A New Puppy Children’s Book

Children’s Author, Wanda Roberts

Hi everyone,

I have a new children’s author to introduce you to today and I love her name, Wanda!

Here she is to tell you about her book, A New Puppy. Take it away, Wanda…

Wanda’s books are fun and educational. Her fantastic books are based on her real-life dogs who were raised, and rescued by her son. 

A New Puppy, Book 1, The Adventures of Tara and PepPep is a young children’s book series based on the backyard adventures of two young puppies out to explore the world!

Available on Amazon

Tara and Pep Pep are both real-life rescue dogs, who were adopted and given a wonderful, new home in a loving family.

What will Tara and Pep Pep get up to next, I wonder?

Wanda also has a passion to help children succeed.  She has been a volunteer Court Appointed Advocate for fifteen years for neglected and abused children,  and recently became inactive due to her demanding medical profession. Wanda received the Presidential Volunteer Award for her dedication to improving children’s lives.

Wanda L. Roberts was born in Milford, Connecticut on December 4, 1960.  She juggles a full-time job in the medical field, and writing wonderful children’s books.  Wanda also is the Founder of The Writers Rock groups which she created to help aspiring writers develop their writing skills and provide them the necessary resources in their writing journey, including a platform to market their books.

It started out as a local project, but has expanded internationally to twenty nine countries. This became her non-profit organization and consists of aspiring writers to International best sellers. In the future she plans to hold book tours and various events to help them market their books. You can find her organization on www.writersrock2020.com

Her inspiration came when the beginning of the pandemic happened and gave parents no option, but to become teachers. Therefore, Wanda felt it was important to give parents a break, and offer them some reading time for their children. She set up daily reading time with the children’s book authors to read their books aloud. After the series of Children’s books authors finished, Wanda received her calling to write her own children’s books. 

It all just seemed to mold together within a few days, until she had all eight stories written for her series. Her books are for ages 3-5 years old and are available in eBook and paperback. They include life lessons and have fun activities in the back. 

Her first book was released June 20, 2020. She plans to publish all eight books by  Christmas and continue writing children’s books. Her book series can be found on Amazon. She received her first 5 star review a few days after her release date.

Thank you, Wanda, for all the good you are doing in the world for children and for you new book, A New Puppy. I’m looking forward to the whole series.

And thank you my loyal blog readers for stopping in today and reading this blog. As always–likes, comments, and shares are always appreciated.

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