YA Books–Fantasy & Contemporary

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Today, I am introducing a YA author named Jenna Greene. She has written two fantasy books in a series with a third one to be released next year and one contemporary YA.

Please welcome Jenna Greene….

I write YA and have a YA fantasy series. The first book is titled IMAGINE. The sequel is called REALITY. The third book in the series, HERITAGE, is tentatively set for release next spring/summer. My protagonists are both females: 15 year old Kat Bowers and 10 year old Becky Thatcher. They are stolen from Earth by Enalie, a fading magical presence, and summoned to Oren, where they are told they have a part to play in the new magic that is developing in the realm, which is needed to defeat a powerful and destructive lord. The series is published with Champagne Books.

I also have a YA contemporary (titled HEROINE) which I have self-published. It is about a 16 year old girl, Morgaine, who is having trouble with the lines between fantasy and reality – perhaps for a reason. As the book proceeds, secrets are revealed about her home life that aren’t exactly picture-perfect.

Jenna Greene, YA Author Picture


About me! I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and I teach at a middle school in Taber, Alberta. I teach grade 6 Language Arts. I live with my husband, Scott, daughter, Olivia, and dog, Thor: Dog of Thunder. (Who, ironically, is afraid of thunder). I am a dragon boat paddler and coach, beginning steel drum student, and semi-professional napper!

My twitter is @jgreenewrites

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/jennabutrenchukgreene

My Instagram is Jenna Greene

My books can be found at www.champagnebooks.com or on Amazon

 Thank you for being with us today, Jenna.

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