Franky the Finicky Flamingo by Wanda Luthman

Hi everyone, here’s a blog that Anita posted on my newest picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. Please read and share and visit the rest of her blog site.

Anita's Haven

It gives me great pleasure to be able to feature the latest book by award-winning children’s books author, Wanda M. Luthman. She has been kind enough to send lots of info about her Franky, so enjoy her text below. I am looking forward to reading the book, and you can read my reviews for The Little Birdie Grows Up and A Turtle’s Magical Adventure.

(Text & images below provided by Wanda Luthman.)

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Are mealtimes a battle?

I can completely relate. My daughter was super picky as a child and when she was about to be school-aged, I wanted to figure out something she could take for lunch. She liked peanut butter, she liked jelly, and she liked bread so I thought, naively, that she would like a PB&J sandwich. Oh my goodness, did we have a standoff?

Sound familiar?

Don’t despair…

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Hi everyone, I wrote this short story from a writing prompt and when Patty asked for samples of our writing, I thought this one would be fun! I know it’s not Halloween, but we can all relate to running late and the clock is ticking.

Campbells World

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors, and readers everywhere.
I know that it is almost Christmas, but who doesn’t like a scary story in front of the fire with the flames making huge, scary, shadows on the walls?
Well, just in case you’re one of those people who does like a scary story this time of year, Author Wanda Luthman has provided one just for you.
Enjoy, and make certain to read onward after the story is through, to learn all about Wanda’s most awesome Award-winning books.

The belfry clock struck the first chime of twelve. The twin sister witches looked at each other.
Esmerelda was the first to speak, “We have to hurry, Wanda, or we won’t see tomorrow. You know what Mama Witch told us before we left?”
Wanda gulped. “Yes, let’s go!”
They ran towards their house in Haunted Heights. Wanda spilled her Halloween candy on the ground when…

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Wondering What to do with all that Stuff AFTER Christmas?

miniature toys littering the floor, child's arms with hand grasping one toy




Dr. Valerie Allen

Not far behind us are the holidays with all the trimmings, which for the most part, are packed away, safe until the next season of joy arrives. What to do with all the extra “stuff that has accumulated? The children’s toys and knickknacks need to find a place in their already overcrowded rooms. It’s often difficult for children to decide what to keep and what to part with.

This is an opportunity for parents to help children learn and practice organization skills and decision-making. One topic of discussion can be the difference between what we need vs what we want. Children can also learn to appreciate material things, which make our lives safe and enjoyable, as well as gratitude toward those who provide for us. It is timely to focus on sharing with others. Parents can also encourage reuse, repurpose, and recycle to contribute to maintaining our environment and safeguarding natural resources.

Helping children cooperate with the task of organizing their belongings can be made easier with these few strategic steps.

Get Started

  1. Set aside a specific day and time to work with each child. When trying to decide what to keep, consider the child first and always allow him or her to select a few favorite toys for safe keeping. As a parent, you may also want to choose items that have sentimental value. These things should be set aside with assurances to the youngster that his or her “special” things will not be taken away.
  2. Next, consider which toys are still usable. If broken or missing pieces render them useless, it’s time to get rid of them. Consider the “play value” in light of the child’s age. If the toy is still in working order, but too immature for your child, it’s time to pass it on. Take a look at your child’s “interest level”; has your child played with this toy recently? Is it too simple or too complex for their maturity level? Leftover parts and pieces can be recycled into an arts and craft box for future rainy day activities.
  3. Get organized with large trash bags, tape, storage boxes, and zip lock bags of all sizes. Use permanent markers to identify items inside of bags and boxes. Repair and tape broken game boxes and book bindings. Put small game pieces, puzzles, books with audio tapes/CDs, and miniature toys into individual zip lock bags. Larger games can be kept together in storage boxes. Use the trash bags and separate the usable toys from those that have seen better days.

