“You Are…” A Children’s Book That Will Help Your Child Develop a Positive Inner Voice

Hi, everyone,

Here’s another great children’s author whose book is in line with the type of books I write–social/emotional positive development.

Here’s the author, Stephanie Tayla, to tell you more about it….

Child development experts agree that our self-perception is shaped in early childhood. Those formative years can determine whether that little voice we each hear creates self-doubt or self-assurance.

This book aims to influence a generation of children to be self-assured thinkers who hear encouragement and positive guidance when they are alone, faced with the proverbial fork in the road.

The real secret?

It is your voice that becomes their most positive and optimistic inner narrative.

You Are... it is a simple phrase, but oh the possibilities. You Are Bright, You Are Clever, You Are Silly!

Throughout this book, feel free to insert your own words that best describe your little angel. Let them come up with words too! You’ll be amazed at how contagious positive words can be.

“You Are…” is a simply stated, fun picture book to read at bedtime or anytime!

From ticklish to caaalllllllmmm and everything in between, this book is full of happy words that kids will love to hear and say each day!

*Don’t forget to find the Ladybug hidden on each page.

The “You Are…” Movement is in line with the Social Emotional Approach that is being taught in schools across the nation.

Little readers (listeners) are always developing that little voice that will guide them through life.

Neurological scientists note the impact of communication in the early years but as parents it is intuitive; When children internalize discouraging words, they develop negative self esteem, when they internalize encouraging words they develop positive self esteem.

The relationship between parents words and children’s thoughts is clear. It really is how we learn to deal with our peers, teachers, and eventually, our own families. Most of us hear our parents voices in our inner dialogue… even as we become parents and grandparents ourselves.

What phrase do you hope will stay with your little one?

You’ve read the entire book description!

Thank you & Wow!

We hope, “You Are…” will become a nightly snuggle tradition in your home as it has in so many snuggly homes already.

Happy reading!

Publishers recommended Age range 0-8.

Hi there! My name is Stephanie. I’m a work at home mom with two little ones. I work for the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books…  and I simultaneously attempt to enforce naps!

I was inspired to write this book because I believe it is crucial that children hear positive phrases from the people they look up to, starting at an early age. I’ve researched early cognitive development and social emotional messaging extensively and ended up writing a story that supports both concepts.  Yet the book is simply stated with only 3 words per page and in a pattern style, it has quickly become the go to baby shower gift!

 It all started out as a story that lived in my mind and on my children’s ears. I would tell them these simple phrases every night at bed time. For my daughter I noticed her being told she’s beautiful very often and I wanted her to know that she’s also clever, determined, funny… so much more than beautiful. For my son I noticed him being told that he’s “going to be a heartbreaker and wow, look how strong.” I wanted him to know that he is also kind, creative, bright… so much more than strong. I did this intuitively as most parents do. We are ever aware that our words matter.

It has been said that we all have an inner narrative that is developed in early childhood. We each have a little voice that takes us to a place of self-criticism or self-comfort when we are faced with life’s challenges. We tell ourselves, “I can’t do it, I’m not (insert negative adjective-smart, worthy, determined) enough” or we tell ourselves, “I can do, I am (insert positive adjective-smart, worthy, determined)!” The social emotional approach of this book encourages a positive self-view that help children become self-assured adults. And isn’t that what we all dream for our children and – maybe even work towards ourselves?

Put simply, the goal of this book is for our children to look inside themselves for the strength and courage to thrive as the beautifully capable and uniquely talented individuals they are.

Additionally, this book serves as a keepsake. My own kids have an illustrated copy of their favorite bedtime story that they can take with them anywhere. The words now live in their heads and they share the messages with each other.  My kids tell each other that they are sweet, kind, Batman, a kitty cat, rock stars! My siblings never said those words to me! Side note: they also sometimes argue over who should close the refrigerator door and other daily bickers.    : )

And my biggest joy is that my young children are seeing mommy doing work she believes in. When marketing children’s books to toy stores and story time locales, every day can be take- your- kids-to-work day!

Thank you, Stephanie, for your insightful description about how our verbal dialogue with our children actually shape their inner dialogue. So very important to be aware of a to choose our words wisely. Thank you for writing a book that helps us do that better!

And readers, I encourage you to check out her book on Amazon and purchase a copy for the favorite children in your life and to share with your friends and family members as well as on social media.

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