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I’m really excited to introduce you all to a children’s non-fiction author today. I think you and your children are going to love her books!

Barbara Mojica writes Little Miss History books and she’s here to tell you more about them.

Take it away, Barbara…

“If you don’t know your history, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Magical mountains carved with faces, mysterious murders, giant trees, and secret submarines are just a few things that kids will learn about when they open a Little Miss History book.

The entertaining series for kids makes reading nonfiction a fun-filled adventure for all ages. Not only are the stories compelling, but the illustrations mixed with real photos keep readers intrigued. Dressed like a wannabe park ranger character, Little Miss History takes kids on whirlwind adventures around the globe and shows them icons that we all treasure.

One becomes a character in history at birth. History is full of blazing drama and emotions and kids can be real heroes if they understand where they came from, how the past shaped them, and how they can plan their future. Kids will see that leaders come in all shapes and sizes, just like kids, and that life is filled with success and failures. Hop on board with Little Miss HISTORY and see how knowing history opens a window to understanding the present.

Available on Amazon

The Little Miss HISTORY book series has garnered two dozen awards including B.R.A.G. Medallions, International Book Excellence Awards, International Readers’ Favorite Awards, Eric Hoffer, and Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards. https://LittleMisshistory.com.        

Author Barbara Ann Mojica, M.A. S.A.S., S.D.A is a historian and retired educator. Her education career spans more than forty years serving as a teacher, special educator, principal, and school district administrator. Barbara writes monthly historical articles for the Columbia Insider under the banner “Passages” and maintains that literacy is the heart of knowledge.

She is a top reviewer on Amazon and shares book reviews of family-friendly literature on her blog https://bamauthor.me. She feels that families can use their time at home reading together, sharing family experiences, and dreaming about their next family adventure.

The Little Miss HISTORY Travels to…BOOK SERIES MAY BE PREVIEWED ON MY WEBSITE https://www.LittleMissHISTORY.com

The books are available online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound.org, bookshop.org and Walmart.com

Ask for them at your favorite bookstore.

Here is the link to my Amazon Author Page  https://www.amazon.com/Barbara-Ann-Mojica/e/B00B9DOVKC/

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Congratulations on your book awards, Barbara! And thank you so much for sharing your Little Miss History books with us today.

And thank you all, my blogger family, for reading today’s post. I hope you rush out and purchase these books for you little ones.

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Dreams of Zugunruhe

(Headshots: Williamsburg Therapy group team shots: October 5th 2018 pictured here: Dr. Victoria Frisse. photo: Lizzy Snaps Sullivan)

The first time I saw an Arctic tern, I was in the open ocean off the coast of northern California.  The bird was following our boat, awaiting in mid-air, for batches of chum tossed off the back of  the vessel. The bird was tiny, virgin white, and wielded scythe-like wings that cut through  the mighty sea winds.    

At the time, I was in my mid-thirties–about to launch my career as a psychologist. I don’t  know how old the tern was at the time, but a tern’s life is over after thirty years, give or take.  By the time that tern I saw approached its thirtieth birthday, it would have circled the earth  many times over.    

My new beginning as a psychologist came after several false starts in career, a fair bit of  wandering and exploring, and tons of book learnin’ and socialization. I suspect that my  presence on that boat, to watch birds, breathe the sea air, and feel a kinship with primordial  mother ocean, was a way of reconnecting with my animalistic nature.     Humans need education and socialization, of course. But it has struck me that there is an  inherent tension between the power of our training and the force of our instincts.

I was on  that boat to find a better balance between mind and drive. How ironic that I’d be so  interested in reconnecting with my creatureliness after all my efforts to transcend it through  higher education!      The rest of the natural world is not equipped with so much insulation from nature “red in  tooth and claw” (Tennyson, 1850, Canto 56). Terns brave sea, land, and air throughout the  course of their lives–in some of the harshest conditions to boot. They are equipped with  little more than their slight, angular stature and their instincts. Migration takes them to  distant locations that serve their needs for food and ideal breeding conditions. They sign  no social contract; they simply respond to an overwhelming instinctual restlessness called  Zugunruhe​.   

Available on Amazon

I wrote ​Dreams of Zugunruhe​, a story about a young tern awaiting the arrival of this  migratory restlessness because my instincts were not treated with the same respect in my  youth. And I don’t believe that I’m the exception, I believe I’m the rule. The better we as  humans get at surviving, whether through improved healthcare, technological advancement,  and stockpiling basic necessities, the worse we seem to get at living.    

As an expert on human attachment, I know that people need safe havens to thrive. We need  care, support, food, clothing, and shelter. But I also know that we work hard to meet these  needs so we can live a little bit like Arctic terns. Societies are secure bases from which we  leap into the unknown, trust our instincts to take us somewhere interesting and to  overcome unexpected challenges.    

