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A big thank you to Patty Fletcher for interviewing me! I enjoyed answering her questions.

Pattys World

Wanda Luthman

August, 2017

Wanda LuthmanFirst, tell us, in your own words, a little about you.

I’m a High School Guidance Counselor and hold a license in Mental Health Counseling. I love helping kids figure out their dreams and passions and help them pursue them. I’m married. I have one child and four step-children. One grandbaby and one on the way. I have two yorkies that I love dearly. And my neighbor and I have rescued 15 feral cats. They are all fixed but we feed them and provide a comfy porch for them to get out of the rain. I live in Florida so it doesn’t really get cold here. Life is good!

What are your likes, and dislikes?

I love God and my country, even though things seem kinda crazy right now. I love people. I love my family and friends. I really have a passion to help kids…

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