Tejas Mathai and Infinity-The Secret of the Diamonds

Tejas Mathai Article

          My name is Tejas Mathai, and I am fourteen years old, living in Modesto California. I am the author of two published sci-fi novels on Amazon. My first book, Infinity: The Secret of the Diamonds, was published in 2018 and my second book, Infinity: The Rise of the Mandroids, was published in 2019. I have been writing stories ever since I was six years old. Some other hobbies I have are practicing martial arts and playing the piano. All of the profits from my books are being donated to Valley Children’s Hospital because I want to give back to my local community and to help kids feel better to pursue their dreams and passions.

          I started writing when I was six years old, and what inspired me to write was my younger brother. When we were younger, my brother and I would use toys, like Legos, to make up stories. Over time, as we made more and more stories, I began to write them down in notebooks to preserve the memories we had made together. This was the beginning of my passion for writing. When I gained more and more experience in writing stories, I began to drift away from what me and my brother came up with, and I began to make up stories on my own, drawing inspiration from movies and TV shows that I watched.

In 2015, I came up with my first draft for Infinity: The Secret of the Diamonds while I was on my trip to New York City. When my third draft of the story was completed, my grandma read it, and she told me that it was worthy to be published. The seed planted in my parents’ mind about having my story published was only further nurtured when my mom’s friend, a published poet, heard about my writing. She helped us make several contacts with editors and book designers, and by December of 2018, my first book was published, Infinity: The Secret of the Diamonds. The story takes place in present times in New York City, and is about an eighteen-year-old named Jack Stone, who lives with his dad and his uncle in the city. Jack’s father, Sam, is a scientist who creates a machine that can access different dimensions called the RTM. After Jack discovers the invention, circumstances lead him to meet the Infinity Corps, a special ops team from space whose job is to protect the five Infinity diamonds. When the tyrant Tarvin Genesis looking for the diamonds comes to Earth, Jack, his family, and the Corps have to fight against him in order to save the city.

But ever since the idea for the book came to me, I didn’t plan on making just one book. I had planned to make five of them, all part of the same series. And in October of 2019, I published my second book, Infinity: The Rise of the Mandroids. In this sequel to the first book, Jack and his family are reunited with the Infinity Corps three years after the first book’s events. With Tarvin still in power, they must make their way to the planet of Krynosh in order to stop Tarvin from amassing an army of mandroids (robots).

Through my writing, I hope that people, kids and adults alike, are inspired to make a difference and to follow their passions. My main message is that you are not too young or too old to pursue your dreams. I also hope all aspiring writers will be inspired by these books and my story. I wish all future authors the best of luck! Follow me on Instagram (@tejasmathai), Twitter (@MathaiTejas), Facebook, and my LinkedIn. My website is https://tejasmathai.com.

21 thoughts on “Tejas Mathai and Infinity-The Secret of the Diamonds

      1. Hi Wanda. You are most welcome. It is my pleasure.
        I would very much love to have this young author as a guest author on my blog.
        PS. Please do reach out to me. You are automatically a free client of mine. Have a great rest of your day.

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  1. How can you not root for a young man like this? The fact that he already wants to give back to his community as his young age says everything about his maturity.

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