Thoughtful Gift-Giving

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Thoughtful Thursday

For today’s post, I want to discuss thoughtful gift-giving.

There is so much pressure to purchase gifts for others that they want and will enjoy. Sometimes trying to figure this out can cause undue stress and actually take the fun out of the holidays.



My husband comes from a large family. When they were younger and no one had much money, they would hand-make ornaments for each other. We have beautiful ornaments made from yarn knitted into angels, wood painted as toy soldiers, and pictures of family members glued to plastic frames. I wasn’t a part of the family when this tradition was occurring, but I love getting out the ornaments each year and thinking about the person who made them. Thinking about how much fun it must have been sitting around with the kids and cutting and gluing the ornaments together. The conversations they must have had about who they were making that ornament for and the laughter that surely ensued.

wooden star and wooden tree ornaments on a blue background


I continued the tradition when my daughter was young by making ornaments too. We loved going to the store and picking out the type we wanted to do from the craft aisle. We bonded over making them as we created something with our own hands to give. We thought about each family member. We would attach these to the presents we were mailing as a sort of additional decoration to the present. It was fun and it was a “thoughtful” gift.

That to me is what the holidays are about–spending time with your children, thinking about those you love and sending them good wishes, and making wonderful memories together. I just don’t think you can find that in the store. When you rush around buying stuff are you really thinking about the person you are buying the present for? Are you hassled by the crowds and how much money you are spending? I know I am.

Sugar cookies cut into stars on cutting board with a cookie tin nearby that says, "Cookies & Sweets for you"

My daughter is grown now and we don’t make ornaments together anymore, but one tradition we have continued is baking cookies. We bake several varieties and we put them in tins and give them to our neighbors and various others. We laugh, we make a mess, and we think about others.

This season I want to encourage you to create something to give to someone else and not just purchase an item. I would like to invite you to come back and post how doing this made you feel. If you already have a tradition like this, please share it with me here.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here’s to thoughtful gift-giving this year!


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  1. Hand made ornaments and cookie making are definitely bonding events. Making cookies and giving them away has been an activity that I have enjoyed for many years and have a treasure house of good memories.

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