Barnes & Noble Story-time Book Event

Barnes & Nobel Events Poster for Author Storytime on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 at 11:30AM for Little Birdie Grows Up and Come Back, Jack


Barnes & Noble on New Haven in Melbourne, FL story-time book reading!!!


Joyce Jordan (pictured below on the left) and I (pictured below on the right) each read our picture books on Saturday, September 30th at Barnes & Noble’s story-time.




Joyce read her season-appropriate picture book called Come Back, Jack. A sweet story about her and her husband visiting a pumpkin patch with their son and picking out the perfect pumpkin, only this pumpkin can talk and his name is Jack. Only something terrible happens to Jack. You’ll have to read her story to find out what happens to him.

I read my award-winning picture book called Little Birdie Grows Up. A coming of age story of perseverance that ends with sweet little blue birdie growing up and leaving home. It brought a couple of Mom’s to tears and I, too, got choked up reading it as I recalled my inspiration for writing this story, my daughter, leaving for college.

We had about 10 children along with parents attend.

Barnes & Noble’s Starbucks coffee shop served free pizza and iced drinks for everyone!

Afterwards, we signed books for those who wanted to purchase.


I would say it was a very successful event and we both enjoyed it tremendously.

We want to thank Barnes & Noble for inviting us and hosting the event and we look forward to future opportunities of sharing our work with children and their families in this new partnership venture.


Both of our books are also available on Amazon. You can purchase them here via these links–Come Back, Jack and Little Birdie Grows Up

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