November 19 – Children’s Grief Awareness Day

I didn’t know about this day of observation but I think it is a good thing to bring to people’s awareness. I worked for Hospice for over 10 years with teens who had lost a loved one. Occasionally, I filled in for the leader of the younger children. There were children as young as 3 years old in that group. My heart went out to all of them, but especially the youngest who, when they held the talking stick, would say their name and whom they had lost. Sometimes it would be their mother. But, what always amazed me was their resiliency of spirit. And, in my own journey with grief after the loss of my husband of 24 years, there is definitely a resiliency that exists, especially when we have a faith. I have leaned on God throughout this journey as well as friends and family. We need to provide that safe place for our friends and family when there’s a loss and also encourage that deepening of their spiritual life. If ever there was a time to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it would be after a loss in your life. May you enjoy this post about a great book that I believe will help parents and teachers discuss the important topic of death, loss, and grief.


About the Holiday

Created in 2008 by the Highmark Caring Place, A Center for Grieving Children, Adolescents and Their Families in Pennsylvania, Children’s Grief Awareness Day is now recognized by organizations around the world. The day seeks to raise awareness of the painful impact that the death of a loved one has on a child and the fact that receiving support can make all the difference in their life as they grieve. It also provides an opportunity to make sure that these children receive the support they need.

The statistics are sobering. Before graduating from high school, one child out of every 20 children will experience the death of a parent. That number does not include those who experience the death of a sibling, a grandparent, an aunt, uncle or cousin, or a friend.

To learn more information on the needs of grieving children and find available resources, visit the

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9 thoughts on “November 19 – Children’s Grief Awareness Day

  1. This is an important issue – I knew it was a problem when I taught – but I had no idea the number was so very high!! And while it isn’t a bereavement – there are also children grieving the loss of a parent due to a divorce or separation, too. And the numbers for that are just through the roof… I’m now trying to help my grandchildren come to terms with that situation – and it’s hard.

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    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for reading my blog today and leaving a comment! I agree! I had no idea the number impacted either. And divorce certainly is something to be grieved as well and many students are impacted with that loss as well. I’m sorry to hear about your grandchildren dealing with this. Having a supportive and loving grandparent can go a long way in helping them adjust.

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      1. Thank you for your kind, sympathetic words, Wanda:)). I was poleaxed by the numbers – but I suppose when you consider the statistical odds, it shouldn’t be a surprise. I do feel quite strongly that teachers should have some training to help – I felt quite adrift when coping with a boy in my class whose father had died in tragic and horrible circumstances.

        And yes… it’s hard watching them suffer, and this wretched situation with COVID isn’t helping, either!

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