New Genre Announcement: Christian Fiction

Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s Children’s Book Blog.

Today, I wanted to share some exciting news with you (drum roll, please)!

I have begun writing in a new genre!!

It’s Christian Fiction.

I’m super excited about this new development!

The first book I have written and published is called, The Cloak, and it’s about the Roman soldier that won Jesus’ cloak at the foot of the cross.

It’s available as an Ebook or in Paperback and coming soon as an Audiobook.

The second book is almost done. It’s in the editing phase. It’s called, The Veil. It’s about the veil that was torn in the synagogue when Jesus died.

In honor of publishing in a new genre, I’m doing a Live at 5PM eastern US time ‘Countdown to Easter’ since the book is a perfect Easter holiday book. You can find that on my Facebook Book Business Page at

On Live at 5PM ‘Countdown to Easter,’ I share a little about my book but mostly about the healing from the loss of my husband (from terminal brain cancer) through my faith in Jesus Christ.

My hope and desire is that these Live videos will help others who are grieving and those who want to help those who are grieving as I pull back the curtain to what I went through and what was helpful to move me through the grief process and come out the other side still with my faith intact and embracing life and a bright future.

This new genre of Christian Fiction is meant to be faith-building as well as contain the message of salvation.

I know this isn’t really a children’s book, but I wanted to share this exciting book news with you!!

Here are the first 6 Live at 5PM talks I have done.

January 10th

January 17th

January 24th

January 31st

February 7th

February 14th

Please watch one or two or all of them and share with others that you believe they might help!

Thank you for being faithful blog followers!

Stay safe!

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