The Lumpy Banana

Omar Alexander, Children’s Author and Educator

Hi everyone, Welcome to my children’s book blog this fine Monday morning. I have met someone very special on Facebook who wrote a unique book that I am very happy to share with all of you.

His name is Omar Alexander and we both work in education and write children’s books.

I’m going to let him tell you about how his book, The Lumpy Banana, came to be. Omar, take it away…

Hello everyone.

I hope that everyone is safe and doing well.

My name is Omar Alexander and I am an educator turned author.

I can say that I am extremely excited about my new children’s book The Lumpy Banana.

Available on Amazon

As a child, I always had a passion for books because of my vivid imagination. I would always day dream and create stories in my head and would pretend to be on an adventure.

I didn’t start out wanting to write a book. It never came into my mind. I wanted to become an actor and did some background work until I started to develop anxiety. The pressure of being in front of the camera was getting to me and I pulled away from it all.

I soon became an educator and that has been my main profession for 6 years. I love working with children, even from a very young age, I wanted to be a teacher. I started working at an after school / Summer camp program and I was great at my job.

I maintained a great relationship with my students and families which led to me being nominated for the Department of Education. I went into teaching and realized this is where I belong. Teaching our children to become the leaders of tomorrow. This job is challenging but it’s not work if you love what you do.

A few years in the teaching world, I decided I wanted to write my very own children’s book. I started to create many stories and my ideas were flowing on a daily basis. I wanted to have something of mines, a story or message that could inspire people and children out in the world.

It took awhile because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to be different, creative and unique. I became stuck! I wasn’t sure where to begin. I remember coming up with the story of a banana being treated differently because he had brown spots and looked a little lumpy. I knew bananas came in a bunch and decided to create a banana family that was mean to the different one. I decided to take a day and just write until my story was completed. Successfully, A few hours later, my story was completed.

I asked a few of my close friends to proof read my story as well as what were their thoughts on it. They loved it. I did my research and found a publishing company, “Dorrance Publishing”and they helped me to create my dream book from scratch.

A year later, Lumpy the banana was born!

The fact that my story is out in the world is unreal. I can’t stop smiling.

After the success of my book, I wanted more. I wanted Lumpy to hop off the pages and into my arms, so I found a plush company called “Budsies” and I was blown away with how they brought Lumpy to life.

Since the release of my book, I have been working diligently to promote my book and to share my story.

Stay tuned for the sequel 🍌📚

The Lumpy Banana by: Omar Alexander is available now online at the following websites Amazon

Barnes and Noble


Google Books

YouTube (Read aloud)

Facebook : Omar Alexander

Instagram: Omar_means_success

Thank you, Omar, for sharing your story about The Lumpy Banana! I wish you every success and can’t wait to hear about the sequel.

And thank you, everyone in the blogging world, for stopping by today and meeting Omar and his book.

Likes, shares, and comments are always appreciated!

Stay safe, everyone!

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