Nelish Daring Quest Children’s Books

Nelish Daring Quest Book Covers by Kevin D. Grant
Today, I’d like to welcome the children’s author and illustrator, Kevin D. Grant. I LOVE his peacock and think you’ll love him too!
Here’s Kevin’s story…….
Kevin David Grant began drawing at the tender age of 5. Realizing he was blessed with creative talents in writing and spending countless of years in drawing, he received sound advice from his immediate family members as well as his high school senior English teacher, (Barbara Delac), to shoot for the stars with his special gifts.
He initially had ideas of going to an art college to fulfill his dream, but life simply wasn’t easy paying for college tuition for a single individual, let alone a teenage kid, especially when you are 1 of 3 triplet men graduating high school at the same time- which he is!
Instead, he decided to join the military, in efforts of serving his country around the world, in return for education benefits by enrolling into a college of his choice. Although serving in the U.S. Navy for over 12 years, having a family, and successfully obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science of Organizational Management Degree from the University of LaVerne in 2012, he was happy of those accomplishments, but yet he felt emptiness inside and was still unsatisfied.
Although life happened and time passed by, he still had the passion and the desire to pursue and fulfill his lifelong dream of providing quality entertainment for all. He decided to combine both his imagination and artwork compiled together into a book, and Nelish Daring Quests was birth forth.
Finally he feels that he is putting his imagination at work, and with your efforts, his dreams will successfully be a reality.
This is his gift to the world! Embrace it…
Nelish Daring Quests Books with Stuffed Peacock Toy
Kevin David Grant is the owner, founder, and president of Gifted Grant Productions, LLC. He is forever dedicated to his passion motto, by “sharing his gifts to the world!”
Kevin D. Grant, Owner of Gifted Grant Productions
I told you that you would love his Peacock Books, Here are the links to purchase them and Contact Information for Kevin D. Grant