What To Do With It

  1. Toys should be kept in a safe place with easy access for your child. Low shelves with each item in view is a good option and safer than high shelves; a deep toy chest may work well for stuffed toys and dolls. Use clear plastic boxes to easily see the items inside and label each one.
  2. You may decide to have a yard sale and allow your child to participate. Be sure to discuss ahead of time the etiquette of customer service—no tears when an item is sold! No taking it back. Have your youngster price and tag items. He or she can also collect money at the “check out” counter. This is a good opportunity to use the proceeds to open a savings account for the child or allow him or her to use the money for a special purchase.
  3. Items in good condition can be donated to agencies working with children such as a homeless shelter, domestic violence program, day care center, library, community mental health center, health department, or the Head Start Program. Try to recycle as many items as possible.

The process of parting with the old to make room for the new can be a learning opportunity and a positive experience for your youngster. Taking these steps will provide maximum use and fun with their new items and put reusable items into good hands.

# # #

Dr. Valerie Allen is a child psychologist in private practice. She has published two books for children ages 7 to 12, “Summer School for Smarties” and “Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends.” Oh yes, she has also raised six children!

Talking Tales Catch that Chinchilla Helps with “Ch” sounds

Erica Graham Author Photo Award Winning Book


Hello, everyone!

I’m bringing you an author that I have shared with you before but she has a new book, Catch that Chinchilla, that I’d like to share with you today.

First, here’s more about Erica Graham…

The Talking Tales books are not only fun stories, but they serve a unique purpose. This exciting series is designed to help with speech development.

Each book in the Talking Tales series is focused on a different core sound in its naturally occurring word positions, thus increasing a child’s awareness and helping him or her learn how to properly produce the targeted sound.

Parents and caregivers are the most important people in a child’s life. For this reason, speech tips are included in the front of each book so that this series can be used in a home setting.

There are currently 5 books in the series. One of the most popular books in the Talking Tales series is “Talking Tales: Puppy’s Bubble.” This award-winning book focuses on multiple early developing sounds and is designed to encourage babbling and early words. Many parents have also commented on how much they enjoy using this book as a first reader due to the fun story-line and repetitive sounds.

Catch that Chinchilla by Erica Graham of Talking Tales
“Talking Tales: Catch that Chinchilla” is the most recent book released in the Talking Tales series. This energetic tales begins with Fletch and Rachael as they wait to play with their new pet chinchilla. After Fletch’s impatience overcomes him, the escaped chinchilla quickly leads Fletch and Rachael in a chase across town. Will Fletch and Rachael catch the chinchilla before their dad returns? This humorous story is a great way for any parent or therapist to target the “ch” sound. There are over 115 examples of “ch” in various word locations to help improve speech development. This book also includes tips for parents who are working with the child’s speech at home.

Award-winning author, Erica Graham graduated from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville with her Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She also holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. As a mother, Erica understands the difficulty parents have finding time and ways to work on speech with their children. In her pursuit to create a fun easy way for therapists, children, and their parents to enhance speech development while promoting literacy, she has written a series of exciting children’s books. Each book focuses on a core sound used in the English language. Outside of writing and working as a Speech Language Pathologist, Erica enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and daughters, volunteering with the youth group at church, and a good cup of tea.

Thank you for joining me today and learning more about Erica and the fabulous children’s books she writes. Be sure and check them out and share with all your friends!

Here is my interview with Anita Kovacevic

Hi everyone, I hope you’re snuggled warmly in your homes if you live anywhere it’s cold. LOL. I’m sharing with you an interview with another children’s author whose books I’ve read and love. I think you’ll enjoy her interview and getting to know her better. And please check out her books!


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

Nice to meet you.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

My name is Anita Kovacevic and I am in my mid-forties. (This feels like a job interview;), by the way.)

Fiona: Where are you from?

Believe it or not, I am from Croatia, a beautiful country in the South-East of Europe.

Fiona: A little about yourself (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

As for my education, I graduated English and Spanish Language and Literature from Zagreb University and have been teaching English ever since, to all age groups, beginning with three-year-olds.  I live with my family in a small town near the country’s capital. My husband and I have always told stories to our children and we use storytelling in our work (although he works in a…

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Happy New Year 2018!

sparkler on dark background


As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 stands before us filling us with hope, I just want to say a big thank you to all my family, friends, and followers who have joined me on this journey of writing for publication.

Officially being called a published author has been a lifelong dream finally fulfilled.

