The Big Crowned Princess

Princess Big Crown doll wearing a large crown and purple gown
Hi everyone,
Today, I’d like to bring you a Princess book–you know I love princesses!
This one is called The Big Crowned Princess. Author Ayesha Marfani tells us about it…
Princess Alishba wears a VERY big crown and fancy frocks, so people think her arrogant and stuck up. In reality she longs to be allowed to wear comfortable clothes like ordinary children – and her large crown hides a secret … A touching story about not judging by appearances, from master storyteller Ayesha Marfani. 
The Big Crowned Princess Book Cover and a look inside at one of the pages
Princess Alishba hates the royal protocol because it makes her life miserable at school. She hates her heavy dresses and jewels on the crown but wears a very big one
The big crown is her own choice and she treasures something in it.
She cannot reveal the secret and accepts the mocking from her fellows until one day her secret is revealed.
Some of Ayesha’s other books…
4 books by Ayesha Marfani on a pink background and bookmarks scattered around
Also see the other three titles by Author Ayesha Marfani
Book details: Target age: 3 to 7 years Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing Illustrator: Alison Wood
Areysha Marfani's other books--titles--I am; Miss Never Pleased; Tales from the Treasure Chest; I am full truth, I am half truth, I am all lie.
All of her books are available on Amazon
Thank you, Ayesha, for sharing you Princess book with us today. And I hope everyone checks out all of her books because she’s one very special author.

Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a purple background for Franky's Fun Flamingo Facts
“Because flamingos have long legs, they can wade into much deeper water than most other birds. Webbed feet help support them on soft mud.”

Day 15 on Fun Fact Friday.

Guess what? I was having so much fun with these fun facts about flamingos that I decided to do an encore. I have a few more fun facts to share with you about flamingos before we switch it up to some other animals that I know you’ll enjoy just as much.

When you go swimming, have you seen the numbers on the sides of the pool? These numbers show how deep the water is in that area.

While flamingos can wade into deep water, you need to stay safe and only swim where an adult tells you that you are allowed. And never, ever, ever swim without an adult there to watch you at all times.

To see what it’s like to have webbed feet, you can put flippers on your feet and walk around the backyard with them on. You might find you have to lift your feet higher than normal to be able to walk.

Franky is the beloved character in the award-winning children’s picture book called Franky the Finicky Flamingo available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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A Camino de Santiago Blessing

a curved path with grass on either side and tall pine trees further off to either side and mountains in the distance

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share with you something going on in my life right now kind of a behind-the-scenes look into my personal life.

My husband decided to do a walk called the Camino de Santiago which goes from France to the coast of Spain. It’s 500 miles total but he’s doing half of that (the first part and the last part).

He’s been training for well over a year because he had also thought about walking the Appalachian Trail. However, when he was at an REI Seminar, he heard about the Camino and it peaked his interest.

Then, he got sick, like really sick. In the hospital, heart attack, stint, sick. It took him about 3-4 months to get his medication regulated before he felt like walking again. That was last August.

He shared his goal of walking the Camino with his sister and brother-in-law. It just so happened that their church was hosting a talk given by a Priest who had walked the Camino. So, they invited us to listen.

He was hilarious! Something about it inspired his sister to want to do the walk too. That’s a very fortunate thing because I did not feel the call to do the walk but I didn’t like the idea of him doing the walk alone. She had lived in Spain back when her husband was stationed there in the Air Force and they have traveled back there to visit friends, so she has kept her Spanish up.

She’s also a detailed planner, as is he. Together, they poured over websites and books and videos to figure out exactly what they wanted to do. They booked their plane tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, and a hotel. The first few days were done. After that, they will officially start there walk and yes, those days are planned too but of course, they vowed not to push themselves and to just take it as it comes. As it should be.

Anyway, they left on Sunday, September 2nd.

Of course, being a writer, I had a few words for them. This is a blessing that I wrote to send them on their way. I read it to them before they left.


May your backpacks be light and your sticks be sure.

