Little Duke; A Coloring Book for Kids

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m bringing you a different kind of a children’s book–it’s a coloring book.

Here to tell you more about it, is the author, Mike Roof…

Hi, I am Mike Roof, for six years I have been working an office job, day in and day out. At first, it was ok, everything was stable and I didn`t mind spending some extra time at work to get things done.

It all turned around in 2017 when I and my girlfriend for eight years decided to get married. Don`t get me wrong it was one of the best decisions in my life and I am very happy about it. Right on our honeymoon, we found out a wonderful thing – we are going to have a baby. The first thing that circled my mind as – we are ready for this, I have a stable job and the payroll is ok, nothing to worry about.

Next nine months flew by and soon after we welcomed into our family a son. At first, everything went the same route, I went to work and my wife spent time with our son and in the evenings and on the weekends we did something together.

After a while, I got a promotion, which I was very happy for, but I didn`t realize that I will have to work, even more, thus taking time away from my family.

At one of those times while working long hours I thought to myself – what are those values that I want to give to my son, I could think of a lot of them, but one thing I was certain was I have to give my son time with me, because this is one thing I will never get back.

So I decided I have to move away from this office job and spend time with my son.

While thinking of ways to support my family and yet spend time with my son I thought that I could write a book for him including some values of life I think would benefit him.

So I did, but this book wasn`t very successful, but I knew I will have an interactive way to teach my son valuable life lessons.

After my first book I didn`t do much for a while and then I came up with an idea – I should make a coloring book for my son, this will excel his creativeness. I started my work on this book and had a thought – okay, he will color it but how will this improve my time with him, thus I made my mind he can color it, but we can think of a story by ourselves.

This is where my inspiration for this book came.

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Thank you so much, Mike, for sharing with us a little about yourself and what inspired you to create this ingenious coloring book that not only you and your son can enjoy together, but for sharing it with everyone else so they can do the same with their own children!

And thank you, everyone, for spending time reading my blog today.

Be sure and check out Mike’s book and grabbed one for that special child in your life. It would make a great holiday present!

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