New Release Coming Tomorrow!

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Launching a New Book is a Thrilling Ride!


Tomorrow is the big Release Day for Gloria and the Unicorn! I’m so excited!

This book has tugged on my heart strings as I’ve written about a child whose mother died at birth, her father gave her away, and she has a droopy face because of the trauma of her birth. To top it all off, Miss Libby, the children’s lodge owner, tries to protect her by keeping her out of school. But all Gloria wants is to be like the other kids and to learn to read.

Then, her helpful unicorn, Sir Louie, shows up. He’s kind and wise. He teaches her how to read but more importantly how to love herself again.

She musters the courage to go to school, but the kids are cruel. And if that isn’t enough, evil Wizards want to kill her and lock Sir Louie up for all eternity.

How can anything good come out of all of that? Is Gloria key to overcoming evil? How can she be? She’s just a child with a lot on her plate.

Find out in the magical story of Gloria and the Unicorn. Pre-order today on Amazon at and you’ll have it on your Kindle tomorrow.

Thank you for being on this journey with me of releasing a new chapter book for children.. I hope I didn’t drive you all crazy! I truly appreciate the blogging community. I love all the people that I follow. You write from your heart. You encourage me. You challenge me. And I appreciate your support.

Gloria and the Unicorn
Gloria and the Unicorn

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