Spikes for Hank Teaches Self-Acceptance

Spikes for Hank, a children's book, by Anita Kovacevic

Hello, everyone! Thank you for stopping in today. I want to introduce you to a very talented children’s author named Anita Kovacevi. She will be introducing us to her newest book, Spikes for Hank, today. I have read one of her other books and just loved it! I can’t wait to read this one. Please welcome, Anita…

SPIKES FOR HANK by Anita Kovacevic

What can you do when you are a tiny hedgehog, and your parents keep telling you to roll into a ball and defend your life with your spikes? So much worry and constantly having to hide from danger leaves you with no fun, no play and no friends. Or does it?

3-D image of Spikes for Hank children's book by Anita Kovacevic

Hank Hedgehog lives in a beautiful forest surrounded with all sorts of animals, both dangerous and friendly. His parents love him so much that they try, a little too much, to protect him from harm. Eventually, Hank starts hating his spikes and becomes very lonely. However, all good families have problems – once they talk them out, and with a little bit of help from friends, the world can be a wonderful, fun and exciting place again!

Having over 20 years experience in teaching and storytelling with children and adults, I know very well that children need to be involved in a story while it is read, and what helps them relax and open their minds and hearts up in that reading niche is having someone they trust ask the right questions at the right time. Sometimes adults who read the stories with children need a little help in that department – some of them don’t realize talking to kids while reading is a good thing, whereas others know it is good, but lack ideas for questions. Therefore, just like all my children’s books, Spikes for Hank also contains simple illustrations and questions after each chapter to help both children and adults enjoy themselves, using the story as starters of more conversations, developing empathy and strengthening children’s problem solving skills. These questions do not interrupt the flow of text, but follow each chapter, and one does not need to read them to be able to follow the story line.

The book also contains riddles and coloring pages in the final chapters.

Spikes for Hank, a children's book, opened to a page for a "sneak peak"SNEAK PEEK

From the FOREWORD:

We are all born with some part of ourselves we don’t especially like. In fact, sometimes we hate it and wish we were different.

But with time, and a little help from our friends and family, we all discover we are as we are for a reason, and each of us is special and unique in our own way.

Sometimes, quite often in fact, what we thought our weakness turns out to be our most prized possession. Would it not be a dull world if we were all the same?

From one of the chapters:

‘I’m a tiny hedgehog, love my spikes and all,

When danger comes my way, I just roll into a ball.

If you want to harm me, know my spikes can sting.

Just let me go my way and I’m a happy thing.


My spikes are superpower – they help me do some good –

No winter is too long when I gather food.

Apples, mushrooms, pears, they all stick when I roll.

So no one goes hungry when deep snows fall.’

From the riddle section – about Hank’s unusual animal friend:






Everyone always talks about the magic that happens when a child reads a book or hears the story. I love it, too.

But you want to know what my favourite moment is?

It is when children finish reading the story and step out of it, bringing the magic with them into the real world. When they finish Alice in Wonderland and realize there is always more than one way of looking at the world. When they read The Little Prince and know the box can contain anything you wish – it is all up to us.

There are so many stories which can empower us all to be better and stronger versions of ourselves. May we all find them and spread that magic to the world.

Anita Kovacevi's collection of children's books


Spikes for Hank  ebook https://tinyurl.com/y8np4as5  ppb https://tinyurl.com/y86wkq56


In “Spikes for Hank” Ms Kovacevic has drawn upon her experience as an educator and her knowledge of children to create a tale that will entertain and reassure as well as teach and spark the imagination.

Erica (E J) Gore, Author, Speaker, Teacher; Taya Bayliss Mysteries for young readers; The Gummshoe Gang – Taking a stand against Bullying; The Tooth Fairy Tales


I really enjoyed reading “Spikes for Hanks” by Anita Kovačević and I would highly recommend this book to children and adults – parents and teachers –  everyone who likes tales and believes that good stories can develop our imagination and creativity! A wonderful story for all ages!

Ana Vlahek Horvat, parent, educator and cultural management expert

Anita Kovacevic adheres to the same learning philosophies I do: children learn best through interaction and questions, paired with relatable themes and characters.(…) Her stories integrate life lessons in a subtle and engaging way, without being preachy, something parents and kids will appreciate.

Traci Sanders, Award-winning author of parenting, children’s, and romance titles

By using simple illustrations and describing a well-known situation in a child’s life, the author helps children understand the problem. She provides an interesting way to actively engage children in the reading process by adding questions after each chapter. Children can give different answers, have new ideas and form their own opinions, which is what makes every child unique and exceptional. A book like this one can be very useful and helpful in the life of a kindergarten child, as well as to us, preschool teachers.

Sandra Perko and Tanja Petric, parents and preschool teachers (early foreign language development)

Anita Kovacevic, children's author, holding Spikes for Hank book


Anita Kovacevic is a multigenre author and teaches English as a second language. Her parenting, teaching and storytelling experience is blended into all her children’s books. She enjoys using stories as teaching tools and never misses a chance to do so, relishing storytelling lessons in which she not only teaches children, but also learns a lot from them. Her books include children’s literature, but also adult fiction and stories featured in various anthologies, including charity ones.

Anita always has several works-in-progress, and you can read her interviews and reviews on her WordPress blog Anita’s Haven (https://anitashaven.wordpress.com/ )


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Thank you, Anita, for sharing your newest book with us! I just love little hedgehogs and Hank is just adorable. Plus, the lovely message he shares with children is one we all can use (learning to accept ourselves just as we are).


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  1. This is a great sounding little book.

    I’m betting the hedgehog in this book would become fast friends with the turtle in A Turtle’s Magical Adventure by none other than Wanda Luthman herself.

    Check out this book by Anita and then go and get Wanda’s A Turtle’s Magical Adventure too.

    You won’t go wrong finding many different ways teaching your wee ones all about self-acceptance.


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