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Today, I have a book that has a perfect message for today’s children to share with you all!

Kerry Docherty’s debut picture book, SOMEWHERE, RIGHT NOW was by Flamingo Books on March 22nd.

This timely and meditative book, filled with vibrant illustrations by New York Times best-selling illustrator Suzie Mason, is the perfect reminder for children and families to prioritize their wellness in the present moment. With the ongoing pandemic and so much else happening in the world, kids’ mental health is so important as they pick up on stressors from the news and the anxieties of the adults around them. Amidst difficult times, SOMEWHERE, RIGHT NOW reminds us that imagination can serve as the underpinning of resilience.

When Alma is experiencing the lows of unexpected disappointment, her mom offers her the wise advice that she just might feel better if she closes her eyes and pictures something beautiful that’s happening in nature. Maybe it’s a baby whale being born, or perhaps it’s the sun coming out on a cloudy day; right now our resilient world is making something incredible happen.

Inspired by the current pandemic, this book is a relevant but timeless reminder that even when we are having a bad day, just imagining that somewhere, right now, something beautiful is happening can bring a feeling of calm.

What a beautiful message! Thank you, Kerry for writing this book for today’s children. I know it will quickly become a family favorite. And the beautiful illustrations by Suzie Mason add to the joyful experience of reading this book over and over. Thank you, Suzie, for partnering with Kerry to bring this book to life.

Thank you to all my faithful and loyal blog followers. I encourage you to check out this book and purchase a copy for the beloved child or children in your life.

As always, likes, comments, and shares are appreciated.

Stay safe, everyone

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