Maureen Larter’s Books and Sweetfields Publishing

Hello everyone, Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s children’s book blog. Today, I have a wonderful author, Maureen Larter, who is going to share with you some books she has published for other authors as well as her own books. Take it away, Maureen….

Hi everyone from Australia.

This last twelve to eighteen months have been a real trial. Where I live on the east coast suffered like the whole of Australia – firstly with drought, and even the weeds died! Then came the fires – everywhere. We were watching a fire north of us, which got to about 3 kilometres away before the wind changed, and then another fire racing up the hill only a kilometre from us to the west. It was a stressful time.

After all that, we got floods! And then, of course Covid hit. The lockdown has only just started to ease after 10 months.

Now … as a writer, the isolation really hasn’t been too much of a hardship, as I have sat at my computer and worked at more of my books, and I took on several other authors work to publish. I think I’ve been busier than ever.

This year I have published 3 books for other authors,

with another one ready to order and launch next year.

I have also written and published two of my own picture books and one chapter book.

I have another chapter book and three picture books almost ready to launch in the new year – just waiting on the illustrators to finish their pictures. They are ‘Smugglers and Dragons’ – a Kathy Edwards adventure book and picture books – ‘Conrad Camel and the Cutie-pie’, ‘Neville Numbat is Nosy’ and Peter Platypus’s Pond’.

I think the best defence against mental and emotional problems is to stay busy – and I’ve certainly done that.

I hope everyone in America is coping with the pandemic and staying as safe as possible. You all have had a stressful year, too. 

Love from Maureen (Sweetfields Publishing)

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Thank you, Maureen, for the good work you are doing to help authors get their books published as well as publishing your own books with wonderful messages for kids.

Thank you to my blog readers for stopping by today. I hope you discovered some new books to you!

As always, likes, comments, and shares are appreciated.

Stay safe

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