Dreams of Zugunruhe is a book I hope all families will own. It reminds both parents and  children that no matter how much you learn, how successful you become, and how much  discipline you acquire, you’ll never outgrow your inner wildness and lust for adventure. It’s  as important a reminder for kids going to their first day at preschool as it is for a college  graduate and a 90-year-old woman who has just lost her husband of 60 years.     The quote famously attributed to George Eliot reminds us that “It’s never too late to be what  you might have been.” ​Dreams of Zugunruhe​ carries the message that it’s always time to  live and feel as you were born to do.   

To purchase Dreams of Zugunruhe, click ​here​.   

Website: ​https://mindsplain.com   

Twitter: @mindsplain & @DreamsZugunruhe   

Pinterest: Mindsplain 

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Childrens Franky the Fearless Flamingo: A ‘Using Your Strength for Good’ Hero Story (Franky the Flamingo Book 4) by Wanda Luthman

I just want to thank Sally for sharing my newest book, Franky the Fearless Flamingo, on the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Award winning children’s author Wanda Luthman has just released a new book Franky the Fearless Flamingo: A ‘Using Your Strength for Good’ Hero Story (Franky the Flamingo Book 4)

About the book

Franky is back with his 4th book in the Franky the Flamingo series (although each is a standalone book so you don’t have to have read previous books to understand this one).

Franky the Fearless Flamingo rescues the helpless wherever he does go.

In this tale of strength and compassion, a mean crab owes a debt as his ration.
The little sea turtle that he hurt, he later helps with kindess, his new passion.

The crab learned to use his strength for good to help someone in need, just because he could.

Franky the Fearless Flamingo is a hero for helping a mean crab learn the important lesson of empathy.

Head over to buy the book:Amazon US

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Want To Be My Guest?

Hi everyone,

If you are an author of children’s books that share positive messages, consider this your personal invitation to be a guest on my blog.

This blog has been ranked among the top 100 of children’s book blogs.

I have wonderful followers who like, comment, and share posts. Some have even purchased books.

I absolutely love sharing other authors’ works!!

I’m here for you! I want to help you get the word out about your awesome book.

Together, we can make the world a better place by sharing our books that teach children how to be the best people they can be.

So, if you have always wanted to find a blog to share your books, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact me through either leaving a comment below, using the ‘Contact’ tab, or using the “Guest Blog’ tab.

I look forward to having you as my guest and sharing your work.

Don’t delay. Contact me today.

See what I did there?! I do love a good rhyme.

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Tony the Pickle

Jacky Braun, children’s author

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my children’s book blog today. I really enjoy finding new children’s books with wonderful messages told in clever ways. I discovered Jacky and absolutely loved the idea of a pickle having a story to tell. I believe children will love this character too!

So, here’s Jacky to tell us more about herself and the inspiration behind Tony the Pickle…

J. B. Zuker was born in Guatemala City on the morning of the 10th of March 1988. At a very early age, she embraced her passion to write poetry, travel, and explore the world.

She had the amazing experience to be part of a youth group that changed her life, provided her leadership skills and alternative educational methods. Through this group, she was able to influence youth in her community.

After graduating high school, she packed her bags and permanently moved to Israel. Where she lived six months in a Kibbutz and later decided to move to Tel Aviv City.

She graduated from RISS Recanati International School after three and a half years of Finance and Marketing studies. Graduating with a BA in Finance and Marketing.

Today, she is happily married and has a beautiful daughter. She inspired her to take Tony’s stories back to the light. After keeping Tony only for bedtime stories and the kids she babysat in the past.

Her mission is to bring educational morals to kids through Tony’s adventures.

Available on Amazon

The Wacky Adventures of Tony The Pickle https://amzn.to/3dhQrqE is the first book of a series of wacky and imaginative adventures where Tony takes the young readers to the extremes of imagination and leaves room for learning and dialogue.

Almost 15 years ago, I had the very hard task to satisfy the hungry minds of 5 children I used to babysit. They didn’t like their books at home and wanted a made up story. Tony came to life that day, together with The Big Fat Lady, Froggy and even Pickleinna. The forest became a wonderful playground and the sea was more than just a strange place where they could dive into adventures and let their minds go wild.

Every night those kids craved more stories. So the characters developed along those fun story nights. I would write new ideas while attending school so I could come and tell them new stories every weekend night. They loved the stories so much so when I left to live in a Kibbutz in Israel my sisters took over my babysitting nights with them and even then they would demand new stories of Tony The Pickle.

