Ellen L. Buikema’s Children’s Books with Messages for both Children & Parents

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to a talented author named Ellen Buikema. She has written adorable books with wonderful messages and a splash of humor.

Welcome, Ellen, please tell us about yourself…

I am a writer, speaker, educator, and mom. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, received a M.Ed. specializing in Early Childhood, and have post-graduate studies in special education from Northeastern Illinois University. I worked as a teacher for 23 years.

During the school year I have the pleasure of being a visiting author, either in person or via Skype. I usually visit with students in Pre-K through fourth grade, although I have spoken with students through eighth grade. For Pre-K through first grade I bring Sock Puppet Tim along to help. He is a well-loved addition to author visits as he is funny and helps maintain students’ attention.

Parenting...A Work in Progress by Ellen L. Buikema, M. Ed.


I’ve written a self-help book for parents, Parenting . . . A Work in Progress, and a children’s chapter book series, The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon. The Parenting book is much like a child growth and development book, but with vignettes, some amusing and some sad. I’ve used a few of the funny ones in Stand-Up comedy.






The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: School Days by Ellen L. BuikemaCharlie Chameleon’s many adventures are multicultural stories intended for second and third grade students as well as advanced first graders to read independently. Children ages three through nine will enjoy the antics of the characters in the Charlie books. According to the school librarians I’ve spoken to, the books are also taken out by older students. Many of them enjoy the artwork and the activities at the end of each chapter. So far, most adults and children love Frankie, Charlie’s pesky pet goldfish and comic relief, the best.




In New Beginnings, Charlie Chameleon and his family start their adventure in New Town, where Charlie discovers he is braver than he knows. With his bossy pet fish, Frankie, by his side, he faces many challenges, including standing up to the neighborhood bully.

The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: New Beginnings by Ellen L. Buikema


Volume 2, School Days, finds Charlie and his friends having trouble with Boris Bunny, the class bully. Charlie thinks Boris is putting on an act, but his friends disagree. Follow Charlie’s adventures as he helps Boris learn how to be a friend.

In Volume 3, follow the wacky summertime adventures of the Chameleon family and their obnoxious pet fish, as they get lost trying to find an out-of-the way vacation spot. Who needs a map, right?

The family returns home in time for a big soccer event that Charlie and his school friends plan to attend. He hopes his new friends will accept Tamika, his best friend from his old neighborhood, never expecting what actually happens.

Currently, I am writing my first YA historical fiction novel, The Hobo Code. This genre requires a great deal of research, so I am having fun talking to people all over the country about trains, hobos, and specifics about some cities and towns. I spent an hour on the phone with the owner of a bar in Wausau, Wisconsin, the location of the story’s beginning. She was able to give me details that made a huge difference in the setting for one part of the story. My list of acknowledgements is growing all the time.

All of Ellen’s books have earned a 5 star review on Readers’ Favorite

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Thank you, Ellen, for sharing about yourself and your wonderful books with us today!

Thank you, everyone, for hanging around until this point and reading this post. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the Comment Section and we’ll get back to you soon!



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