But, 2017 brought even more than I had ever dreamed when Little Birdie Grows Up won the silver medal in the Readers’ Favorite International Competition!! I’m now an award-winning author. I still can’t believe it as I type this.

In addition, my blog was listed as one of the top 100 blog sites for children’s books. I don’t write my blog to receive recognition but rather to share children’s books that I find inspiring along with other tidbits that I hope teachers and parents find helpful as they interact with children on a daily basis. But, to receive such a recognition is beyond my wildest dreams. And has spurred me on to continue to bring the best of the best in 2018.

This journey has brought me so much–I have learned more new things that I ever knew someone needed to learn (LOL!) and I have met some truly awesome people all over the world. I never knew my little world could expand in such a marvelous way.

Thank you! Thank you all for helping me, inspiring me, and sharing this journey with me. I am truly grateful for each one of you.

May 2018 bring you all you hope for and more!


As always, Wanda Luthman’s books that bring positive messages mixed with magical adventures are available on Amazon  at

3 Must-Have Books to Help Your Child Discover Jesus this Christmas


A Child in Search of Jesus by George Ettuparayil
Available on Amazon



Today, I’d like to invite you to meet Evangelist George Ettuparayil from India. He has written several books to make the Christian message of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit understandable to children.

He shares with you what each book addresses plus the awesome reviews it has already received in India.

And at the very end of this post, he offers a FREE Christmas Song to brighten and enliven you and yours this Holiday Season, just click on the link and enjoy!




Raven Howell .”George, this will certainly appeal to many children – and is entertaining enough to draw in the reader to your deeper messages. Nice going!”

Bernadette Powers -“Read it George….very modern Jesus will appeal to children for understanding and yet sticks to the nature and truth of the gospel. Also shows the most important aspect of Jesus….his abounding love. Good job George.”

Read online through amazon kindle for 1 $.



Learn the Alphabet with Jesus by George Ettuparayil
Available on Amazon



Irma Raymond.- “I bought many copies of this book from Potta. For my kids as well as many others. Simply loved it! Thank you George, your book is really a blessing. May the Lord continue to use you for His greater glory.”

“Teach your kids A- B-C with this picture book inspired by words from the Bible. From A for Angel to Z for Zion, the writer uses live imagery alongside the holy words in the scriptures, to teach our children the English alphabets”- Kuruvilla chacko.

Buy Online in India through

Read Online through Amazon Kindle for 0.99 $,

More than 5000 copies sold in India.



A Child in Search of God by George Ettuparayil
Available on Amazon



7000 copies sold in my state..

4th Edition On sale.

If God is love, why did He throw Adam and Eve out of Paradise?In his second bestselling picture book, writer & evangelist George Ettuparayil answers this question through the eyes of a child in search of God. Through the innocent questions of a child , the storey explains how misunderstanding is often root cause of distrust between loved ones.As also in our divine lives. Which is why we are not able to fully trust in our Heavenly Father.

“This book is ideal for people of all ages, wanting to understand God the Heavenly Father and His love for all of us.”-Kuruvilla Chacko.

Rev..Dr. mathew Vellanickal wrote the Foreword.

Read Online Through amazon kindle for 1$..


A Child in Search of the Holy Spirit by George Ettuparayil
Available on Amazon


A Child In Search Of The Holy Spirit.

Right from a young age, we are told to pray to God for prosperity , wealth, and good health. But what if we were praying for the wrong gifts all along?

In this bestselling book , writer George Ettuparayil introduces us to the most powerful truth of our times, God’s True Gift; The Holy Spirit.

Told in a picture format through the eyes of a child in search of the Holy Spirit, the book is a reminder that God made us in his resemblance and lives in us through our spirit. Only by accepting the love of the Heavenly Holy Spirit into our souls can we enrich our lives with God’s real gifts of wisdom , happiness, and peace of mind.

“This book is ideal for people of all ages, wanting to understand the true power of the Holy Spirit and its importance in our life as a Christian.” Kuruvilla Chacko.

Read online through amazon kindle for 1 $.

