Wally Raccoon goes to campu

Chrys Wimer, Author of Wally Raccoon Goes to Camp

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s Book Blog where I feature mostly children’s book (but some Christian adult-oriented books also) that spread positive messages to inspire us all.

Today, I have a wonderful book that I know you’re going to love and want to purchase for that special child in your life.

Today, author Chrys Wimer, is here to tell us a little about her book…

Wally and friends were excited to go to California Critter Camp.

The boys looked forward to fishing while Aspen and Ivy wanted to spend their time crafting.

The enthusiasm built as critters began the camp chant.

But Wally’s excitement plummeted when he learned his partner was none other than Bruce Badger.

What dreadful things will happen to Wally during camp, and what great lesson will he learn?

Thank you, Chrys, for sharing your book with us today. It looks adorable and something most every child will be able to relate to and if not themselves, they will learn important life lessons.

Thank you to my loyal blog readers and followers to showing up today. I hope you’ll stop by Amazon and pick up a copy to read to your child tonight.

As always, likes, comments, and shares are appreciated!

God bless and Stay Safe!

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