Wild Woolly by Phillip Reed

Hello everyone,

Today, I bring you a fun book about a black cat and if you know anything about me, you know I love black cats!

Here’s the author, Phillip Reed, to tell us about his book…

The story of Wild Woolly was born of three words. For me the fun part of writing a book is bringing all the pieces together and making them fit, and I wanted a challenge so I asked a friend to give me three random words, or things and I would make them into a story.
SPOILERS AHEAD!! – They gave me “Bully”, “Lion” and (because they REALLY wanted to challenge me) “Hospital water jug”.
The result is this book which I am very proud of because I wrote it in a single night (the illustrations of course took a lot longer). It tells the story of Woolly, a cat who treats everyone badly, thinking that because he is so big he can do what he likes. Of course, in the end he learns a lesson the hard way and changes his ways.
As I have grown to appreciate that people aren’t just born bad, that their surroundings and upbringing can have a great bearing on how they turn out as adults, I am now writing a sympathetic prequel book which explains how he became so naughty in the first place I also have plans to explore the character more in the future. Although, at present I have another 57 children’s picture book ideas demanding my attention.
I enjoyed “The Three Word Challenge” and as I like to encourage others to be creative, my intention is to offer a competition for children to provide me with three words of their own and if they get chosen, I will turn them into a story with the contributor receiving a special acknowledgement in the book.

A little bit about Phillip:
After failing miserably to impress girls at high school with drawings of cute cartoon animals, Phillip put aside his dreams of being an artist and took on what his mother described as “a proper job”.

He then spent the next 30 years working in various administrative, and management positions but never being able to repress the creative impulse, he gained qualifications in art and creative writing.

Phillip has since been published in magazines and has written and illustrated children’s books.

He lives in the small Essex village of Mistley, overlooking the River Stour and spends his spare time with his two greatest loves, his children, and his irrepressible imagination. To contact Phillip, email info@phillipreed.net. Or visit his website phillipreed.net.

And here’s my review of Wild Woolly (5 stars)

” I love cats, especially black ones so this book caught my eye! Being a children’s picture book author myself, I love to read children’s books also. This book is beyond adorable! The rhymes are great and Wild Woolly learns a valuable lesson, especially in these times. It seems to me, the world has gotten a little more rude and those that have power tend to take what they want and that’s how Wild Woolly is, at first. I believe children will love this book! They can definitely relate to the funny pictures that perfectly illustrate the story in a cute and funny way. Parents and teachers will enjoy reading it as well and will give them a springboard to have important discussions about manners and caring for others. What a talent this author has to put such a poignant message in such few words. Well done! I heartily recommend this to everyone!” –Wanda Luthman, a multi-award winning children’s author

Author Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/phillipreedbooks
Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/philliplreed/
You can purchase Wild Woolly from Amazon in kindle or paperback formats:

Thank you, Phillip, for sharing about Wild Woolly! I love a book with a positive message for children.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my blog today and please pick up a copy of Phillip’s book for your favorite child and share with others so more people have the wonderful opportunity of discovering this adorable book!

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