May your legs be strong and your feet endure.


May you, each moment embrace

And with each step find more of God’s grace.


May you make friends of everyone you meet

And wake refreshed each day as the sun you do greet.


May your minds be filled with peace from above

And your hearts overflow with God’s great love.


May you walk and talk and find silence too

Until your blessings abound and your burdens are few.

Bien Camino!

Sometimes a walk does ya good!

Franky Wins in 2018 Reader’s Favorite Competition

Franky the Flamingo book cover surrounded by two pink neon flamingos on a background of fireworks
Available on Amazon

Hi everyone,

I told you I would be back after September 1st to let you know how Franky the Finicky Flamingo does in the 2018 Reader’s Favorite International Book Competition.

And he won Honorable Mention in the Animals Category!! You can see above that he is celebrating!! Doing the happy flamingo dance!

Thank you for all of your support!!!!!

I’m super excited about this win as there were hundreds of other worthy books that Franky was judged against!!!!

Here’s a wonderful write up by the incredibly talented illustrator of Franky the Finicky Flamingo, Mara Reitsma.

And you know there’s always a team in creating a book, there’s the behind-the-scenes magical guru, Claire Plaisted  of Plaisted Publishing House, who helped me every step of the way with decisions that had to be made and all the formatting stuff that I could never dream of understanding.

A great big hug and thank you and happy dances to my team members, Mara and Claire! I couldn’t do what I do without you!!

And there were other winners in the Reader’s Favorite Competition that I have either featured on my blog or have read and written a review…

There’s Alma Hammond with Super Rooster and Cat winning Silver in the Animals Category. Here’s my review re-posted from Amazon

“I love this sweet story about an unusual friendship between a cat and a rooster. They enjoy the beach together and meet sea creatures. The author does a great job explaining what may seem scary about these creatures is something that has a purpose. She explains in a fun way what each creature does that makes them special. Great messages for everyone and told in a fun way! Beautiful illustrations! 5 stars”

And there’s Diane Mae Robinson with the Sir Princess Petra series that I featured on my blog here and also reviewed on Amazon. 

Here’s the review re-posted from Amazon

“Such a fun story! I actually read book three first but that took nothing away from enjoying this first book in the series. Sir Princess Petra is a kind-hearted soul who has big dreams for herself to be a royal knight against her parents wishes. She goes on her quest and makes friend of everyone she meets. Such a great story with a good lesson and plenty of humor thrown in!”

Her The Dragon Grammar Book won GOLD in Children-Educational!! Oh yea!!

I also have read and reviewed it on Amazon, here’s the re-post

“I picked up this book thinking I would know most of it, although why I thought that I have no idea. It’s true I’m an author but there is much to know about grammar. And well, I wasn’t the best student of grammar. Don’t get me wrong, I was a great student, but grammar alluded me. Still does, apparently. And I have most probably used every comma wrong in my above sentences. LOL I think this is a great book for children and adults. I think it is best as a reference rather than a read-through because it is a lot of information to take in. I compliment the author for taking on such a difficult task and for making grammar more pleasant by using dragons and princesses as examples.”

Cindy Shirley who I met last year at the Reader’s Favorite Awards Ceremony in Miami had TWO books win–The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick won an Honorable Mention in Children’s Concept and Doodle and the Magic Christmas Float won a Bronze in Children Grade K-3rd.

And Lieve Snellings who writes children’s non-fiction books about groundhogs (aka woodchucks) won a Bronze in Groundhog Secrets

And let me tell you a secret, she takes her own photos of groundhogs and they are amazing!!

She recently featured me on her blog. Check it out here!

She has promised that I can feature her on my blog in October, so stay tuned!

I hope to connect with some of the other winners so I can bring them to you on this blog.

And we still have the Top Shelf Indie Book Awards to hear on, so stay posted. I’ll let you know when I know.

Thank you everyone out there in Blog Land for supporting me, leaving comments on my posts, sharing via Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+. You guys make blogging fun!

