Petrina Pan in Everland as an Audiobook

Hi everyone,

I’m bringing to you today a book called Petrina Pan in Everland that I listened to on Audible, Amazon’s Audiobook service.

I have to admit that I have never listened to a book before on Audible (even though I have several books published in the Audible format). I prefer to read, after all!

But, I discovered a Facebook group called Free Audiobook Codes for Honest Reviews that connects would-be listeners with free Audiobooks. That sounds like a deal, right?!

I downloaded the Audible app on my phone, and through a link provided, I put in the code (copied and pasted actually), and wah-lah, within seconds I was listening to my first book.

I found myself putting my phone down and then I was able to start making dinner–that’s when I discovered the wonders of listening to a book–multi-tasking!

Because there’s nothing to look at, no words, no pictures, you might as well not keep staring at your phone or other device. Now, you could also just lay back and close your eyes and listen to the book being read to you which takes me back to 3rd grade when my teacher read to us. Wasn’t that a pleasant time?!

Or, like me, you multi-task. I know my sister has listened to books for years and she does it while driving–that’s a great way to “read” a lot of books.

Anyway, did you know that an author gets 25 codes they can give away to listeners?

They typically get 25 codes to use in the US AND 25 codes to use in the UK. That’s a lot of codes! But, oddly enough, it’s difficult to find that many listeners.

That’s why this Facebook group is genius!

Now, on to the book, Petrina Pan in Everland by Rich Linville and narrated by Holly Holt.

“What an adorable story! This is my first audible book that I have ever listened to. I definitely enjoyed the experience. Holly Holt’s voice is soothing and smooth. The story line was fun and positive. I won’t give away the ending but I’m glad everything ended happy.”

I gave this book 5 stars!

If you’re interested in this book or any other audible book, hop on over to the Facebook group and find your next favorite book (or contact me because I still have codes to give away for FREE on my books as well)!

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