I always had in the back of my mind that Tony needs to be known by more kids. So I kept on telling his stories to new kids I met and it had the same effect on them that it had on my kids back home. I knew I had to write the stories. So I did. The Wacky Adventure of Tony The Pickle just marks the beginning.

I also created complimentary memorabilia. Including socks, backpacks and more to keep Tony close. You can check it out at www.TonyThePickle.com

Thank you, Jacky, for sharing your very interesting story about yourself and how Tony came to life! We look forward to hearing about his future adventures.

Thank you, blog community, for your love and support. As always, likes, comments, and shares are very much appreciated.

Stay safe

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Author on the Shelves – #Children’s – Franky the Friendly Flamingo: An Anti-Bullying Book (The Franky the Flamingo Series) Wanda Luthman

A big thank you to Sally who has added my books to the Smorgasbord Cafe & Bookstore! I feel honored to be amongst such great authors. Please check out my books as well as the other authors listed here.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to welcome Multi-Award-winning Children’s Author Wanda Luthman to the Cafe and Bookstore. Wanda has a new book out that I will feature later in the month, but as an introduction to her work, here is Franky the Friendly Flamingo: An Anti-Bullying Book (The Franky the Flamingo Series)

About the book

Franky was a finicky dude, until he found his perfect, pink food. He then went in search for the perfect drink and wondered if it would also be pink. Now he’s back and he’s here to say, “Being yourself is always okay!”
This children’s book contains an anti-bullying message through the beloved flamingo character named Franky. He is friendly with all the different birds, but one day he spots a little bird being bullied by a bigger bird and he intervenes in a loving way that teaches the other birds who had just been standing by how they can…

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Franky the Fearless Flamingo

Get your copy HERE

Hello everyone,

I’m super excited to announce that Book 4 in the Franky the Flamingo series, Franky the Fearless Flamingo, is now available on Amazon. Right now, only the ebook is available, but the paperback is coming soon!

Franky the Fearless Flamingo is a story that centers around a crab, named Herman, who is mean to a baby sea turtle just as she is hatching from her nest and trying to make her way to the ocean.

Franky, the superhero, jumps in and teaches the crab the important lesson of using your strength for good.

Herman later makes it up to the sea turtle. You’ll have to read the book to find out how.

I can’t really emphasize the importance of empathy in today’s world enough. It saddens me to see us coming out of a pandemic where we were all virtually holding hands and singing kumbaya and instead of this carrying over into our new “normal,” we have come out to a world of deadly hate. It saddens and it scares me.

We have a long way to go before this pandemic is over and we have conquered Covid 19. We discussed at length during our quarantine about not judging one another and loving each other. I don’t want this post to become political, but my little book, Franky the Fearless Flamingo, that teaches empathy to children, maybe should be read to adults as well.

Remember this, my friends, “it’s never okay to be mean at all just because you can to someone who’s small.”

I wish you all love, peace, and joy and above all, safety, in this world.

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Connections: Teens-Work-Money

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Monday’s Post from our favorite child psychologist, Dr. Valerie Allen, with some timely advice on helping your teens make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Dr. Allen, take it away…

Connections:  Teens-Work-Money


Dr. Valerie Allen

As teens approach adulthood there some basic aspects of independent living they must learn before heading out into the big world beyond family, friends, and high school. Responsibilities and expectations often go undiscussed. In regard to financial matters many teens seem to believe somehow the Good Fairy will provide. To prepare your teen for the risks and rewards he or she will be facing here are some talking points:

  1. Life at 18+: What are your expectations for your adult child? Do you plan to allow him/her to continue to live at home? What house rules will you have in place? If violated, what are the consequences? Will you be strong enough to enforce the stated consequences, if needed? If allowed to continue to live in your home, consideration should be given to rules,  mutual respect, use of appliances, sharing food, noise control, curfews, smoking, drugs, alcohol, overnight visitors, household chores, and financial contribution to the household, to name a few.
  • College, Training, Employment: What are your concerns about him or her continuing their education? Is college in the plans? Vocational/certificate programs? Peace Core/Military? Do you expect full time education after high school? Should they have a part time job while in school? How about a full time job combined with part time school? What is the consequence if he or she makes no real effort to attend classes or earn passing grades? What happens if they can’t find a job or get fired or quit unexpectedly? Do you have a deadline in place if your expectations are not met? Are you ready to help him or her on the big moving out day?
  • Transportation and Insurance: Does your youngster have a driver’s license? Will you allow him or her to use your vehicle? If so, this needs to be reported to your insurance carrier. Will you provide a car and auto insurance? Who owns the car? Is it a gift or do you expect him or her to pay you back for the car? Will you charge interest? Will they have to pay for their own car insurance, even if it is added to your insurance plan? Will you allow use of the car other than for school or employment? Will you allow them to have passengers, either under or over 18 years of age? Do you expect them to run errands for you, perhaps take a sibling to school, sports, or other activities?
  • Volunteering and Employment: Young adults should be up and out of the house, engaged in a worthy pursuit, whether in an educational program, as a volunteer, or as a paid employee. The benefits are similar, with the exception of remuneration. All require a level of commitment, to be on time, to be dressed appropriately, to complete tasks, and to meet quality control issues. Benefits include learning new skills, interacting with people of all ages and differing skill level, following directions, taking the initiative, being respectful, and showing support.
  • Money and Financial Responsibilities: The important foundation of money management includes these tasks, spend wisely, avoid debt, and build savings. Their money is just that, theirs. You cannot legally have any say so in how much they earn, how much they spend, or what they can and cannot purchase. You can specify their financial responsibilities while living in your home. This might include their car payment and insurance, purchasing their own food, paying rent or a portion of the utility bills, paying for use of the washer and dryer, and so on. You can also disallow items in your home that you do not approve of even if they bought it with their own money.

