After High School: What Next?

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Today, I have our favorite Child Psychologist, Dr. Valerie Allen, sharing with us some very timely information as we begin May, the month of graduation.

Here’s some excellent tips to help you teen as they graduate and contemplate next steps…

After High School: What Next?

There are five basic considerations after you graduate from high school. Number 1 to 5 which you think would be best as you move into the world of work. What are the benefits of your #1 choice?

___ Take a year off

  • Travel – enrichment, learning; costly, consider safety and welfare issues
  • Work – income, new skills; time consuming, restricted freedom; consider time and money management
  • Move – more freedom, new friends; consider cost , resources, and loneliness
  • Pursue a hobby – satisfaction, enjoyment; consider no or limited income, dependence on others

___Join the U.S. Military Armed Forces

  • Army:              This We’ll Defend; Founded 1775; Land warfare
  • Marines:          Always Faithful; Founded 1775; Amphibious and expeditionary warfare
  • Navy:               Always Courageous; Founded 1775; Naval warfare, power projection, nuclear                                    deterrence and sealift
  • Air Force:        Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win; Founded 1947; Aerial warfare
  • Coast Guard:   Always Ready; Founded 1790; Defense operations, maritime law enforcement,                                   search and rescue.
  • Space Force :  Always Above; Founded 2019; Space warfare and space operations

___Training and/or College

  • Vocational Certifications – short time frame, lower costs, qualifications for specific jobs
  • AA/AS – two year college degree opens doors to pursue various jobs, work situations, careers
  • BA/BS — four year university degree prepares for higher level jobs,

___Volunteer Opportunities

  • Peace Corps – To provide a better understanding of the American people to those in other countries. Provides trained volunteers to help social and economic development.
  • Americorps – Get things done for America with volunteers to improve lives and foster civic involvement for the benefit of local communities and nonprofits.
  • Salvation Army – Doing the Most Good by providing international volunteers via Christian churches to serve as a charitable organization.
  • Religious Missions – Organized work of a specific religious community to spread their beliefs and help those in need throughout the world.


  • OJT – earn money, learn new skills, make new friends, prepare for a specific career
  • Family Business – job security, work with family, use skills, learn aspects  of running a business
  • Self Employment – freedom, creativity, satisfaction, operate your own business
  • Unskilled, semi skilled, professional – income based on abilities and training/education

# 1 Choice is: ____________________________Because: ___________________________________________________

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Dr. Valerie Allen is a child psychologist in private practice. She has published two children’s chapter books, “Summer School for Smarties” and “Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends ” a  picture book  for beginning readers, “The  Sun and The Moon” and a workbook for teens, “Go to the Guidance Office and Ask the Counselor About:  Career Choices.”  Oh yes, she has also raised six children!

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