written in my mother tongue Dutch and translated into English and French.

Margot Gets An Unexpected Visit by award-winning children's author Lieve Snellings

Margot Gets an Unexpected Visit
A children’s tale where high-quality nature photography meets up with friendship, diversity, fun, education and ice hockey

As all groundhogs, Margot doesn’t like to have others around her. Certainly not humans. But is this also the case when she meets up with two little girls? You’ll find out in this book.
You will also enjoy the unique and touching photo-images of nature in Quebec, and an unpredictable anecdote on the special haircut for ice hockey fans.
age: 5 – 8 year
Amazon smartly:
Universal book link:
ISBN: 978-1532877650

Groundhog Secrets book cover by Lieve Snellings with Readers' Favorite Book Award Seal

Groundhog Secrets – Everything You Always wanted to Know about Woodchucks
Discover the secret world of the groundhog through the eyes of Margot the woodchuck while gaining a close-up view of wildlife in whimsical photo illustrations.

Do you want to know more about the woodchuck? Then this book packed with information about groundhogs (who are also called woodchucks), is for you! Margot the woodchuck reveals all her secrets. She describes how groundhogs are born, what they look like and who is in their family. She talks about how they fill their tummies in summer and autumn, to store fat for the long winter months. Even medical doctors and scientists study the groundhog hibernation. Find out why in this fascinating illustrated book.

Lieve Snellings, award-winning children's author, wearing her Readers' Favorite medal and holding the award-winning book, Groundhog Secrets

This book won a Reader’s Favorite Book Award 2018.

Age: 8 – 11 year
Amazon smartly:
Universal book link:
ISBN: 978-1546813033

Award-Winning Author, Kandi Siegel

Kandi Siegel, children's author, picture
Today, I’d like to welcome a prolific author, Kandi M. Siegel.
I met her a couple of years ago at a local training seminar put on by Jaimie Engel.
Kandi also writes children’s books so it was a natural topic between us. She was easy to talk to and I felt like she was going place. Then, I had a table next to her at a recent Holiday Book Event called Authors in a Box held at the Melbourne Mall in early December.
I have to say that Kandi is a kind and warm person and incredibly engaging! I learned a lot from her that day about friendly sales.
Without further ado, here’s Kandi’s award-winning books….
B.R.A.G. Medallion multi-Award Winning Author, Kandi M. Siegel, currently has eight  published books. They include “My Summer Triumph” (B.R.A.G. winner), “A Dog for Leo” (B.R.A.G. winner), “Rainbow of Mine,” “Rainbow of Mine; the coloring book,” “Bubby the Baker,” “Sammy the Helper,” “Cooking with Kandi,” and “Looking Back No Regrets Memoirs from the Heart.”
She has been a member of the Space Coast Writer’s Club since 2012 and recently was honored by having one of her poems selected to appear in the guild’s book “Gratitude,” which is available for purchase through Amazon.
She also won Editor’s Choice for her poem “What Will I Do” which is in the National Library of Poetry 1997 edition.
Rainbow of Mine by Kandi M. Siegel
A poem formatted book that describes the meanings of the colors of the rainbow in a way that preschoolers – first graders can easily understand.
This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
Rainbow of Mine The Coloring Book by Kandi M. Siegel
A coloring and activity book based off the original book Rainbow of Mine for preschoolers – 1st graders teaching about the order of the colors of the rainbow
This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
Buddy the Baker by Kandi M. Siegel; Illustrated by Karen B. Monahan
Bubby the Baker loves to bake all kinds of goodies and she recently opened a bakery. As your child reads through this book, they will see all the different items Bubby has in her store. At the end of the book, there are a couple of recipes that you can make at home. This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
Sammy the Helper by Kandi M. Siegel
This book is about a young boy named Sammy who tries really hard to help out the members of his family but every time he does, something seems to go wrong. With some encouraging words from his grandfather, Sammy tries harder to accomplish what he sets out to do. This book is geared for preschoolers – 1st graders.
My Summer Triumph by Kandi M. Siegel
INDIE BRAG AWARD WINNING BOOK, “My Summer Triumph,” is about a young girl’s first experience at overnight camp proved to be more of a learning experience then anything else. Through the many challenges that she had faced during the three weeks at camp, Kaila learned a lot about herself and how to triumph over defeat.
This book is geared for 2nd – 6th graders
A Dog for Leo by Kandi M. Siegel
INDIE BRAG AWARD WINNING BOOK, “A Dog For Leo,” is about a young boy who wants a dog of his own, but his parents don’t feel he is responsible enough to take care of a pet. Leo will have to prove to his parents that he is responsible enough, but not without a few snags in the road first.
This book is geared for 2nd – 6th graders
Looking Back No Regrets Memoir by Kandi M. Siegel
“Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs from the Heart”, shares a woman’s relationship struggles from childhood through adulthood in 9 honest and touching short stories. Her unique experiences will make you laugh and cry as you walk with her through her different relationships from teenhood to adult.
For ages 18+
Cooking with Kandi by Kandi M. Siegel
“Cooking with Kandi” is a cookbook specifically designed for those people who love tasty foods, but don’t always have a lot of preparation time. From appetizers to desserts, this cookbook is filled with all kinds of yummy recipes.
You can check out all of her books on her website:
Connect with Kandi through the links below
Thank you so much for being with us today, Kandi, and for everyone who read this post!

