Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!

Hi everyone,

Monday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the US.

I’m super excited to be celebrating this year because my step-son is just returning from serving the past 6 months in Afghanistan!!

He left just before Easter.

His Dad went into the hospital right around the same time. We didn’t know at the time that his Dad would not come home from the hospital.

6 weeks later, his Dad passed away but he wasn’t allowed to come home for the funeral.

Thankfully, he spoke to his Dad on the phone a week before he passed.

His baby girl turned 2 while he was away.

His wife kept comforted their daughter who stood at the front window and patted the glass window repeating, “Daddy, Daddy…” wanting her Daddy to come home.

His wife worked and kept house and all the usual things you have to do plus all the chores that would normally be his.

She evacuated during a hurricane–packing up all their belongings and their child and leaving their home, hoping and praying their home would be safe when she returned.

The sacrifice is real.

I’m so proud of you, my step-son and my step-daughter-in-law!!

And I’m so very thankful for your service and for everyone’s service–home or abroad.

I love you!

And your sacrifice and that of your closest family does not go unnoticed.

Welcome home! Welcome home! Welcome home!

And to my dear, sweet husband who served in the navy, may you rest in peace knowing your son is keeping us safe.

I’ll be flying our flag high and proud today!

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