Groundhog Day is Approaching

This book is adorable! Check it out and purchase one for your favorite little one and enjoy Groundhog Day even more!

If you know which books I have published, it will not surprise you that February 2 is a special day for me. For many Americans, February 2 is Groundhog Day. An old folk tradition says that if Phil the groundhog comes out of hibernation and sees his shadow, he gets frightened and returns quickly to sleep, as he sees this as a sign of bad weather. If the woodchuck does not see its shadow, spring is close at hand!

But now, I have first-hand information by Margot the groundhog, and this is what she thinks about this story.

    Does this mean that Groundhog Day is not reality, but a legend?

I think, today, everyone is convinced that this is just an old legend, probably invented by the first settlers who were eager for spring to begin. In the Old Continent, Europe, February 2 is celebrated as the moment…

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