Wonderful Children’s Books that Feature Sports

picture of Suzan Johnson, children's author, outside on the grass by a tree and water
Suzan Johnson, Children’s Author

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a special children’s author that I met at a recent book event in beautiful Boca Raton, FL. When I  met her, I immediately knew she was going places. I want to share her interview with you and you’ll see for yourself what I’m talking about.


Tell me something about yourself. (Where did you grow up, significant relationships, what do you do for fun besides writing, as little or as much as you want).


I am from the Caribbean but I grew up in the South Florida area, with my mom and brother.  Besides writing I enjoy reading, going out with friends, shopping, and trying new things like skydiving.


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I have always written journals but after college, I began to write stories in my head.  Then about six years ago I decided to put them on paper.


What have you written? Tell me about them.


So far I have self-published five children’s books:

My friends’ daughter Sofia inspires the first two.  In Sofie at Bat, she has the dilemma of learning how to hit the ball without using the tee.  In Sofie at Dance, she has become friends with Chloe from her dance class, and their friendship is challenged when they both want the top spot in an upcoming recital.  My third book is a compilation of poems dedicated to the children that I know and have worked with.  The book is called My HeartbeatsAiden the Soccer Star! Is my fourth book.  My cousin’s son who is also named Aiden inspired this book.  Aiden has to overcome his fear of a new position on his soccer team.  My latest book is Our Military Family. This book tells how a family has to cope when Mom is away serving in the Army.

Sofie at Bat, a children's book by Suzan Johnson, book cover
Available on Amazon


What is your favorite genre to write?

Currently, I am enjoying writing Children’s Books


Tell me about your writing process.


When I write, I create the stories in my mind first.  I will change and rearrange the story multiple times before I actually write it down.  Sometimes I write an outline other times, I scribble down the whole thing.


Where do you get the inspiration for your novels?


My inspiration comes from people that I have met, then I ask myself, What if?


What sort of research do you do for your novels?


Depending on the book I may talk to people who play the sports, I have read about players involved.

With my latest book, I combined my ideas of how to help military families with those I found online from public agencies.


Do you have a special place where you write?


I can write anywhere,  different locations are better for me.


Do you have any type of music you listen to while you write?


I don’t really listen to music, while I write.  But background noise does not affect me.


Do you have any rituals before or while you write?


My writing ritual is to handwrite my outline/story first then I type it up.


How long does it usually take you to complete a book?

The time varies, because I organize the stories in my head, first.  The stories are ongoing all the time.


What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

After my mom passed away, I felt more inclined to do what I had not done before.


Do you write full-time or part-time?

I write part-time


How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

I feel that I constantly moving, and with each book, I become more confident in what I write, that is my evolution.


What are you passionate about?


I am passionate about education.


Have you written any books that made a transformative effect on you? If so, in what way?


The poetry book had a great effect on me.  One of my poems was dedicated to my mother, called Flashback, and I wrote it in one setting from my soul.  I did not know I had it in me.


What can we expect from you in the future?


You can expect more children’s books, I have another series in mind, and I want to complete the Aiden trilogy.


In the far future, I plan to put my adult books together, for now, I am just rolling the stories around in my head.


If you could jump ahead in time, w, at would be happening for you?


I will be touring my children’s books, doing readings, and projects with the kids.  I will also be touring my adult books and doing book signings.


What influenced your decision to self-publish?


I began with self-publishing because I knew two people who went that route.  I have considered the traditional way, and I may try that too.


How do you market your book?


I market through, Facebook, Instagram, and my website.  I have also joined writing associations to help with networking.


Do you design your own book covers?

I do not.


Suzan Johnson has been the Media Specialist at an elementary school for the past nine years. She is a voracious reader of books of all genres. Growing up, she loved and enjoyed participating in sporting activities such as cheerleading and softball. As a teacher, she encourages her students to read a variety of books and participate in sports. Suzan is a member of Florida Reading Association and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  Johnson currently lives in the South Florida area.

