Top 14 Essential Items For Every New Mom

Hey new Moms–here is a list of your essential needs when having your first baby. Check it out!


Becoming a mama especially for the first time can be overwhelming! A lot of us moms want things to be perfect, and we want to be well-prepared for our little one’s arrival, however, it can be challenging to know exactly what one needs. Despite the market being flooded with items, it’s not every item you see that you NEED. Some are more wants than needs.

The following 14 items are must-haves for any new moms.

  1. Diapers

A Good stash of diapers is a necessity for any new mom. Whether you’re using disposable or reusable, it goes without saying that you’ll use up diapers like they’re going out of fashion especially the first few weeks/months. So it’s always advisable to buy as many as you can.

A good way of ensuring you do so is to keep an eye out for specials and buy them when you’re doing your grocery shopping.

  1. Wipes


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