Hayley the Halloween Cat and the Search for Bitty the Bat

Hello, everyone,

I wanted to take this Monday and share (i.e. shamelessly plug! LOL) my own book with you that is now available in paperback, Hayley the Halloween Cat & the Search for Bitty the Bat.

In my children’s picture books, I like to address (in a subtle way) a positive social/emotional issue. I utilize my 30+ years of counseling experience to infuse my stories with more than just a cute character that children love.

In this book, I show friends joining Hayley in her search for her friend, Bitty, which displays teamwork.

It also shows how fun it is to surprise your friends, like Bitty does.

And the special bond of friendship.

Wouldn’t we all like a friend that would come looking for us, if we were missing?

Your children (or favorite child in your life) will love Hayley and Bitty and all the fun, non-spooky characters of Halloween such as a ghost, a monster, a witch, and twin spiders named Spit and Spat as one Amazon reviewer says, “ I like that Hayley and the Bat are best friends. I also like the ghost and the rhyming “ Karolina, age 5

You can get your copy on Amazon today!

And please share on your social media channels so others can find this fun Halloween book!

And thank you for following my blog! You are what make blogging fun!

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