5 Stress Management Strategies for Kids

Summer time should be a time to relax, so take some tips from author, Elizabeth Verdick, to help your kids learn to de-stress.

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By Elizabeth Verdick, coauthor ofStress Can Really Get on Your Nerves (Revised & Updated Edition)

5 Stress Management Strategies for KidsExperts say kids are more stressed today than ever before. That’s no surprise.

We see the fast-paced, competitive, tech-savvy world they’re growing up in. We’ve heard the stories about kids getting bullied, struggling academically, being exposed to violence at home or school, dealing with economic uncertainty, and worrying about the environment or conflicts in their communities and country. That’s a lot to carry on small shoulders. There’s a lot at stake too. According to Bruce Compas, professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education and Human Development and lead author of a 2017 study published in Psychological Bulletin:

Chronic stress is bad for adults, but it is particularly troublesome for children, because among many other effects, it can disrupt still-developing white matter in the brain, causing long-term problems with complex thinking…

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