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation!




Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a bright purple background
“The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.”

Day 14 and the Final Franky’s Fun Flamingo Fact post (at least for a little while)…

Franky is the pink flamingo in the children’s picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. He seems to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

There will be more Fun Fact Friday Facts coming from Little Birdie and Tad….so don’t despair!

This is a great Fun Fact to end on. I love the Bahamas and I’m so glad one of my favorite birds is their National Bird!!

Share this Fun Fact with your children and provide paper and crayons or markers or even  paints (if you dare!) for them (and you too!) to paint a National Flag of a mythical country using a flamingo as the main picture. Using you creativity, name your mythical country.

If you have cloth for the children to use to paint on, consider attaching the flag to a stick (once it’s dry, of course).

Then, for additional fun, make up a National Anthem about your new mythical country and march around your house singing the National Anthem while waving the new National flags! Maybe even put the flags in the ground outside your house (if your HOA allows).

If you enjoyed this Fun Fact, please share everywhere on the world wide web so others can have fun making their own Fun Flamingo Country Flag!!


P.S.–next week, we’ll be starting with a new character on Fun Fact Friday. Stay tuned to see who it will be. Will it be Little Birdie or Tad the Turtle? Who do you want it to be? Post your response in the comments.

Girl in the Box No Bullies on my Block! (A book about bullying)

Danielle Lynn (author of children's book called Girl in the Box No Bullies on my Block) holding flowers and wearing her red graduation cap and gown

Hi, everyone,

I want to introduce you to a very special father, Lamont, that I met via a mutual friend who does a live show every Saturday at 9:30AM called Self Love Saturday and his daughter, Danielle Lynn (pictured above).

Lamont and Danielle Lynn wrote a book to entertain young readers and also to teach about the very serious topic of bullying although they do it in a great way!

Here’s Lamont…

I’m happy to introduce “The Girl in the Box-No Bullies on my Block”.

Girl in the Box No Bullies on my Block! book cover, background is green writing is in white and yellow and a box is pictured
Available on Amazon

The story is based on my oldest daughter Danielle and some of her pre-teen experiences.

Everyone has felt awkward at some time in their life. It is based on some real life challenges she experienced at school.

Each school day she would come home with a different dilemma.

I noticed a huge difference regarding how girls dealt with bullying.

It has been an exciting learning experience putting her story on paper. We feel privileged to share with you, how Danielle dealt with her bully.

Bullying is a serious problem. Often the person being bullied doesn’t know where to go for help. We don’t all have siblings or a best friend.

If you are being bullied, you should tell someone immediately. Talk to your parents, friend, or teacher. There are many groups and organizations to help against bullying. It is not something to keep as a secret.

This is our first writing adventure. Often, writers write to persuade, convey, or convince the reader. I don’t. I prefer to engage thought; why, how, and reason. Let your imagination take you there.

We should seek a positive outcome when dealing with life situations.

It may make you laugh or cry, hopefully you will be entertained. I enjoyed reading to my children when they were younger, and I find it to be a great one-on-one time with your child. I also like to turn the radio off in the car and have a conversation. Those times we ‘tune out, turn off the cell or radio’ can be special moments to share.

I’m happy to say, Danielle has graduated from UNLV and is pursuing a career in Theatrical Engineering.

We are originally from Michigan. My family and I moved to Las Vegas about 15 years ago.

Lamont Witcher, pictured with a short crew cut and wearing a red collared shirt

My wife and I have three children and two grandchildren. We spend most of our time running our medical business.

My priority has been my family, and I have a deep passion for developing our youth. I have been fortunate to reach many young men through coaching baseball and basketball.

I am now assisting in development of an anti-bullying program with the Clark County School District.


There is a great need for parents to not only tell their children about right and wrong, but to set a good example as role models.

You can find more information on Facebook at Anti-Bullying@nobulliesonmyblock

Our book is on AmazonAmazon

You can connect with Lamont here Lamont Witcher @LamontWitcher1

Thank you, Lamont, for writing such a wonderful book about a very serious topic.

