Summer is HERE!

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Hi everyone,

I don’t know about you, but now that summer is here and school is out, I’m planning to do some traveling!

This past year, dealing with COVID, has been difficult, hasn’t it?

We have been in mandatory quarantine, the whole world, at one time! That was really crazy and also made the world seem much smaller, didn’t it?

We all reached out across social media to one another and shared our stories of being in ‘lockdown’ for our safety.

But, then, some states opened back up sooner than others. Some countries were hit harder than others. We all watched on as death tolls rose and prayed it wouldn’t be us or our family members.

Sadly, it was friends and family members for many of us.

Some had to work to help us, like doctors and nurses and first responders. We sang their praises for going to work day after day in the midst of what seemed like an unending and impossible task.

Some schools opened in the fall…some only partially, some online, and some a mixture. Our teachers were asked to teacher online and in person. That seemed like an insurmountable task too.

We wore masks, we put up plexiglass, we used hand sanitizer and stayed 6 feet away from each other, all while welcoming students back to school and trying to make them feel normal.

I’m a High School Guidance Counselor and I was part of a school that opened fully–5 days/week in-person.

To be honest, I was scared.

I wondered if I would live to see the end of the year.

I prayed daily and wore my mask religiously.

And I can tell you that this took its toll on me psychologically.

I was the most stressed I have ever been.

Now, I love my job. I love my school. I love the students. I love helping others.

But, I wanted more than anything to be at home in my house safe from the world.

But, I went to work and did my best to carry on as usual.

I prayed for God to bring us out of this pandemic.

And slowly, the tide has begun to turn away from so many cases of COVID and fewer deaths.

I’m so very thankful!

And on the last day of school, I was so happy to have the opportunity to say good-bye to the students and my co-workers and to look back on this year and say, “I lived! Praise God! I lived!”

I’m counting my blessings! God has seen us through a terrible year!

I hope the rest of you are feeling the same jubilation!

Now, some time for FUN!

I’m looking forward to traveling and re-connecting with family.

What are your plans for the summer?

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

As always likes, shares, and comments are welcomed!

God bless all of you!

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