Cefa the Cat, a Children’s Book

Childrens author, Cristine, and her cat, Cefa

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s Children’s Book Blog where I showcase children’s books with positive social/emotional messages.

Today, I have an author who wrote about a cat and if you know me at all, you know I love cats! I’ve rescued 15 feral cats. They still live outdoors in their colony but they have all been fixed and I feed them every day. Most of them let me pet them which is a real honor for any cat, much less a feral one.

Enough about me, here’s Cristine, to tell you about her book and her cat, Cefa.

Take it away, Cristine…

The Story…..

Cefa is a cute and curious little cat.  He manages to get into mischief and, along with his new found friends, always seems to find a way out of each sticky situation.

In this introductory book you learn Cefa lives at the Animal Shelter. It tells about his life there and how he ends up being adopted.

This books leads to the series of children’s picture books called The Adventures of Cefa the Cat.Each book tells how he meets a new friend and how they form a long and lasting bond.  We hope you like this little introductory book and will want to read more about Cefa, his adventures and all his friends.

Available on Amazon

This series is based on the adventures, or misadventures as some will find, of our Russian Blue cat. He was a very active cat with a lot of character. He would roam around the yard and eventually found himself in various situations. It was fun to watch as he tried to decide just how he was going to find a way out. I used these situations as the basis of our stories.


I started out as a primary school teacher – second grade.  It was a lot of fun but then my life changed and I went through a serious of career moves and actual city moves until I landed in northern California. 

My husband and I bought a print and copy shop and I taught myself how to use various software programs such as photoshop, corelDraw, etc.  This was in the mid-80s when computers were just starting to become popular.

After I retired, I needed something to keep me busy, hence “The Adventures of Cefa the Cat” came to be.  I decided to put my teaching and computer skills to use and with the help of my cousin, who did the illustrations, we published our first Cefa book.

“The Adventures of Cefa the Cat” is an internet collaboration in the true sense of the word. Pictures were sent via email and put into a graphics program for finishing touches. After much writing and editing, drawing and redrawing, changing and rearranging the final product was made available online.

Since then Ive expanded.  There are now 6 Cefa books and Ive also created several other childrens picture books too.  Ive created a Cefa website, a Cefa facebook page and a Cefa blog.

Two years ago I decided I needed something else to do, so I volunteer for a program sponsored by our local United Way called Reading Pals.  Through Reading Pals we visit a local school two times a week and read various picture books to a Kindergartener.

It took me back to my earlier teaching days.  It was a lot of fun reading to each youngster and see their faces light up when they liked the book or express their controversy when they didnt.

Then came Covid-19 and you all know what happened.  Schools were closed and so was the Reading Pal program.  I missed my little guys.

I then decided that since I was already writing blogs about our favorite childrens books why not talk about them too.  Just like I was doing during my Reading Pal period.

I created a video blog channel on Youtube.  I’ve started by featuring two of my books and it is expanding to include other books too.  The channel is called Cefa’s Book Blog and I hope you will visit it and let me know of other books to feature.

Website – http://www.cefathecat.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/cefathecat

Youtube channel – Cefa’s Book Blog

Cefa’s First Adventure on Youtube

Thank you, Cristine, for sharing your Cefa the Cat book series on my blog today. Cefa sounds like a fun cat and beautiful too!

And thank you, my loyal blog readers. I hope you will check out all Cristine is doing with her books and blog!

As always–likes, comments, and shares are appreciated!

8 thoughts on “Cefa the Cat, a Children’s Book

  1. Hmmm! I taught thirty-one years (part of that time in 2nd grade). Northern California? That’s me, too, as my wife and I reside in northern CA. Good luck to Cristine with this one.

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    1. That’s awesome to have taught that long! I’m assuming since you used past tense that you are retired. I’m envious not because I don’t love my job but because of Covid and the re-opening of schools. Thank you for coming on my blog and leaving a comment today

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  2. Thanks to Wanda for featuring Cefa’s books on her blog. I hope you will check out Cefa’s Video channel on youtube and if you know of a cute children’s book you think Cefa would like to read and talk about please let us know. Cristine and Cefa the Cat

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