I had the good fortune to win this book on the Self Love Saturday Show and I wrote a review of it…

“I won this book on a Facebook Live Show and found this book to tell a great story that is based on a child’s real life situation of being bullied. The girl that lives in the box is super cool and gives wonderful advice. Any child would love to have a friend like her! I know I would have. While the topic is serious, the book handles it in a way that is not heavy. I think everyone should read this book–whether you have been bullied or not because it shows how people feel when they are bullied as well as a great way to approach the situation.”

Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the Flamingo pictures on a bright purple background
“Flamingo colonies split into breeding groups of up to 50 birds, who then perform a synchronized ritual ‘dance’ whereby they stand together stretching their necks upwards, uttering calls while waving their heads and then flapping their wings.”

Day 13 of Fun Fact Friday with Franky the Flamingo!! Only one more post after this one with Franky. 😦

Franky is a boy flamingo that wears a black bowtie! He’s kind of snazzy like that! He’s the main character in the children’s picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. He appears to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

Today’s Fun Fact is about a flamingos dance.

Share this Fun Fact with your children and then dance with them like the flamingo. Make your dance really over-the-top with loud calls and head movement and arms flapping.

Then, make up other ways to dance and move around.

You might want to turn on some upbeat music. Turn up the volume and let your spirit soar with no inhibition.

Maybe there’s foot-stomping, or elaborate arm movements, or head bobbing, or hip swaying…whatever your body “feels” the music calling it to do, allow yourself and your children the freedom to move!!

Videotapes are always good on this kind of fun family entertainment.

Share this post on your favorite social media channels so everyone can start dancing!!

Literary Book Gifts & Discount Code by Melissa

Emma, an Asian female smiling with her hair pulled back and wearing a black sweatjacket. Owner of Literary Book Gifts.

Hi everyone,

I want to introduce you to someone whose products I think you’re going to love!

No, they aren’t children’s books (like my usual posts) but they are a book lovers dream!

And guess what? If you use the Discount Code (that you’ll find later in the blog post), you will get 20% off!!!! Who doesn’t love a discount?!

Now, with no further ado, meet Melissa, the owner and developer of these fine book-related products.

I was inspired to create these products by none other than literature, stories, and characters!

Our favorite children’s books contain some very animated characters, sometimes in words and sometimes in illustrations.

But when the story is over so is the artwork.

By putting these books onto shirts and bags, it brings them out of the covers and into real life.

Here are a few of the designs and products:

Website Link:

The Velveteen Rabbit T-Shirt

blue short sleeved t-shirt with the words The Velveteen Rabbit written on it and a bunny standing on his hind legs pictured

This cute bunny graphic is none other than the famous Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. The tale of a stuffed toy who wishes to become real. This shirt comes in a white print so it looks great on a huge variety of colors.

J. M. Barrie Peter Pan Tote Bag

A tote bag with long handles and the words Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie written on it and a boy holding onto a rope dangling from the side of a cliff and birds flying around all in yellow on a black background

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie is a story for children and adults alike. This tote bag aims to capture the magical notion of flight and the adventerous nature of children. This tote comes in a green and yellow print in three sizes.

The Wind in the Willows T-Shirt

blue short sleeved t-shirt with the words The Wind in the Willos Kenneth Grahame written on it and a tree with a squirrel sitting underneath pictured on it all letters and pictures in white

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame is a lovely read aloud story with some very interesting animals as characters. This t-shirt comes in a cream print with plenty of colors to choose from.

Literary Book Gifts

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your whimsical wonderful literary-inspired gifts with us today!

And here’s the Discount Code you’ve been waiting for….

WANDALUTHMAN20 is good for 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times!!!

Let’s get shopping people! I know some of you are already thinking about Christmas. Wouldn’t these make great gifts for the book lovers in your life? And while you’re shopping why not pick up something for yourself as well. I know I will!

See you at