My Books are Going to a National Convention!!

Purple background with three separate pictures of several children's books displayed with a bear wearing an orange, white, and green hat and a red t-shirt that says Kids Who Read Succeed

I’m so excited!! Dr. Valerie Allen, whom you all know as our favorite school psychologist, (she has a regular post on this blog) was awarded a Tiny Grant by the Children’s Fund of School Psychology and she made these adorable red t-shirts that say, “Kids Who Read Succeed.”

The convention is the National Association of School Psychologist. The Children’s Fund of School Psychology is part of this larger organization. TheKids Who Read Succeed is my personal project which provides these Tee-shirts and books to the Florida Retired Teachers Association, Brevard Chapter. They distribute them to selected schools in Brevard County,” says Allen.

She is so generous and so kind that she featured not one but 4 of my books in this display that is going to a National Convention!!

Thank you, Dr. Allen, you rock!

And don’t we all agree that kids who read succeed? Let’s all read to one child today and make a difference in not only their life but make a better tomorrow for the world as well because when kids succeed so does everyone.

Pictures courtesy of Dr. Valerie Allen who was recently featured in Psychology Today and who has raised 6 children of her own and written several children’s books including Bad Hair, Good Hat and Summer School for Smarties.


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    1. Thank you, Darlene! Isn’t that little t-shirt adorable? I believe she also made them for the retired teachers who give away books to kids who would never have a book and they provide a matching toy. They are an amazing group of people!

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