Facebook and Instagram: shjstories

All of Suzan’s books are available on Amazon


Children’s Author Interview & Books with Imaginary Friends

picture of Children's Author, Asia J. Crandall
            Children’s Author,                  Asia J. Crandall


I’d like to introduce you to a new children’s author that I met recently at a book event. Her name is Asia Crandall and she writes wonderful books that are creative, has a sense of humor, and help kids be better kids.

Tell me something about yourself. (Where did you grow up, significant relationships, what do you do for fun besides writing, as little or as much as you want).

Well, I am originally from Brooklyn, NY. I moved to Orlando four years ago with my son Jahlil and daughter Nyasia. Fun for me outside of writing would be Karaoke, shooting pool, amusement parks and I love trying new restaurants I’ve never been to before.


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I was in elementary school. I dreamed of becoming a Journalist. I wrote poems and plays in a black and white composition notebook.


What have you written? Tell me about them.

 I wrote My first published play in 2008 titled Collect Call. I was part of an adult literacy program in New York and entered a writing contest and actually won. My first self-published children’s book Along Came Maddie: Football Tryouts was released last year 2016 it’s a series about a boy named Josie and his “know it all” sometimes bossy imaginary best friend (a girl) Maddie. their relationship and the many fun adventures they go on. I’ve written six books of the Along Came Maddie series. Other titles I’ve written still in manuscript forms are; Loud, Rhonda and the Great Escape, and several poems.

Along Came Maddie Football Try-Outs Book Cover
A fun children’s book

What is your favorite genre to write?

Fiction! I use to exaggerate the truth a lot as a child. I could make up a story just like that from the top of my head without thinking about it LOL. Once I was old enough to know what fiction meant there was no stopping me. I stuck to writing fiction stories for children.


Tell me about your writing process.

Oh gosh! No music, no people, a pencil, and notebook. I clean before I write which sounds weird, but cleanliness keeps me focused. I ask myself “what should I write about?” the first thing that comes to mind is always what I write about. When I begin to write, I do not stop until my heart says enough. It’s like blowing up a balloon, you know when to stop and tie it up.


Where do you get the inspiration for your novels?

My inspiration comes from family and my childhood. For example; when my three nephews were younger they always pretended to be superheroes. Well, one summer they vacationed in Florida and kept telling my daughter how they would destroy her and turn her into things. I thought it was hilarious so I named one of my books Along Came Maddie: Superheroes in their honor. When I was a child another family member used to wet the bed, I titled this book Along Came Maddie: Queenie Wets the Bed. I have stories for days.


What sort of research do you do for your novels?

 I read books in my genre, I attend webinars, conferences, listen to podcasts, and I’m also a member of multiple writing groups. I read blogs and community boards and I always ask questions.


Do you have a special place where you write?

Yes, my dining room table alone during the day, or my bedroom late at night. Home is where I love to write. In my own space.



Do you have any type of music you listen to while you write?

No, I do not.



Do you have any rituals before or while you write?

Yes, I must clean my apartment first.


How long does it usually take you to complete a book?

With the Along Came Maddie series, it took me two hours to complete each book.



What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

One morning my family and I were talking laughing at one another’s corny jokes when my daughter says “we should write a book.” Later that night when everyone was asleep I did just that. And that was the birth of the Along Came Maddie series.


Do you write full-time or part-time?

I write part time lol, I must admit, I procrastinate. Not as much as I use to, but I’m still working on myself.


How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

I love being creative, it’s part of my DNA. I work as a Program Coordinator for afterschool programs. My job allows me to be as creative as I want to be. I work with little humans which also helps with my creative development.


What are you passionate about?

My Faith, family, self-development, and kindness.



Have you written any books that made a transformative effect on you? If so, in what way?

No, not a book, but I wrote a poem titled Note to Self. It’s a letter I wrote to myself that chronicles my life from being bullied in kindergarten to the very moment I conceived my daughter at the young age of nineteen. It’s about one thousand words and pretty deep.


What can we expect from you in the future?

I love writing for children. I’d say plenty of picture books, and maybe a memoir.


 If you could jump ahead in time, what would be happening for you?

I would be negotiating a deal with a popular TV network to turn my stories into cartoon series for kids.


What influenced your decision to self-publish?

Honestly, I was an amateur and did not know the difference between traditional and self-publishing at the time.


How do you market your book?

I use social media; I contact schools I offer discounts I attended conferences and sign up for book reviews.


Do you design your own book covers?

Yes, I found an illustrator from her name is Goodaughter. She’s wonderful. 


Thank you for joining us today and learning more about Asia and her books. I know your kids are going to LOVE them!!