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Today, I have an unique children’s book about a topic that is quite near and dear to my heart, Hurricane. You see, I live in Florida and every year, hurricanes whip up in the Atlantic and threaten our (and other states’ and country’s coastline). It can be quite frightening. Indeed, one year, our house flooded. That was in 2005 with the Hurricane named Wilma. The very last one of the year. Just when we thought we were in the clear and then we just got more rain than the little pond behind our house could handle and in the water came. It was a mess and took months and a lot of money to clean up our home and replace furniture, cabinets, and other items lost to water damange.

So, with no further ado, let me share with you what the PR person from Wunderkind, Ana, shared with me about this book,

“John Rocco’s latest children’s book HURRICANE is described by Booklist as “an apt companion to Rocco’s earlier titles…this ultimately reassuring story will find a niche with curious weather watchers and the growing number of children whose homes are threatened every year by these storms.” Only Picture Books calls it “…a gorgeous picture book that feels visually on par with Rocco’s other fine titles…Rocco is a supremely talented visual storyteller.”

Harnessing his own experiences regarding the power of community during trying times, John Rocco’s HURRICANE teaches young readers about the nature of these storms, while depicting an inspiring tale of a community which demonstrates what it means to work together. This gorgeously illustrated follow up to Blackout (2011) and Blizzard (2014) is sure to inspire and reassure children who have had experience with these storms, while teaching those who have not.”

I was provided a copy of this book to read and I thought the illustrations were great, very true-to-life but in keeping with the style a child would enjoy. The storyline was engaging and factual which I feel educates without overwhelming. While the reader feels the pain of the boy losing his favorite dock, the reader will come away with a very important lesson, especially during difficult things like storms…helping others. The story ends on a happy note! I highly recommend this book to children everywhere, not just the ones that lives on the East Coast or near any shoreline because it highlights an important social lesson as well as providing an opportunity to empathize with what others experience.

Thank you, blog readers, for taking the time to check out my blog today.

I hope you enjoy learning about this book and will purchase a copy for a young reader in your life today.

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