Another book by George, this one for adults…


Forgive & Love by George Ettuparayil
Available on Amazon



Ciaglo M Elizabeth “Thank you, George, your book, has the title of the example our Lord Jesus Christ showed us in His life on earth, Forgive & Love. The essence of pure, innocence of Jesus is Love & Forgiveness, each feeling walks hand in hand, without forgiveness, it is impossible to love, without love it is impossible to forgive. May The Most Holy Trinity, Blessed Mother, the Saints & Angels be with you always👏🙏✌💘💖😇👼🌈🌎🌍🌏

Anne Meyer – “George, I just read your preamble. You have written a wonderful book. May God bless you and your readers. 🙂

Joan Haselman. “Thank you, George Ettuparayil Author; I have your book and I love it.
Greetings from Lavender Bay in Australia. George, your niece very kindly gave me a copy of your book Forgive and Love. But when I thanked her for giving me the opportunity to read about you and your life journey she suggested that I send an email to you. Thank you for sharing what Jesus invited you to do, and sharing your experience of being set His Spirit.
God bless.”
Phil Crotty S.J.

Joan Haselman- “I have read this book and I also believe it is a great book. Forgiveness is a part of the Fruit of the Spirit, Gentleness. When we forgive, our own hearts are healed and we are free to move forward in what is right and just. We still bear the sorrow, but we are given the gift of JOY to triumph over that same sorrow.”

Brian Bleske Sr.- “Read the first 3 chapters George , very good I must say . Your story like others who have witnessed Jesus’s love often leave many feeling isolated in a world gone mad and controlled by many anti-Christs.”

21,000 Copies sold in INDIA.

The Bible talks about Forgiveness 105 times.
Experience Peace beyond belief by Meditating Jesus’ love.

Buy Online in India through Read online through

Amazon Kindle for 1 $.



George also shares a beautiful song about Jesus and Christmas–Listen now on YouTube

Celebrating Awards Galore

a large crowd of people celebrating outdoors by throwing colorful things in the air


Hi, everyone,

I’m sorry for the late post today but ’tis the season. Is everyone else feeling overwhelmed?

I have some good news to share and hopefully, you’ll celebrate these milestones along with me.

Reviewers' Choice, Gold Badge from Readers Review Room (silver ring around the edge, wording in gold on a blue background)


First, my first children’s picture book, Little Birdie Grows Up, just received another accolade! It earned a Gold Badge from Readers Review Room (RRR)!! This is the highest honor an author can earn from RRR. Here’s the link. I feel very humbled and blessed for this recognition. I know little birdie is jumping up and down in his nest today as he hears this.

Top 100 Children's Book Blog Award (gold medal hanging on red ribbon)

And in my email inbox this morning, I received a lovely email telling me that my blog has been chosen as a top 100 children’s book blog! I’m blown away at this and am so glad all my blogging is reaching a wide audience and that the world wide web feels it is a value on the internet. Here’s the link.

I never mean to come across as boastful so I do hope that you feel the spirit behind this post is just to celebrate milestones and not be boastful.

I do not take any milestone for granted in this wonderful journey of being a children’s author. I work hard and I hope that shows in everything I do.

Happy Holidays!


Little Birdie Grows Up is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and Audiobook. Here’s the link.

Bonus Author’s Corner: Christmas In Florida by, Author Wanda Luthman

Patty Campbell challenged me to write a winter post about how I celebrate the holiday season in Florida. I’d like to share it here on my blog as well. She gave me permission.

Campbells World

Christmas In Florida
Author Wanda Luthman

Good Saturday morning campbellsworld visitors, and readers everywhere.

Since, Mother Nature has decided to grace many those of us who do not, have the good fortune to live in Florida with her presence in the form of snow, I thought I’d share this wondrously warm post, from Author Wanda Luthman.

I hope you will check it out, and if you would please, give it a share.

Make sure to stick around all the way to the end to see what other awesome things Wanda writes.

And now, Wanda…

You know when it comes to the holidays in Florida, some people don’t like that it isn’t cold, and it isn’t snowing and all but me, well, I love it! I grew up in freezing St. Louis, MO. I mean I would absolutely freeze at the bus stop waiting for my school bus. I would…

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