These are a few of the important points to discuss with your young adult to assist them to adjust to their new role in life. Clear communication will put them on a positive forward track and avoid conflict with family members.

~ ~ ~

Dr. Valerie Allen is a child psychologist in private practice. She  has published a self-help book,  ‘Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony,’ two children’s chapter books, Summer School for Smarties” and “Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends ”  and  a  picture book  for beginning readers, “The Sun and The Moon.”  Oh yes, she has also raised six children!

Thank you, Dr. Allen. These are important points to consider.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by my blog today. As always, likes, shares, and comments are much appreciated.

Take care

How Long is Forever?, A Children’s Book

Author, Kelly Carey

Hi everyone,

Thank you for stopping by today! One of my favorite things about running this blog is meeting new authors and discovering new books that will enhance the lives of young readers.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to children’s author, Kelly Carey. She’s going to tell us about her brand new book that was published in April, How Long is Forever? Take it away Kelly…

How Long is Forever? is my debut picture book published by Charlesbridge and illustrated by the talented Qing Zhuang(https://www.qingthings.com/about). It is a heartwarming story that parents and grandparents can share with children and grandchildren to help them understand that special love parents and grandparents feel for the children in their lives – that forever love.

I’ve been publishing children’s fiction stories in magazines for over ten years, but this is my first book and I’m excited to share it with readers.

The nugget that inspired this story happened when I was a teenager. I was with a friend when a song came on the radio and I excitedly squealed, “Turn it up! This is the best song ever.” My friend’s Dad scoffed and replied, “Really? This is the best song ever?”

That exchange stuck with me and became the kernel that launched the interaction between young Mason and his Grandpa in How Long Is Forever. Mason is waiting for the first blueberry pie of the season and it’s taking forever. At least that’s what Mason thinks, until Grandpa asks him to prove it and sends Mason searching the family farm to find the meaning of forever. I loved the idea that what can seem like the best song ever to a teenager or what can feel like forever to an eight year old can be very different for an older adult. 

By the way, my friend’s father was right. Thomas Dolby’s, She Blinded Me With Science was clearly NOT the best song ever! And Mason is going to find out that waiting for a blueberry pie to bake is not forever.

I hope Mason’s search for his forever encourages kids to go on a hunt for their own forevers. It’s a wonderful gift when you notice and call out those things, people, and/or places that will forever hold a special place in your heart. It might be a flavor of ice cream, a grandparent, or a favorite slide on a playground. Whatever it may be, I hope kids take a moment to pause and feel good about the forevers in their lives.

If folks want to get a copy of the book it will available in bookstores on April 7, 2020 or they can order it from Indiebound  https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781580895781 or Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1580895786/ref=pe_2313390_429851680_em_1p_0_lm.  To get a signed copy or to visit me at a reading sign up for my First Fans email newsletters at www.kcareywrites.com.

When I’m not writing, I teach a workshop for adults who want to become children’s authors called, Becoming a Children’s Author – How to Move from Idea, to Manuscript, to Published Author and I offer classes for kids on Becoming A Story Engineer to help kids think about how to invent great characters and take those characters on adventures. You can learn more about my workshops at www.kcareywrites.com.  I encourage writers to check out www.24CarrotWriting.com, a blog for authors that offers advice and tips to writers as they improve their craft and set writing goals. 

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your book with us today!

And thank you blog readers for stopping in and meeting Kelly and learning about her first book. I know she’s going to have many more in her future and I look forward to that.

Likes, shares, and comments are all welcome.

Have a great day and stay safe, everyone!