Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Franky the flamingo pictured on a bright purple background
“The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.”

Day 14 and the Final Franky’s Fun Flamingo Fact post (at least for a little while)…

Franky is the pink flamingo in the children’s picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo. He seems to be a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.

There will be more Fun Fact Friday Facts coming from Little Birdie and Tad….so don’t despair!

This is a great Fun Fact to end on. I love the Bahamas and I’m so glad one of my favorite birds is their National Bird!!

Share this Fun Fact with your children and provide paper and crayons or markers or even  paints (if you dare!) for them (and you too!) to paint a National Flag of a mythical country using a flamingo as the main picture. Using you creativity, name your mythical country.

If you have cloth for the children to use to paint on, consider attaching the flag to a stick (once it’s dry, of course).

Then, for additional fun, make up a National Anthem about your new mythical country and march around your house singing the National Anthem while waving the new National flags! Maybe even put the flags in the ground outside your house (if your HOA allows).

If you enjoyed this Fun Fact, please share everywhere on the world wide web so others can have fun making their own Fun Flamingo Country Flag!!


P.S.–next week, we’ll be starting with a new character on Fun Fact Friday. Stay tuned to see who it will be. Will it be Little Birdie or Tad the Turtle? Who do you want it to be? Post your response in the comments.

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